Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Kings of Divide and Rule

“Divide and Rule” the policy that has helped British rulers to keep intact their kingdom over the Indian sub continent for centuries. It was thought that with the independence and democratic set up this policy will die its natural death with time. Does it happen in our country? Surely the answer is not an affirmative one, considering the situations that even after a more than half of decade still we are not Indians but still are Punjabi, Marathi, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, South Indian, Assamee or Sindhi. Will you believe about one third population of America is of the citizens without American origin but they all are Americans.

Why this happens only in India? Minor things that can be overlooked at any moment become an issue of mass consideration. It might be the dress code of Tennis sensation Sania on the playing fields or the recent statement of Film Star turned politician Hema Malini with respect to North Indian especially people from U.P.

This was happening in past only due to politicians and politics because we were unknown with the art of living with these things and differentiate them to keep the politics away from our day to day life. It was real non pleasing status that we have reached destination where even our students were divided on the basis of casts. Thank to God slowly but surely [within a short span of 50 years] we had learned that many of politicians were the new carriers of “Divide and Rule” and for their self started using common citizen to achieve their own aims and objectives without bothering about National or social up-liftment.

Technology has made our life enriched with ever most comfort but this has also produce new carriers of “Divide and Rule”. It is fact that there is rate race for the top spot in the electronic media and nobody wishes or affords to be loser on the TRP grounds. This can be reflecting from the recent Hema Malini incident. Fortunately I have watched this entire episode very carefully what I have saw and heard was
Reporter: North Indians in Mumbai are not satisfied as they fail to get the desired status for them?
Hema: If they fail to get desired status they can go back.

Hema’s comment was just to produce a humor but these TRP thirsty News channels has started projecting this statement as the insult of North Indians especially citizens of U.P. The episode ends with the apology by Hema Malini for non committed sin. I wish to leave all of you with two questions

Is the apology of Hema Malini will remove the wounds created by so called insult and humiliation?

Will we allow these TV News channels to rule over us by there this policy of “Divide and Rule”?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

India: Political and Electoral Reforms

We Indian are not just became habituated with the corruption by the politician but also had learned the art of living with it. Otherwise what else is preventing us for raising our voice against it? People says India has changed a lot, the days of dynasties are over, No dear nothing is changed if you think deeply, though on a visible change is that know people have choice of electing rulers of own choice, where as in the past it was destiny that who will be the ruler.If the present political environment which on run towards being worst with time remain in continuation surely India will be heading to face a dictatorship in very near future and what the bare thought freedom we are enjoying will become a thing of past. So dear friends this is right time for awaking, I am calling especially youth to come forward and work for the most needed political and electoral reforms which are the need of hour to keep intact our status of being citizen of a democratic set up.

Political Reforms:
Surely the our present political situations have reached to status of being liable for undergoing a renovation and to make the political sky of the country, pollution free and more worth for living following reforms must be implemented with immediate effect.

** Introduction of Law Council to look after, the review and reconstruction of the constitution of the country, define the duties and responsibilities of public representatives, beside fixing their salaries to appropriate and reasonable level and keep on working for rules and regulations that can meet with our changing social demands. This will leave government with the only implementation of laws. How ever every suggestion of this council will be under go a debate in both the existing houses by the elected public representative before being called law.
Construction of Law Council: There will be just 25 persons appointed by President by India for a term of three years with fix remuneration of Rs. 25,000/- per month to each. The sole and one eligibility criteria will be that these persons should not be related with any political party directly or indirectly and selected from various fields as fallows
4 High court retired Judges3 Supreme Court retired Judges3 Armed forces retired personals [Brigadier or equivalent]2 IAS retired officers 2 University Student representatives [preparing for Doctorate in Law and under age of 35 years] 3 Professional [having a practice of 10 or more years] [like Doctors, Engineers]3 Representatives from the corporate houses2 Supreme Court practicing lawyers [at least 10 years experience]2 University Vice Chancellors retired [Law background essential]1 President of India [Working as the Honorary Head of council]
** We are one of the biggest populated countries and if we take the problem of residential area and the unaffordable expenses made on the security of Ministers and other politicians my suggestion will look worth gold.I suggest construction of multistory buildings for the residence of Ministers and other political personalities as this will not only solve the problem of residential area but will also bring the security expenses to minimum.
** There must not be different set of laws for the people on the basis of religion or the area [as are there in present constitution]. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, whole land is one country India hence there must be a universal and same set of laws. Similarly we are being known as Indian to world so there is no need of different sets of laws which divide us into various religions.
** Politics is no more a social service. It has started journey on the roads of professionalism and like other professions started to run in heredity. In the laws of our land there is no provision of making expenses on the security of professionals, I suggest the same status for the politicians. There is high life risk is involved in the professions related with coal mines and armed forces and peoples are entering in these profession on their own risk. Why we wish to keep apart politic from these high risked professions?
** There should not be any type of reservation, as every candidate will compulsory submit plan of development for the area before the election [see electoral reforms] so it will make no difference who is representating which constituency? Imprisonment [for any reason] will be treated as a disqualification.
Electoral Reforms

** There must be a minimum level of education for being liable for contesting in elections. My suggestions are For Village level Bodies : At least 10 years of schoolingFor City Level Bodies : At least 12 years of schoolingFor State Level : At least Graduation For National Level : At least Post Graduation or a professional degree
** It will be mandatory for every candidate to submit year wise plan of development for the area, indicating year wise proposed details of expenses to be made from the discriminatory fund.
** An elected candidate must published year wise asset details of self and relatives in a comparable table format highlighting the additions at the bottom of table.
** All elected candidate must publicized the achievements regarding the development of the area on yearly basis with quoting commitments.
** During the membership no one will be allowed to hold any post in the co-operative institution or NGOs [even honorary].
** An elected candidate will compulsory will remain present in and available for meeting with public in the constituency.
** All the seating members have to vacant their government residence at least 15 days before the election and should submit such certificate issued by appropriate authorities before the electoral officer of area.
** An elected candidate will be liable for calling back if fails in Publishing year wise asset details of own and relatives. Completing less than 80% of the committed development. Being present in at least 24 public functions held in the constituency during the year.
** In the case of call back of elected candidate, one who was second in the election will be declared elected for the remaining period of term of house and will work according to submitted plan of development for that specific period.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Makar Sankrant: First Hindu Celebration of Year

India is known as the country of festivals and Hindus are masters of not only giving the religious touch but also the glamorous feeling to each and every community celebration. The only Hindu festival that falls on a fix date of solar calendar year i.e. on the 14th January.

Our present science has recognize importance of Sun for human life and other livings on the earth only few centuries back but as the Hindus were succeeded for that many centuries back hence they have dedicated this festival to Sun and started worship of sun as the God. In fact this festival is celebrated to mark the transition of Sun from zodiac sign Dhanu [Sagittarius] into the zodiac sign Makar [Capricorn], from this day Sun’s journey in north is started and eventually the day [our six months] of Devtas [Gods] starts hence this is also known as Uttrayan or Devayana. Due to this reason among the all twelve transitions of Sun this transition is rated most important. Hindu Masters were full of wisdom in behavior hence they started a tradition of relating cosmetic events with day to day life in the form of festivals so that not only the life of common people become cheerful but also they learn the importance of values for human life. Makar Sankrant is the festival which is celebrated through out the India in various form just as

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar : “Khichiri” word is used for this festival. The day also marks the beginning of “Magh Mela” one month long celebration.

South India: Mainly as the “Pongal” and for the formers it holds importance even more than Deepavali. Formers prepare a dish from rice, pulses, Ghee [Oil] and milk and present to family deity and God Sun as offering. In the Karnataka people prepare a special dish “Ellu” from coconut and sesame seeds and greet each other “Ellu bella thindu, Olle Maathu Aadu” [Eat sesame seed and speak only God].

Maharashtra: On this day people exchange Tilgud a sweet dish prepared from the Til [sesame seeds] and Gud [Jaggery] though in the modern days Gud is replace by sugar. Similarly traditional words “Tilgud Ghiya Aain Gaud Gaud Bola” [Take Tilgud and speak sweet] are slowly become irrelevant in the noise of “Take Sweet and Be Sweet”. Traditionally married women get together are held “Haldi Koonkoon” with the exchange of utensils and good wishes for the life of husbands.

Punjab: Celebrated as “Maghi” but actual celebrations starts from the day before, celebrated as “Lohari” a place for fire is prepared and all the people start traditional dance “Bhangara and Gida” around this fire place till late night.

In the Assam the festival is celebrated as “Bhogali Bihu” where as in the Gujrat the festival is celebrated almost on the style of Maharashtra. Many tribal celebrate this day as the beginning of New Year especially Bhuya tribal of Orrisa arrange Magh Yatra where house made articles are kept for sale. Kite flying is closely related with this festival and this has giving a touch of International event in the recent years to this Indian festival.

Religious Aspect of the Festival

History reveals that Bhisham Pitamah waited for this day on the arrow bed for death as on this day person who dies get freedom from transmigration. Where as King Bhagirath, whose Tapsaya brought Ganga on earth has performed Trapan [especial worship for Mukati of ancestors] to make free 60,000 sons of Maharaja Sagar from the curse at Ganga Sagar [Place in West Bengal]. On this day Lord Vishnu buried heads of Asurs [evil forces] to end the terrorism caused by them. The most important reason of celebration is visit of father [Sun] to the house of son [Shani], usually this pair of father son doesn’t show the natural affection but on this day father himself come to house of son. Day of [duration equal to our six months] Devtas [Hindu Gods] starts from this day is the other reason because worship must be made in day time.

Socio Economic Aspect of the Festival

This day is treated as end of winter season on this duration of day and night reaches to equality and here onwards day start to become with more duration that provide more time to work in sun light. India’s economy is based on agriculture and Sankrant symbolizes the onset of the harvest season.

This festival brings the lessons of respect for elders, living with simplicity, Friendship and expression of affection of father towards the son. Makar Sankrant stress the value and importance of community living. Kite flying adds fun to the celebrations.

Usually on the day people have bath in the river Ganga or any other river and worship rising sun by offering water and flowers.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Our Present Education System and Social Demands

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari every corner of our country is going with the same thought process about the education standard, which is on decline every where. Just think, our present education system was designed and developed by the British rulers more than 200 years back with a specific aim of producing literate class and humble servants for the British government. The social status and atmosphere has changed a lot since than and specially after the independence we are facing new social demands, but still we are willing to fight the new war, and prefer go into betel field with out dated weapons at least no change in the education system is suggesting that. I have spent almost 25 years of life in field of education as Science Teacher and I personally know that many of even convent educated H.S.C. [12th standard] passed students are unable to write an application for the improper cleaning by the local city authorities or they doesn’t know whom this application should be addressed.

Background and Need of Change

The First and most importance thing is, changing our attitude that one who is educated through or knows English is really educated. The days of British rules are history of decade back. We are citizen of Democratic India and not the British India. During the British rule more stress was given on learning English because easiness of conversation of rulers and to keep Indians in the status of mental slaves they [British rulers] have related government jobs with the degrees as during that period Hindu dignity [Here by word Hindu I mean the Indian life style and not any religion] was at its lowest point due to rule of non Hindus for several centuries so no one was there to protest this way of education. Unfortunately the situations after the independence to country were not conducive for any change in the education system or our political leadership failed to look in the future social demands of education.

Education is instrument of social change and social change creates new demands that should be fulfilled by the education. It means Education, Social Change and Social demands are co-related. What we are observing in our present socio environment that our society has changed a lot, we are facing new social demands but our education is still following the system set by the British rulers some centuries back. It is fact that our technological advancement, our natural resources and our human power is leading our country towards the verge of being world leaders but if we fail to change our education system not only this chance will go bagging but also it will leave us in waiting for many centuries to come.

Why the present system is not coping with Social Demands

Our present Education system was developed by the Europeans and naturally they have considered only their way of living. Point about which we are going to talk is cause of failure only in Bharat but also in many other countries where boundaries of life are not limited from birth to death.

There are two thought streams about the life in practice among the most human societies, one fallowing the Hindu [Indian] way and other that stress on achievements of physical comforts. We are Hindus but our education system is not based on the Hindu thought stream of life.

The present education system was designed with aim of achieving the physical comforts and creating desire for it. When our thought process is trained in this manner we become habituate to accept that we are only body and our aim of life become restricted up to achievements of happiness of the body. We also accept that not only our all relations with our parents, wife, children and friends are on the basis of our body but also physical happiness is the thread which tides us with each other. Natural result of this life style and thought process is that our vision become limited to self only, we can’t expand our thought and vision beyond and above self to see and think about the true social life. Our all actions become centered and concentrated only towards the aim of achievement of self physical comforts. This is the root cause and basis which makes the present education system, unable to cope with our changing our demands.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Standard of Living: A reality or mirage

Everybody in the world is seems to much conscious about the standard of living especially the working and high salary paid class is investing precious time in the discussing and maintaining it. With the changing time standard of living has also changed many faces, many materialistic articles from the list of luxurious category are today included in the list of commonly needed article category. Car [four wheeler vehicle] is no more status symbol but is indicative of Standard of living. Refrigerator an appliances of elites is become the essential household appliances.

Let we think what we do mean by the standard of living, my interpretation of the phrase is not the one that commonly considered by the masses. The usual meaning of the phrase for the masses is a life style loaded fully with the articles of physical comforts. Just think physical comforts are endless and demand for them is intended to grow with the monetary inflow in the life. In the life of a common person income is bound to face ups and downs hence judging the standard of living on this basis is not the proper one. Consider a person using car for traveling the distance of residence and work place; due to certain economic crises he forced to use public transport system for the purpose will you say that it has lowered his standard of living? Certainly most of the people will answer it affirmatively because to most of us standard of living and physical comforts are the synonym. In fact this will generate unhappiness and discomfort and from here the mirage of living standard starts. As we are used to rate our living standard on the availability of comforts and our present education system, instead of rectifying our mistake, is adding more fuel for the endless race of earning for physical comforts and this false interpretation is making our life filled with stress and tensions.

The true measuring scale of standard of living must be counted on the basis of speaking truth, character and obeying the law of the land [My interpretation of the phrase] by a person. As we are become habituate of calculating the height of living standard on the basis of availability of physical comforts hence we are running towards the continuously widening valley of sorrow and distress and our life is in filled with the greedy social and political leadership. Sooner we change our norms for standard of living, sooner we will on the path of coming out of the mirage of living standard and realize the reality of the phrase. Remember it was the not physical comforts but the simple living and high thinking that have made Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, father of nation for a country with over 100 carores of human population.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year

Whole world is busy to say god by to 2006 and welcome 2007. Just think during your celebration planning have you ever thought for the reason behind? In a world, where no action is autonomous, surely every celebration will be with a reason, but who cares? What we usually do, buy new cloths, precious unique gifts, go for outing, enjoy the time with friends and relatives and conveniently forget the event for the rest of the year. All our preparations doesn't seems to sufficient for providing a true pleasure of just few hours as at the end of day most of us feel that some thing was missing from the celebrations. This is happening because presently even our celebrations are slowly and gradually are going to become stress of market demand.
Why the Festivals / Celebrations
Every festival / celebration must have a purpose to make us merry. Hindus, the oldest human race of the earth are with not only religious but also social reason for every festival / celebration. See Diwali [apart from the religious reason] is celebrated to make the houses clean, to get rid of the insects and other ill effects of rainy season. Holi is celebrated to mark the end of winter season. Even our food stuffs related with festivals are having a vision for the health. A lot of Hindu festivals are celebrated during the rainy season, traditionally with fast on the day, this is because during the rainy season chances of water pollution are on the higher side and to protect ill effect of this, there is provision of fasts.
Think for this [For what this is written]
Dear we are in India. A country that pays homage to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi by his remembrance as the father of nation. The generations of post independence era, saw Bapu in the photographs [in the most he is wearing a Dhoti] but as our present educational system is not generating curiosity for knowing about ancient India hence most of the young ones doesn't know the reason that forces overseas educated lawyer to spent whole life in single cloth Dhoti.
During the visit to Calcutta Gandhi Ji saw few women washing cloth at the bank of river Hugali and all were wearing only sari as the single cloth covering their bodies, At that moment Bapu said "If this is the reality of my country than I have know right to wear a three piece full suit" and from that day he started wearing Dhoti as cloth for his body.
Dear just think for celebrating New Year eve, which is in fact is not even an Indian festival, when you are going to pay a some of thousands for a single Dinner of your family and friends, not even for a second, your mind thinks about every third Indian, who fail to manage even the meal of both times of the day. Just think, if you can save some money from your that celebration and donate that for the deprived people surely you will help the purpose of celebrating Christmas and New Year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dasam Pitah : Dhan Sri Guru Govind Singh Ji

Among the Sikh Gurus, Adi Guru Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are worshiped as the founder of Sikh tradition, While the Guru Govind Singh Ji are the founder of the Khalsa panth. As the ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Tegbahadur Sahib decided to scarify life for the Hindus, who were threatened to kill by King Aurangzeb if the refuse to accept Islam, hence at the tender age of Nine years Guru Govind Singh Ji got the Guru ship.
Guru Govind Singh Ji were born on the 22nd Day of December 1666 at Patana. According to Hindu calendar on the day of Pohu Saptami. Though Nanakshahi calendar says that birthday of Guru Sahib will be celebrated on January Fifth every year but as this calendar is still not in use.
It was brutal actions of King Aurangzeb that has force to Guru Sahib to introduce Khalsa Panth. To bring back enthusiasm and dignity of the community, which was on the lowest point due to rule of Non Hindu Kings for several decades, Guru sahib started this new "Khalsa" panth. According to Guru Sahib
"Aagya Bhai Akal Ki Tab hi Chalayieo Panth" [It was order of the omnipresent God, following which I am establishing this stream of worship.]
Guru Sahib decided that all followers of Khalsa panth will always carry the following five identification marks with them, all the five are starting with alphabet "K" and are namely Kada, Kachha, Kangha, Kesh and Kripan. Guru Sahib were not only spiritual saint and incarnation of the God but were also a soldier as they fought many battles against the Muslim rulers.
Today we are observing that there is fight for Guru ship among the most of panths of Hindus. It was Guru Sahib's vision to future under which Sahib Ji said that with them physical body journey that started with Adi Guru Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji will come to end. All the Sikh will worship Granth Sahib [originally complied by fifth Guru Guru Arjun Dev Ji and reconstructed by Guru Govind Singh Ji] as the living Guru.
Aagya Bhai Akal Ki Tab Hi Chalayieo Panth,
Sabh Sikhan Ko Hukum Hai Guru Manyeo Grath.
Grur Granth Ji Manyeo, Pragat Guran Ki Deh
Jo Moko Milbo Chahe Khoj Inhi Mein Laye.
On the 20 October 1708 at Sachkhand Gurudwara Nanded Guru Sahib Ji permanently transferred Gurudom to Granth Sahib and from that day Granth Sahib become Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib. [to read more about ]
To guide the Sikhs on the path of spirituality and self realization Guru Sahib made the provision of Panj Piyara [Five Beloved]. During the recreation of Granth Sahib, Guru Govind Singh Ji were inspired by the spiritual creations of previous Gurus and created world's most powerful spiritual creation "Jaap Sahib" but did not include this in the Granth Sahib. All the creations of Guru Sahib are compiled in the separate volume "Dasam Granth". The most significant social work of Guru Sahib was to bring back the courage and self respect among all the Hindu.
Jo Bole So Nihal Satsiri Akal
Waheguru Da Khalsa Waheguru Di Fateh.