Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dasam Pitah : Dhan Sri Guru Govind Singh Ji

Among the Sikh Gurus, Adi Guru Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji are worshiped as the founder of Sikh tradition, While the Guru Govind Singh Ji are the founder of the Khalsa panth. As the ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Tegbahadur Sahib decided to scarify life for the Hindus, who were threatened to kill by King Aurangzeb if the refuse to accept Islam, hence at the tender age of Nine years Guru Govind Singh Ji got the Guru ship.
Guru Govind Singh Ji were born on the 22nd Day of December 1666 at Patana. According to Hindu calendar on the day of Pohu Saptami. Though Nanakshahi calendar says that birthday of Guru Sahib will be celebrated on January Fifth every year but as this calendar is still not in use.
It was brutal actions of King Aurangzeb that has force to Guru Sahib to introduce Khalsa Panth. To bring back enthusiasm and dignity of the community, which was on the lowest point due to rule of Non Hindu Kings for several decades, Guru sahib started this new "Khalsa" panth. According to Guru Sahib
"Aagya Bhai Akal Ki Tab hi Chalayieo Panth" [It was order of the omnipresent God, following which I am establishing this stream of worship.]
Guru Sahib decided that all followers of Khalsa panth will always carry the following five identification marks with them, all the five are starting with alphabet "K" and are namely Kada, Kachha, Kangha, Kesh and Kripan. Guru Sahib were not only spiritual saint and incarnation of the God but were also a soldier as they fought many battles against the Muslim rulers.
Today we are observing that there is fight for Guru ship among the most of panths of Hindus. It was Guru Sahib's vision to future under which Sahib Ji said that with them physical body journey that started with Adi Guru Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji will come to end. All the Sikh will worship Granth Sahib [originally complied by fifth Guru Guru Arjun Dev Ji and reconstructed by Guru Govind Singh Ji] as the living Guru.
Aagya Bhai Akal Ki Tab Hi Chalayieo Panth,
Sabh Sikhan Ko Hukum Hai Guru Manyeo Grath.
Grur Granth Ji Manyeo, Pragat Guran Ki Deh
Jo Moko Milbo Chahe Khoj Inhi Mein Laye.
On the 20 October 1708 at Sachkhand Gurudwara Nanded Guru Sahib Ji permanently transferred Gurudom to Granth Sahib and from that day Granth Sahib become Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib. [to read more about ]
To guide the Sikhs on the path of spirituality and self realization Guru Sahib made the provision of Panj Piyara [Five Beloved]. During the recreation of Granth Sahib, Guru Govind Singh Ji were inspired by the spiritual creations of previous Gurus and created world's most powerful spiritual creation "Jaap Sahib" but did not include this in the Granth Sahib. All the creations of Guru Sahib are compiled in the separate volume "Dasam Granth". The most significant social work of Guru Sahib was to bring back the courage and self respect among all the Hindu.
Jo Bole So Nihal Satsiri Akal
Waheguru Da Khalsa Waheguru Di Fateh.


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Except, of course, that while we love, honour, respect and obey our Gurus, we do not worship them. We worship only the One God, Waheguru.