Sunday, September 30, 2007

Volatile Fame

Volatile Fame

Waves of fame are always there to blow you out of the world, myself and my son were discussing about the behavioral changes of M.S.Dhoni, captain of twenty-20 world cup winner Indian cricket team and the most recent rider of fame waves from the Indian sports world. It was good to note that Dhoni is still finding the surface of reality under his steps and doesn't show visible signs of being blown away with all of sudden high fame waves. Success is bound to bring fame and along with so many other things "fame" is also affected from our speeding and technology filled life style. Our present life style is making the fame most unstable and volatile aspect of the human life, fame is going to become as much temporary in nature as more we are progressing towards the commercialization. It is fact that in the show business fame was never a stable thing and was often changing hands but the present non stability, start existing over night and vanishing with amazing and unbelievable speed, was also not the characteristic of the fame. We Indians have a very high respect and importance of fame in our life, our history says that "Raja Harishchandera" has given all his wealth and kingdom, just because he dreamed about donating it and wishes to keep his fame of speaking and being follower of truth. "Arjun" is still with the fame of best archer of the world even after the millions and millions years after the "Mahabharat" era. Change is the constant and ever existing rule of the life and always affected human life and concept of fame. The modern technology based life style is turning the human life into a market place and making the fame volatile and temporary in nature. The reality shows of Indian TV screen are not only producing "fame" for the younger generations but also affecting the life style.

Abhijeet Sawant, Sandeep Acharya, Sanjeevani, Debojit, Toukir Kazi, and Amit Sana are the few names for whom this "fame" of reality shows has produced an unmatched identification and they become a known face in millions of Indian homes but no body knows where these are today? Can you recall the name of only lady finalist of reality show "Laughter Challenge"? All this is happening just because slowly and gradually but surely our life is going to be part of market and these reality shows are generating favorable conditions for this. Just recall "Ravindera" of Indian idol first, at every step his voice was judged as most unmelodious but only the votes from Punjab, his home state made him to qualify for the top five singers of the contest. Another worst effect of these reality shows is that, these shows gives fame to one out of million but for the rest generates dreams of overnight fame, which often results in pseudo confidence and guiding the human life towards the more selfish end, with the multiple layers of frustration, agony, anguish and un satisfaction.

It is fact that these reality shows and talent hunts are creating opportunities for the sub urban and rural Indian talent, providing them a platform to prove their worth and exhibit ones skills but if you look at purpose of these, they are not being organized with the same aim and objective. These reality shows are the best ways of earning , It is said that for the recently concluded "Indian Idol 3" over 10 carors [100 million] SMS votes were received by the organizers during the final, favoring either to "Prashant" or to "Amit". Even if we consider that out of Rs. 3 paid for every SMS, organizers are getting just one rupee it will become a considerable and real huge income. Here we have to keep it in the mind that this income is only from the final, income from the various previous rounds is not taken in consideration and what ever the organizers are expensing for the conducting these shows, they are earning more than of that, from the sponsors of the show. The worst thing of these shows is that their circle is expanding to childhood and even to interiors of our family life as they are encouraging even mothers to be part of these shows.

This is the right time for every one to think about this, we can't allow this to go on as it is simply because this greed of "Volatile Fame" will turn our family life into a commodity. Do we wish and ready for making life a commodity available at market? Before it become incurable we have to make our self aware of reality of these reality shows and prevent self from being part of it. I am concluding this with the statement of Mr. Gajendra Singh, one of most respectful name from the world of these reality shows, "We can't make any one star over night, we are just giving exposure to talent and creating an opportunity for the entrance into this tough world of competition for the success". I think his words are the real mirror and we need to look into this mirror before falling pray and proceeding on the path of this pseudo and volatile fame.

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