Sunday, December 17, 2006

Education System: Success Analysis

Education Which is said to be Third Eye of Human beings, because it makes us aware of current scenario and makes us perfect match with social surroundings. Education is also aimed at making one, equipped with the abilities, essential for earning the monetary sufficient for making the life enriched with all the necessary comforts. Is our present 10+2+3 three layered education system is coping with the aims of education? Is it helping our youth to gain the skills of earning money? Is the present education system is making the young ones aware of current socio status and filing their life with necessary manners and values to develop the attitude of social behaviour ?

In the olden golden days India was not only spiritual leaders of the world but also was setting standards for education in the form of Takshshila and Nalanda Vishawa Vidyalaya. Students of these institutions were not only said to masters of their subject but also seen as the person of wisdom. During the British rules these self respecting educated people were proving a hurdle for the rulers hence Mecale was come in the picture and the base of present education system, with aims of preparing the dedicated government servants was implemented.

In the year 1947 when we were allowed to live in the atmosphere of freedom and self decision, partition of the country has diverted attention and most important aspect education was left as it is. In the coming years a few changes were made by the introduction of present 10+2+3 system but the most damaging aspect “preparing the humble and honest government servants” was left untouched. This is reason of student unrest in our country. Let us have a look on our present education system. A students entered in the schooling at the age of 5 years and become graduate at the age of 20 years [22 years in the case of professional graduation like Medicine, Law and Engineering etc.] out of these 15/17 years of education, first 10 years are only for making the student literate and for making capable of gaining the knowledge. For the graduation of the subject remaining 5/7 years are used.

After the education up to level of graduation these young ones when enter in the society for the actual life, they realize that they are good for nothing. Even the professional graduates instead of going for self sufficient ness are looking forward for the jobs. This is reason for the huge unemployment. The youth is left alone without the skills of using their abilities for the implementation of the yields of their imagination powers. They also found themselves lacking in the field of courage required for the going with the innovative ideas. The recent human world history is also supporting this with a few handfuls like Dr. Hargobin Khurana and Bill Gates. Some one may that in comparison of our forefathers we are achieving the technical advancement at vigorous rate hence the use of wisdom, Intelligence, Imagination and innovation is on the higher side, but dear if you consider the population and successful innovative person ratio you will realize the truth. Similarly if you take the natural resources in consideration, which are on the decline continuously due to, burst in the population, you will be able to see the adverse side of the picture.

The failure of our present education system can be illustrated with
1] Day by day increase in unemployment
2] Unreal thought of the young ones that they are more educated than their elders.
3] Unable to utilize the huge natural resources that are available at our disposal.
4] Increasing attitude of gaining the physical wealth by all means.
5] Fearless corruption and bribery
6] Increase in self centric behavior and breaking of social rules.
7] Migration of professional students to other countries for the sack of better future aspect. It is not shocking news that about 30% of High salary paid staff of Microsoft is with Indian origin.
8] My experience at internet also suggest that our youth instead of getting the benefits of this huge knowledge world wasting time in the passing useless message and working as the slave for the some or other dominating foreign MNC.
9] Vanishing of the respect for the Indian Life Style and Socio economic structure. I recall the Hindi movie “Virasat” where hero instead of using his wisdom for the growth of ancestral crop cultivation wishes to start a chain of fast food centers. This is the real mirror image of thought process of our present youth.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Greeting Cards: Expression of Emotions

Every living has a natural tendency for the expressing self though it is true that human are most expressive of all because among the livings only human is enriched with variety of ways to express self where as others have very limited style of expression. In India even the rivers are considered among the livings that's why there is tradition of worshiping of rivers. Floods are the anger expression of river, where as helpless emotion is expressed by no water or very less water. Springs are expressive of the reproductive season of plants.

It was urging of expression that has forced human to add vocabulary to life, Invention of languages and printing technologies are to assist only this human tendency and latest addition to this are the e-mails and scraps. It is not the search of friends but the easy availability of space to express self is attracting youth to the portals like orkut and is going to make the orkut owner world's richest person by the year 2009. The increasing number of such portals is none else but is attempts of being benefited from this expressive tendency of human. Human beings are expressive but with that they also wish to adopt a unique style, different from others and very specific of them. This is the most probable reason for the existence of Greeting cards even in this modern electronic era. Diwali is celebrated just few days back and the festive season is on hence it is common to see a group of teens in shopping moll or gift centre, engaged in choosing a proper gift card for their love one. In fact they are searching the word group or the phrase to match with their expression style and wish to remain unique too. Read the following few line just for humor a young lady went to a store card and spend almost whole day in search of one proper card at lost a card match with her expression style and owner was at respire of relief but this was temporary as the next question from the lady was surprising as she wants a hundred of the same card, any way shopkeeper booked the order and promise the delivery within two days. You will say where is humor in this? The lady might be executive of some company and choosing a card for sending to clients. Dear humor was in words “You are the first person whom I am sending this card with virgin love emotions of my heart" that were printed on the card.

Here the question which is irritating my mind and forcing to write is not what word group, message or phrases are printed on these cards but is that why a particular one is selected by some one while others rejects the same? People engaged in this message business are used to say, the story behind their success is very simple a few words "We know to cope with the changing demands" but dear friends this might look you strange to read that whatever world group, message or phrase we are choosing for the sending to some one are the expressive of our hidden desire of receiving from some one. When a lover is sending card with the message

Sky is clear, Climate is fine
Promise, Forever you are only mine.

In fact this message is not for the opting a promise from some one but is expressive of our desire that in this world there must be at least one person, for whom we hold such great value that he/she ask us to remain with for ever. So dear friends in future whenever you receive a message or e-mail make it habit to reply and if you are using electronic media than instead of compose click on reply, so the person can see back on the message send by him/her, this is the way by which life goes on.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Campus Interview

Two famous phrases go like
Catch them young
Don't count your chickens before they hatch
Theses two phrases are connected with the campus interview like the one "The best place for hunting the future life partners is the university annual convocation" with the human life.
Campus interview, the pre job offer meeting can also be compared with the pre engagement meeting of boy and girl as in both of these option of selecting & rejecting is open for both the sides.
What is campus interview? A phenomenon which help to employers to choose suitable one for them before they have any practical experience of work, can't we say the process is the most suitable example for first phrase. Now consider the situation of the candidates selected, don’t they start weaving their dreams on assurances of a good secured future? What they are doing nothing but counting their chickens before hatching.

Pre Interview Preparations

· Advance info. Add an edge to your chance: Try to gain information about the companies which are going to be part of this. It not only helps you to make a clear choice of your options in advance but will also make you confident of facing the interview.
· Past is always the foundation stone of future. Try to find out the methods are being adopted by the company of your choice in the past for the selection process; here your college employment office will prove handy. This will make you mentally prepared for the interview.
·Monetary attractions are short term gains. Don't decide in favor of any company only because of high pay scale offered by the company. Remember companies are there not for your facility but for they wish to have most suitable person with a saving on salary expenditures. Try to find out the drop out ratio of the company, it might be an eye opener for you. Always keep it in mind loads of wealth never compensates the work satisfaction with a necessary earning. Work satisfaction will fetch you the mental peace and this will work as the success lift for your carrier.

During the Interview

·Clear concepts are always beneficial try to explain in short.
· Don't be impressed by the personal looks of interviewer as it will shake your confidence. Concentrate only on the questions.
·Be confident but avoid acting over smart.
·Be realistic: we are the most perfect judge for our own capacities hence don't fall to pray to trap of interviewer.
·Instead of starting the series of arguments with interviewer try to clear your point and as for as possible avoid arguments as this might prove your supremacy and command over the topic but at same time this might be the reason for a good chance missed by you.

After the Interview

·Go through very carefully the Contract given to you, identify the importance of these papers, these are foundations on which you wish to build your future.
· Consult your parents & teachers; seek their advice, because only due to them you are position of holding these papers.
· If there is any doubts, opt the clarification before signing. Don't say we will cross the bridge when we reach it.
·Read very carefully company police regarding the employee welfare and promotion.
· t might be possible that some past student of your college are working with the company, contact them to know the actual work atmosphere there.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Why this again and again?

News, A scene on T.V. screen has filled my mind with this question; I tried to analyses my thought process and concluded a few things which I wish to share with all of you

India; a country with world fame of secular region, A land of Buddha, birth place and work field of non violence principle of Mahatma Gandhi, A piece of land where “Sarva Dharam Sambhav” is not a slogan but a life style, A place with such strong communal harmony that all other countries dreaming about to have the same, Today seems to be place of unborn fire streams and waiting for smallest of spark for the explosion.

Today [30-11-2006] three cities of Maharashtra state are under the order of curfew, Almost a full train was set on the fire, some Hundreds of buses are damaged, A few innocent people forced to face untimely death, High ways were forcedly kept without traffic for several hours, Why all this happen because, some hundred km. away in Kanpur, a person with ill mentality has performed an action, for which a person with sound mind will not think even during the sleeps. Dr. Baba Sahib Ambedkar, the mind behind the creation of constitution of democratic setup of our country was the leader of mosses. When we say that Baba Sahib is the leader of Dalits [Lower caste people] in fact it is a kind of injustice with the work and humanitarian attitude of this great knowledgeable leader of the masses.

Presently in our country we are on the ways of setting a trend of withholding life for the reasons that can be solved in other ways. We are in the democratic set up where the number plays the most important and crucial role, but think calling band, with holding the city life and holding the social and communal harmony on hostage to show one’s number is a democratic way of protest? Surely not because it over ruled the democratic rights of others. Instead of playing at the hands of politicians we have to learn the art of handling so called new emperors immersing in India after all we have crossed the fifty of living in a democratic set up and at least now should start taking advantage of our experience.

Today it is common thing that as because so and so place, due to some action, as our emotions are hurt, our Devi Devata were insulted, so we are calling for band in our city and taking out peaceful agitation to protest that. Just think at the most of the times this results in the loss of social and personal properties and even sometimes life of some innocent citizens. Though we have crossed fifty of independence but still we have to learn the art of utilizing our right of expressing self without being obstacle to the same right of others. We are from the country of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, they have shown us the path of tackling the devil forces; just create the situations where the back up team of theses forces can be isolated from the rest of the society and than can be treated accordingly.

A recall a scene from recent hit “Lage Raho MunnaBhai” in which Gandhi Ji was expressing his desire of removing all his statues. If we fell that these statues are going to become an obstacle for our social harmony why not we are thinking in terms of implementing this hypothetical desire of our father of Nation to keep intact our real social harmony. Remember these personalities were great and worked for the society. Instead of erecting the statues the real homage to these elites, is the fallowing the way of life suggested by them and implementing their way of functioning in our day to day life will take our country on the path of progress. Otherwise it will become our destiny to face this situation some time on the name Rama, some time labeled with Allah or some time with any of our leader like this time Dr. Ambedkar. We have to remember

Jab Ramzan mein Hai Ram Aur Deepawali Mein Ali
Jhagadoo se kiya apana kam apani Dosti Bhali.
When there is Ram part of word Ramzan and Ali of the word Deepavali what we have to do with fighting, our friendship is better for that.

I wish to conclude my writing with the note it is necessity and demand of the present era to develop a social attitude of looking at such incidents not as the insult of our God / our religious faith or of our beloved leaders. We should learn look at incidents of such type as act of person of disturbed mentality. This is the only way of keeping our social, communal and nantional harmony intact and safe gaurding individual and national properties beside the saving precious human livies lossed.