Sunday, September 30, 2007

Volatile Fame

Volatile Fame

Waves of fame are always there to blow you out of the world, myself and my son were discussing about the behavioral changes of M.S.Dhoni, captain of twenty-20 world cup winner Indian cricket team and the most recent rider of fame waves from the Indian sports world. It was good to note that Dhoni is still finding the surface of reality under his steps and doesn't show visible signs of being blown away with all of sudden high fame waves. Success is bound to bring fame and along with so many other things "fame" is also affected from our speeding and technology filled life style. Our present life style is making the fame most unstable and volatile aspect of the human life, fame is going to become as much temporary in nature as more we are progressing towards the commercialization. It is fact that in the show business fame was never a stable thing and was often changing hands but the present non stability, start existing over night and vanishing with amazing and unbelievable speed, was also not the characteristic of the fame. We Indians have a very high respect and importance of fame in our life, our history says that "Raja Harishchandera" has given all his wealth and kingdom, just because he dreamed about donating it and wishes to keep his fame of speaking and being follower of truth. "Arjun" is still with the fame of best archer of the world even after the millions and millions years after the "Mahabharat" era. Change is the constant and ever existing rule of the life and always affected human life and concept of fame. The modern technology based life style is turning the human life into a market place and making the fame volatile and temporary in nature. The reality shows of Indian TV screen are not only producing "fame" for the younger generations but also affecting the life style.

Abhijeet Sawant, Sandeep Acharya, Sanjeevani, Debojit, Toukir Kazi, and Amit Sana are the few names for whom this "fame" of reality shows has produced an unmatched identification and they become a known face in millions of Indian homes but no body knows where these are today? Can you recall the name of only lady finalist of reality show "Laughter Challenge"? All this is happening just because slowly and gradually but surely our life is going to be part of market and these reality shows are generating favorable conditions for this. Just recall "Ravindera" of Indian idol first, at every step his voice was judged as most unmelodious but only the votes from Punjab, his home state made him to qualify for the top five singers of the contest. Another worst effect of these reality shows is that, these shows gives fame to one out of million but for the rest generates dreams of overnight fame, which often results in pseudo confidence and guiding the human life towards the more selfish end, with the multiple layers of frustration, agony, anguish and un satisfaction.

It is fact that these reality shows and talent hunts are creating opportunities for the sub urban and rural Indian talent, providing them a platform to prove their worth and exhibit ones skills but if you look at purpose of these, they are not being organized with the same aim and objective. These reality shows are the best ways of earning , It is said that for the recently concluded "Indian Idol 3" over 10 carors [100 million] SMS votes were received by the organizers during the final, favoring either to "Prashant" or to "Amit". Even if we consider that out of Rs. 3 paid for every SMS, organizers are getting just one rupee it will become a considerable and real huge income. Here we have to keep it in the mind that this income is only from the final, income from the various previous rounds is not taken in consideration and what ever the organizers are expensing for the conducting these shows, they are earning more than of that, from the sponsors of the show. The worst thing of these shows is that their circle is expanding to childhood and even to interiors of our family life as they are encouraging even mothers to be part of these shows.

This is the right time for every one to think about this, we can't allow this to go on as it is simply because this greed of "Volatile Fame" will turn our family life into a commodity. Do we wish and ready for making life a commodity available at market? Before it become incurable we have to make our self aware of reality of these reality shows and prevent self from being part of it. I am concluding this with the statement of Mr. Gajendra Singh, one of most respectful name from the world of these reality shows, "We can't make any one star over night, we are just giving exposure to talent and creating an opportunity for the entrance into this tough world of competition for the success". I think his words are the real mirror and we need to look into this mirror before falling pray and proceeding on the path of this pseudo and volatile fame.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Kangaroos on Indian Land

Kangaroos on Indian Land

Those were the days when we waiting over 2-3 years for a cricket series against teams like Australia or West Indies and these are the days when even cricket wonder and genius like Sachin are complaining in direct way about the excess of cricket with words like Now it hard to get time for the overcome fatigue and recover from injuries when there are matches one following other at the interval of 2-3 or 4-5 days.

Things on and off the cricket fields went under the dramatic and speedy changes with the introduction of twenty-20 format. Indian team was still busy with felicitation for winning the twenty-20 world cup at Wankhede stadium Mumbai, when Kangaroos landed on Indian earth at Banglore for the seven matches ODI series. It is not easy to change from one format of game to other and that too when you are still under the hangover of winning the world championship of shortest version and going to face three time world champions as the opponent in the longer version of the game. India is fortunate in many senses, this series is home series in well known and familiar ground conditions with the support of home fans, which will be touching sky after the winning twenty-20 world cup [ this might work for increasing the pressure and may produce the adverse result], Three most successful ODI Indians players, Sachin, Sourav and Rahul are back to team, in all probabilities one among the world best opening pair Sachin and Sourav are going to open the inning for India, The famous wall Rahul Dravid is playing the inaugural ODI on home ground and has to prove how his bating is blossoming without the responsibility of captaincy, Irfan Pathan is in the mood of celebrating his come back where as aggression of Shrisanth is creating a concern in the opponent dressing room. The new find of twenty-20 cup, captaincy of hard hitter wicketkeeper M.S. Dhoni is shifting the pressure ball in the court of Australians. Even all these favorable, it is quite possible that India might loose the Banglore encounter just because of hangover of twenty-20 world cup win, failure in maintaining the dressing room and on the field energy level as some of the twenty-20 team players are being replaced and it needs time to reach with same energy level and interaction among the players. Unfortunately Indian team is not with time, players will be hardly with just 24 hours for all these adjustments. One thing is sure Indians are over 70% of chances of winning the series.

Australian are wounded with semis defeat of twenty-20 and history supports that kangaroos always become hard to defeat team after such humiliating defeats. Though some things are going against them, Australian attack is not looking as effective as it should be in the absence of Glen McGraw, Ricky Pointing is not in the best of form and health,there off the fields statements like "return of three senior players will make Indian team weaker" are not producing desired effect just because new Indian captain Dhoni says we don't believe in winning or loosing, we believe in enjoying our game. It is sure when you are enjoying your job success is intended to follow you. All these are not sufficient to write off Australia, after all they are ODI world champions and know the business better than any body else so this is going to be turn into battle that promises cricket at its best, just cricket and pure cricket with all its uncertainty and glory, Who ever loose the series but surely cricket is going to emerge as the winner.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Impacts of Victory

Impacts of Victory

Often we come across "Success has thousand fathers while failure is born orphan". Victory chariot journey of twenty-20 world cup winner Indian for covering the distance of about 35 km between airport and stadium at every step was the true representation of this. Since the moment of catching the sky towering ball by Shrisanth, celebrations are on, every one is coming forward to have own share of this success cake. BCCI, at the moment announce a US$ 2 millions award for team. It was strange to hear BCCI is going to give a cash award of Rs. 1, 00, 00,000/- to Yuvraj Singh for his world record 12 ball half century and six sixes in one over, how poor memory, in the victory celebration BCCI almost forget it was failure of same Yuvraj in the final was sufficient to write an Indian defeat in the score books, thanks to brilliant bowling display by R.P. Singh and Irfan Pathan and more importantly eagerness and non patience of hard hitting batsman Misbah-ul-haq , which not only prove curtain for Yuvi's failure but also the written the history pages with Indian victory in ever first Twenty -20 cup. I am neither denying the over all contribution of Yuvraj nor is against his special felicitation my objection is that performance of Irfan and Rudra in the final and tournament were matching with that Yuvi, why these two are not given the special reward? Even M S Dhoni, for his unique style of captaincy deserves to be rewarded with a special recognition.

BCCI decided to welcome and public felicitation of victorious Indian team. The team was taken to Wankhede Stadium in open bus from the airport on Wednesday but it left some questions unanswered, was it felicitation of winning team? If it was so why the players were seated in back rows? Where were the members of 1983 world cup winning Indian team? Why the past captains of Indian team were not invited for the function? Leave apart the reasons but don't the statement of BCCI official "Rajiv "beyond understanding, and tells another story? As this function was arranged in haste so BCCI was not with time of inviting all? As there was Ganeshoutsav so it was not possible to make the stage more spacious to accommodate players in the front row? Who will believe that in this era of communication and information it was not possible for BCCI to inform the past players? It was not possible for World's richest sport organization to make suitable and sufficient arrangements for the function and even if it was so who were the personalities of the moments BCCI officials or the cricketers? Any way what happened can't be taken back but it was ideal situation members of 1983 world cup winning team [only time in the past, when India won the world cup] being present at airport and welcomes the new champions, who brought the glory for Nation after 24 years .

If we try to turn the history pages, It will be overseas wins over the England and West Indies by the team lead by Ajit Wadekar laid down the foundation stone of grand celebration in the Indian cricket. Emergence of little master Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev has given a new meaning to cricket arena of India and 1983 world cup victory under the captaincy of Kapil Dev had shifted the game to middle class economy of India. The doors of this princely game were opened for masses, cricket instead of being yet another game started to take shape of passion, life style and something more important even than religion in the lives of Indians. The middle class parents of metros start not only thinking but also encouraging their children to choose sports as their carrier. A new all to gather different younger Indian generation start visible. If we look at the present winning team, it is surely an extension of this thought way, which is now started to found roots in the minds of parents even from the smaller cities like Ranchi, Rohtak, and Barodra etc. Surely this win is going to boost this thought process and provide more favorable situations for its becoming a tree in near future. The huge money available in the cricket is going to change the life style of Indians even at the village level and is bound to start a sport mentality among the Indian youth.

It is unfortunate that in India, often cricket and sports are used as single term. This not only ceases the development of other sports but also creates an emotion of inequality and feeling of being neglected in the minds of youth related with other games and sports. India is full of talent and dedication and this win of Twenty-20 World cup by young Indian team, with many players from the smaller cities, is making it easy for the corporate houses and sports authorities to explore and make India a powerful sporting Nation. It will be really interesting to see how the corporate houses and sports authorities are facing this new challenge in such favorable conditions.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Miss of just a fraction of second

Miss of just a fraction of second

I have seen it over hundred times and still wish and love to see it again and again. It was the climax of all those three hour filled suspense of traveling through the destiny, going under the never before experience of sinking and returning back to life heart beats, excited curiosity to reach and be the witness of final moments with the fear sufficient to raise body hair. Some may thought and wait for my announcement of the name of the movie, I am talking about. No dear it wasn't a movie, I am talking about the latest product introduced into sports shopping malls, Yes twenty-20 , the shortest version of the game for it was said in the past 22 half made people are creating a war of non existing supremacy and battling out it on 22 yards long strip. Yes it was the grand finale of twenty-20 World cup, the New wonders ground of Johannesburg was the betel ground and arch rivals India and Pakistan were fighting out for the ever first "King Title", to bring moments of "National Pride" for millions and millions of respective country men for whom cricket is passion, life or even something more than religion. The life was at phase of suspension and supposes to return back to normalcy only after a victory. "Dho…. Dho…. Doni Ke Dhurandharoon Ne Dho Dala……. Petkar Pakistan Ko, Jeetkar world cup, Khushiyoon Se Daman Bhar Dala." [Experts of Dhoni had washed Pakistan and brought never before high of happiness for the country] was the reaction of every Indian when the padel shot of M.U. Hakk rested into hands of ShreeShanth and India won the inaugural World cup by 5 runs. What a relief, this third ball of final over Jogindar Sharma and of the match brought for millions of Indians, who were still finding hard to re gathered themselves after watching ball sailing over the on the previous ball bowled.

All was not started well India in this tournament. A game of almost assured win against weaker team of Scotland washed out due to heavy rain. It was tie against arch rivals Pakistan [both scored 141 runs] and only the new rule "The Bowl out" helped India to emerge as winner and collect full two points to remain in contest for the race of entrance to super eight. On September 16th score of 190 runs pilled by kiwis proved a hard hurdle to cross as Indians were able to score only 180 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in their allotted 20 overs for being defeated by 10 runs. 19th September will be returned as the day of Yuvraj Singh in the history books of cricket as he compiled a 12 ball half century, fastest in any format of game, and hit six sixes in a single over of speedster Stuart Brad. India won this by 18 runs as England made only 200 runs for six wickets. South Africa fall pray of Indian winning run on next day, though the home team restricted Indian score to moderate 153for 5 but succeeded in scoring only 116 making the way for Kiwis to go into semi finals after Pakistan, Australia, and India.

It was repeat 2003 Final of ODI world cup in the second semifinal of twenty -20, when World Champions Australia and Young Indian team took the field positions in Durban ground on 22nd September. India took the revenge and defeated the world champions by 15 runs, bating first to score a good 188 runs and allowing opposition to score only 173 runs. It was all set for the close fight among the arch rivals on 24th in the grand finale as Pakistan won their match against Kiwis by 6 wickets.

As was expected motivating young Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni, chose to bat first after winning the toss. Debutant Yusuf Pathan escaped from a narrow run out on very first ball of the match, which affect so adversely his metal status that he scored only 15 runs [1 six 1 four] of 8 balls before getting out. Robin Uthappa, Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni only succeeded in terms of spending time on central strip only to increase the number of dark balls. The biggest disappointment was Yuvi, who scored just 14 runs from 19 overs, can you believe the same Yuvraj scored a record fastest Half century of 12 balls a couple of days ago? Thanks to efforts of Rohit Sharma [30 runs of 16 balls] in last two overs, specially the second last ball of inning, when due to mistake of Pakistani fielder ball went over the rope for six, India manage to get a bit respect full score of 157.

It was not a great start even for the Pakistan, opener Hafiz was forced by R.P. Singh to toss the ball to Uthapa who made no mistake to hold the nerves and the catch. [Pakistan 2 runs for 1 wicket] At the other Shrisanth was in a different mode he allowed batsman to score over twenty runs, He might be thinking that as cricket is day by day is turning into batsman's game and as this is twenty -20 hence batsmen are with all rights of scoring at least 20 runs in a over. Pakistan reached to half way mark with scoring at about 7 runs per over for the loss of four wickets. Things were started with taking shape of Indian victory with brilliant bowling display by Irfan Pathan [4-0-16-3] and R.P. Singh [4-0-26-3] and it looked that India is going for a easy victory. Harbhajan's third and innings 17th over proved the twister as 19 runs were scored of it and score of 15 runs from the 18th over had insured that all is not over yet. The game extended to last over with 13 needed runs for victory for Pakistan. Joginder Singh started with a wide making it 12 from six. The first legal ball of the over was dark; the next ball was shown the sky direction to sail over the boundary for six making it 6 runs required from 4 balls, an easy target in any format of cricket. When Singh started to deliver the third ball of the over, millions of heart beats of Indian fans went under temporary suspension, a slightly short pitched ball was paddled up in the direction of sky and millions of heart beats were falling down with the downwards journey of ball. What a relief, ball rest into hands of ShreeSanth and victory celebrations were on. India won the first twenty-20 world cup.

It all was loosing the attitude for not more than a fraction of second by Pakistani players. They fail to score 1 run from last two balls in the group match; they fail to score 6 runs from last 4 balls of final.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Desired Loans

Desired Loans

EMI, these three later have become such meaningful in the life of modern human society that it is often said that EMI is more powerful even than the Gini of Alladdin's Lamp, especially when it comes to power of fulfillment of human desires. You just have to express your desire; it may own a duplex house in the top most building of city, buying high definition costly and prestigious electronic goods or car and even a foreign trip and this formula of EMI [equated monthly installment] without vesting a single moment will start working for fulfillment of your desire. Surely this is giving you a life style which in true sense can be "Neighbor's envy owner's pride."

Market is creating desires and in these times of working husband and wife we are finding it convenient to fall pray of these desires. The new economy is not based on the policy of earn, save and enjoy but is following the principle of enjoy, spend and earn to meet the needs of EMI. Here I would like famous Hindi story writer though I am unable to recall the story name in which he had said this " Credit is the guest will not go away easily from your life, if you allow its entrance in your life." The situations in these days have changed a lot, in the present era credit is no more a guest but is a close relative who takes care of your desire at every walk of life.

Market is taking advantage of our weakness of not controlling our desires, keeping within our earning limits and as the natural result for this failure, we often falls pray to web of these desires loans. The new finance kings, the market movers or the credit companies are expanding their reach to every village and city. They know the human weakness at its best hence once you have to commit just a single mistake of calling them or entering their office they will not let you allow to go without a loan, soft touch feminine voice will not leave any page unturned to impress you and telling you how a loan from company is beneficial for you, how will it work for increasing your social status and how this loan is going to give a new meaning to your life by filling with never imagined enjoyments provided you prove your ability.

Credit card companies are moving one step further and will provide you the feeling of being at higher economic status. All of sudden you cell will start ringing and a silky soft feminine voice is inviting you to visit company office with news that you are among few elites who for their better financial records are selected by the company for allotment of credit card without any processing fees and with a good attractive credit limits. You filled with emotions of pride enter into a spacey office, welcoming smiles present here and there and a well mannered conversation will leaves no space for wisdom and you came out with a winning smile and a plastic money bank in your hands after signing all the necessary documents without much thinking.

All is going in smooth and satisfactory way but the trouble starts when just one EMI didn't realized or you fail in depositing your credit card dues just by one day. All of sudden the soft silky voice that was adding pleasure to your telephonic conversation will turned into high pitched threatening sound. You will be forced to pay very high penalty for this failure besides paying a real huge interest at the rate of ranging from 25% to 40%. These finance and credit cards are going and adopting such harsh ways of recovery that a few people have prefer to commit suicide for getting rid of this day to day insult. As these companies are always aiming at their profit only hence RBI [Reserve Bank of India] is forced to interfere into it and issue a guide line for the recovery methods of these new finance kings.

The best way is the implementation of though "Deserve before desire" but if it seems that most of people are looking it as a outdated and useless thought hence it will be advisable to get knowledge of recovery methods adopted, rate of interest, penalties etc. before signing the legal documents of the loan.

Once in the blue moon - will India repeat it?

Once in the blue moon - will India repeat it?

Who had thought of it? It is just dream come to true. No one was aiming for the excitement, thrill and play of nerves, when this bonanza of the shortest version of cricket, twenty -20 world cup was went under the getting started in the South Africa early this month on 11th of September.

The first glimpse of golden uncertainty of the game started to get shape of reality with the defeat of ODI, World Champions Australia at the hands of Zimbabwe by 5 wickets on 12th September at Cape Town and of mighty West Indians by the Bangladesh by 5 wickets and 12 balls [2 overs] to spare at Johannesburg.

Indians started the tournament as was expected from them with a 10 runs defeat at the hands of kiwis, it was second outing for Indians but as their first match against the Scotland was washed out by rain hence this was the first appearance of Indian players on the ground. Things were not working in the favor of Indians but Dho…..Dho…..Dhoni , Indian captain was looking forward to apply the things and plans in a different style and Indians hopes were back to life with the most excited and thrilled moments of tournament "The Bowl out" India emerged as winner by 3-0 and kept their record of not being beaten by Pakistan in any of World Cup match. The next match was war of existence and a record 12 ball half century and six sixes in single over by Yuvraj Sing proved sufficient to show the exit gates to English team. Now it was turn of home team to feel the edge of killing axe of Indians on the 20th September at Durban and Indians not defeated them but also by winning by 37 runs have stopped their further progress in the tournament this also helped to make the myth stronger that luck never favors South Africa on the decisive moments in any bigger tournament.

Indians were to face World Champions Australia in the Semis, by the start of match Pakistan has defeated Kiwis and was waiting to know the opposition for the grand finale at wonders. India with winning sprit was in good position to take revenge to defeat in the Final of last ODI world cup held in the same country as Australians were playing without their regular captain and star batsman Ricky Pointing and the teams has already defeated by Zimbabwe and Pakistan in this tournament only even in the presence of Pointing.

Indians are playing this tournament under the young and inexperienced captaincy of M.S. Dhoni, who seems to live with and believe in the realization of marvelous line "Wars are fought and won in the minds and not the grounds". His attitude, temperament and motivation powers are lying in the words which he spoke Jogindar Sharma while tossing up the ball for the final over of the match "Don't get panic, Australian will be going under sever nervous pressure than you, as they have to score 22 runs from your these six balls."

The arch rivals are going in for the war of supremacy on Monday 24th September and will put everything from their armory for winning this. The ever first clash to two Nations, where cricket is not just a game, it is a life style, passion and religion, is going to prove the true thrill and excitement and a real once in blue moon clash for the cricketers all over the world. This is not going to be a game of bat and ball surely it going to be war of nerves, ability to handle pressure, and above all emotions of working beyond ones capacities for the pride of Nation. Surely Indians are holding upper hand as they have reached this by defeating top teams, like England, South Africa and World Champions Australia and that to with gradually increasing enthusiasm and killing instinct and will be feeling comparatively less pressure as in the absence of three star batsman Sachin, Sourav and Rahul, it was not expected from young team even reaching to semis. Young Indians are aware that when they will go into wonders ground, they will have nothing to loose, it will be gain all the way and inspiring and motivating leadership of Dhoni is boosting their morals to win the ultimate pride of the game. They also know that their opponent Pakistani players are going under the tremendous pressure of the situations, Pakistan till date never succeeded winning a world cup match against India. Three top Pakistani bowlers failed in "Bowl out" where as even part time Indian bowlers succeeded to hit the stamps every time. Pakistani players know that loosing here will bring this in lime light and will back troublesome to their back home journey. All this is adding and working for an Indian victory in ever first Twenty-20 World cup. If you ask me I will go for 70-30 in favor of India , but as the cricket is the glorious game of uncertain glories, It is always unwise and dangerous to predict any thing before the last ball is bowled, but that is even not sufficient, we all know what happened after the last ball of the match between these two arch rivals in this world cup. Any way this is neither a hope nor a prediction but a faith India is capable of repeating and will repeat win over Pakistan.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

India Won by 3-0

India Won by 3-0

India defeated arch rival Pakistan by 3-0 when this news headline hit to people many were surprise because neither of hockey nor of football any international tournament was on going any where. It was hard to believe for the people not following cricket very seriously. [It is a tough task find such people in sub continent] 3-0 and result of cricket match at first instant gives feeling of something missing but it is reality and is possible in the new version twenty -20 of the game.

In this shortest version of the game, to make the matches more result oriented this new "Bowl out" rule is included. In the case of tie of score sharing of points were allowed in the ODI but in twenty - 20 in those rare situations of score tied this "Bowl out" , designed on the terms of "Penalty Shoot Out" of hockey or Football will appear on ground to decide the match winner. According to this rule both team will select five of their players to bowl at stamps on a vacant pitch, the team whose players hits wickets maximum time will be declared winner. On the other day was this historic thing happened. India won and Pakistan loosed because Sehwag, Harbhajan and Uthappa succeeded in uprooting the stamps while from Pakistan Yasir Arafat, Umar Gul and Shahid Afridi bowled to rest in the hands of wicketkeeper only. The result was not so effective on the tournament because both India and Pakistan both were have qualified for the "Super Eight" next round of this world cup, but Pakistan fail to avoid fifth defeat and register ever first win over India in any of world cup clash.

This "Bowl out" option is putting a question mark, if we consider a final of an international tournament we will not take it as easy as we are taking it now? What will be social life of the player who fails to hit the stamps in a country like India or Pakistan where cricket is not just other game but is a passion, a life style? I am surprised, where was cricketing wisdom of sub continent? Do they approve this rule without thinking about the end result on social life? Do they were giving space for the replica of famous Negi incident of Indian hockey [As shown in the movie "Chak De India" by the character Kabir Khan]? These are the some of the questions which are demanding a suitable proper answer from the ICC.

It is said that this "Bowl out" rule is inspired and have roots in other two team games Hockey and Football where for such situation there is provision of "Penalty Shoot out". Let me allow, in the Hockey and Football both rival teams are with equal chance and it doesn't seems that injustice has been done with the game? Can we say the same with "Bowl out" rule? Certainly it is injustice with the spirit with which cricket is played. Being a teacher I am with habit of posing so many questions about a given situation but as it is attitude of teachers that they try their level best to reach to solution for the given problem because for them life goes like this. I am also concluding this writing with a solution to this "Bowl out" so the future unwanted and hated social reactions can be avoided.

The present "Bowl out" rule up to selection five bowlers is o.k. but I wish see addition to this; both rival teams will select two batsmen to face these five balls bowled one each by five different bowlers, with no field restrictions. Team which scores more runs will be declared winner by that difference of runs. This will not only keep the victory style intact but also will do justice with cricketing spirit.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rootless Indians

Rootless Indians

Human are intended to born alone and their destiny take them to face the death in the same alone status. This individuality is the unique, most important and specific characteristics of human existence on the earth. There is a fluidity observed since the dawn among these individualities whenever they come in contact or try to interact with each other and often coagulate to form family, community and nation. Importance of history or past lies in its ability of giving birth to future, exist to guide younger generations and fill the social life of human beings with cross lines essential for co existence and mutually shared enjoyment of natural resources.

Every group, community generated from the coagulation of fluidity among the individual human beings has shown diversity in their life style and vision to life. They also intended to hold a different set of rituals, working attitude and liking and disliking towards other such groups or communities. With the time all these life style, vision to life, rituals, functioning in individual and collective capacities have formed the base for the human livings and often termed as heritage. Human beings are with yet another peculiar quality, holding a different view to a certain aspect of life, doesn't work as there separation point from that a particular group till the dispute over the heritage is not in the existence. This heritage works as the roots for the living or existence of human beings on the earth and a community or group of human beings with heritage, sure to die with time like the tree without roots. The life of tree [group/community] is longer and healthier as strong as the roots [Heritages] are, you can't imagine a community without cultural and social heritage.

Coming to India, this specific land hold a specific style of cultural and social heritage which can be compared only with ocean. The mighty water storage constituted from the fusion of various rivers and other flowing water sources. Indian heritage not only allowed other heritages to interact but also permitted them, to keep their own individual existence. This Indian heritage to which we say "Vedic civilization" and western world often call "Aryan civilization" has formed base for a specific way "Hinduism" of social living of human beings. I know the real problem will get starting from here only because a lot of people are not in the mental status of even thinking about Hinduism other than religious reference. Let me allow making clear a few things about a religious stream of human beings.

There is always a single identity [person] whose existence in human body is fact and to whom all look as the pioneer of the religious faith.

There are certain fixed rituals to be followed through out the world without change.

Now look at Hinduism, an Indian living in North India have a specific set of rituals which is quite different from the one followed by Indians from West, east or south of India, but the common factor among them is they all feel proud and wish to be known as Hindus. This alone is sufficient to prove that Hinduism is not just a religious stream. Presence of so many human body existed spiritual leaders is also making Hinduism a social and cultural heritage which is much more than a religious faith.

Changing times, in there effectiveness, are sure to bring change in the surroundings and human life. In the present era of technological advancement more stress is there for the faster ways of transportation and communication. At present Middle East countries, African countries and even to Pakistan bound ships from southern ports have to go there destination by the way of Shri Lanka which was increasing an additional travel of almost 300 nautical miles. It was decided to destroy some of the part of under Sea Bridge between Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka. Hindu heritage says that bridge was constructed by Shri Ram during the Ramayan era so it was natural that a storm was bound to build and the matter was transferred to judiciary.

It is unfortunate that Indian people are made rootless, without any cultural or social heritage by the democratic government, selected by the people to safe guard not only the individual rights but also to keep the rich versatile heritage of Indians, as IAS [Indian Archeological survey] has produced an affidavit in the court stating that there are no historical proofs of existence of Ram or Ramayan. This is nothing but a sheer attempt to make millions and millions Indian rootless without cultural and social heritage. At this time of writing these lines News channels are fleshing the news that Union Law Minister Shri Hansraj Bhardwas has announce that government is going to produce a new affidavit in the matter by withdrawing the previous one.

I will keep on this series on going but at present I wish to conclude this with every Indian must come forward to protest and raise voice against the demolishing of "Ram Setu" or whatever they name this, as this is not a religious matter related to a select class of Indian citizens but is an attempt to make the all the Indians rootless without cultural and social heritage.

Know the Power

Know the Power

Since the dawn of human existence on the earth, earth is playing as the stage for the exhibiting the individual and collective power by the human beings. Starting with the display of power of wisdom, human history is the evidence of exhibition of powers in various forms such as muscle power, family and community power, number power etc. If we look at the present era this is the era of exhibiting monetary powers and powers of controlling technical excellence and advancement.

It is fortunate that India always hold the key position of being the world leader in this exhibition of power. World's ever first knowledge books "Vedas" were created in India only. "Bhim" human being still with unmatched muscular power of the earth was born in India. The most famous knowledge centers of world "Takshshila" and "Nalnda" were the parts of India. Most of the God incarnations are born in India. Bravery and capacity to work with tolerance and patience for the world peace always proved assets for making India, world leader in the days of wars or no wars.

For the arguments it can be said all this is past the ground reality is that at present India is among the poor countries where even after the celebration of sixtieth independent day, one third population is below the poverty lines. Let me allow to correct you this is not sign of poverty of the country at the most you can term it as improper distribution of resources. The richness of country is reflecting from the attitude of helping others at the times of natural and national calamites. US 1$ may not be meaning for an American but One Ruppees means a lot for an Indian Riksha puller, which he is donating towards the Prime Minister's or Chief Minister's national and natural calamity fund. The richness of the country lies in the emotions of mother's which forces her to send younger son in armed forces, even after the death causality of elder sons for keeping the national boundaries intact and protected from the enemies.

It is also not the fact that India is not in the position of leading the world in the present era of exhibiting monetary powers and powers of controlling technical excellence and advancement, this is if appearing is just because the fact either our present leadership is not aware of the powers that we holds or of the opinion of waiting for the appropriate time for exhibiting these powers. Just look at the following figures

38% of doctors in USA are Indians.
12% scientists in USA are Indians.
36% of NASA scientists are Indians.
34% of Microsoft employees are Indians.
28% of IBM employees are Indians.
17% of INTEL scientists are Indians.
13% of XEROX employees are Indians.

Before taking your leave I am leaving you with two hypothetical situations, think about these and decide yourself about the world leadership by India in the present era.
1. All the Indian Doctors, Engineers, computer experts and all other professionals working in the developed countries, on a given single day decided to return back to India. Just imagine the status of controlling and regulating systems of these developed countries?
2. On a specific given day Indian government banns the entry of all foreign finish goods and ask the entire foreigner MNC community to go back to their respective countries. It is even beyond imagine to which extant economy of these developed countries will get adversely affected by this single step.

Hence I would like to conclude this with the note it is not the question of being so powerful to lead the world in the present era, it is sheer ignorance of self powers, The day Indians will aware of their powers, India will back to its usual and normal status of World leader.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Online Chatting

Online Chatting

Among the various likings and most favorite activities of modern youth online chatting is the first priority and topmost action on internet for the time pass. The advantages of online conversation are endless one can go on adding to ones wisdom, however a few are given here

You can impresses the person at other end by changing your tea-stall into a food processing unit or your garbage collection work can easily be converted into recycling and reprocessing business.

You can go to use the words, which you can't dare to use in face to face talk because of the fear of being beaten, as still no software is invented that can beat you online.

Online chatting gives you chance of being God, as here you can take or change your "Avtar" [incarnation] even according to your mood.

So friends what you are waiting for come on let us start online chatting.


Amgst d vrios likins & most fav8 avtits of modrn uth ol chattin is d 1st prorty & tpmst actn of TP.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cameras

What the beautiful and splendid turn has the situations have taken; hidden cameras are at the central stage. One who were exposing, are looking and searching a shelter to be away from the eyes of politicians, elites and even the common Indian citizens so can be safe guard self from the hot discussion going for setting the norms of use of hidden camera for so called exposures and truth search operations sponsored and carried out by the media.

Recently we had celebrated sixtieth birthday of our democratic set up which mean we had crossed not only our childhood but also the adolescence stage and are quite suitable for pronouncing as the mature adults. It is unfortunate that our social atmosphere is neither reflecting nor illustrating this. Technology has added enormously in the style of news hunting, coverage of events and presentation of happenings. We had crossed the print media, though it is still relevant; saw the broadcasting era of media, living the telecasting media and preparing for the entrance into web based media. Question that brought hidden cameras to central stage is does we are tackling the situations in mature way and presenting the conclusions in a responsible manner? Certainly the answer is not a positive one. If it was so than what was the need of discussing all this? The pity is that even our use of visible camera is facing with the questions of reliability and relevancy. Before we go further look at just figures and facts.

It was Asian games Delhi to bring colour telecast in India and boosted the television industry in the country. If we go for the list of house hold appliances color televisions are finding the prime and first place of the list. Naturally the emergence of T V Channels got the way and nourishing grounds beside the entertainment and sports channels, News channels were not only got birth during last two decades but also started showing their exclusive present. This growing number resulted in natural war of existence for the channels of similar nature. The TRP [Telecast Rating Points] has started to play all important roles in the life of TV channels and actual trouble got the starting point here. The serials started with meaningful and educational "Mahabharat" the great Indian epic, "Subah" [?] a true representations of campus and honest attempt to tackle the drug problem of youth started changing their shapes to endless looking "Kiyonki " and campus means just love affairs of youth and humiliation of teachers.

News channels are also affected from this. Concept of "exclusive" was born and hidden cameras were assigned the duties of exposures. It my be the bribery operations during the years between 2001 to 2003 , casting couch operations related with Shakti Kappor and Aman Varma in 2005 or Asking of the questions in the Lok-Sabha [House of people] in the same year, it was hidden the cameras all the way. The war of existence and growing competition has forced news channels to add many non news programs in their daily schedules of telecast. If you look at the reasons given by channels for these inclusions you will found them even beyond the limits of being funny. The telecast of superstition, coverage of travel destinations, presentations about the programs of entertainment channels and Future forecasts can boost TRP of channel but at reality grounds they have nothing to do with News.

Time has come when not only we have to think and look at the matters with mature vision but also laid down the crossing lines to make our responses and behavior a responsible one. We can't allow doing anything to media under the slogan and laws of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression doesn't mean demolishing the social image of person or community, neither it can allowed to be used for creating misunderstanding and rumors. A few moments back I had finished watching Hindi movie "Chak De", how the press and media were responsible for spoiling carrier of a dedicated sport person. Though it was all imaginary but our real life is filled with many such incidents from which real life was scripted. Another thing which I wish to that does meaning of celebrity is loosing the personal life? If not than why the media seems too eager to look into personal life of celebrities? Personal life in itself means the territory prohibited for the trespassers, and ever time using either visible or hidden cameras either media or any other has to keep this all the times, in the mind. I don't recall where I read Rusian Waraninkav's statement "In our country freedom of speech doesn't give you right the brake the back bone of society and Nation. If any body attempt to do so he will be caught and send to Siberia for the rest of life." As we are living and love to live in democratic set up so we can't go in such harsh and undemocratic manner but surely it underlines the need of laying the guide lines for the electronic media. Government of India and Parliament needs to take note of all this and took it in the consideration while finalizing provisions of the "Broadcasting Bill" under the making.

It is natural there will be strong enough opposition from the TV channels after all it will limit their right of broadcasting anything and extending reach of their hidden cameras to any where, but before giving full stop to my this writing I wish to ask just one question. Is the media persons are free from the tendency of common man of falling pray to greed, anguish and ambitions and found being engaged in unmoral and illegal activities? If not than why these hidden cameras are not succeeded in catching them even at just one such incident?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lietracy: India: Ground realities

Lietracy: India: Ground realities

In compare of 64.13 % literacy rate of man, woman literacy rate is as low as 39.29% though government surveys says that since 1950 woman literacy ratio is showing a sounding growth of Five times but still school going [from class I to Class V] is 78.89%.

In the age group of from ten to fourteen years 35% boys are illiterate while the girls are at 65%. Almost one third of the girls ,getting admission in class I, are not going to class II. In Kerala Literacy rate is 100% but in Rajasthan it lower down to just 42%.

The incomplete education rate of country is 39%.

Over 1 Lakhs schools are either solo school teacher or without teacher.

In the age group of from six to fourteen years almost 140 Lakhs children are among the non school going children.

About 32,000 human colonies [Villages] are without schools.

The ratio of continuing education at middle school level at world level is 71% but in India it is just 47%. Though it is projected that under the program "Education for All" this ratio will get boost and by the year 2010 it will go up to 65% but considering the time just over the two years left, it seems to be hard to achieve target.

Though it is said that in the tenth five year plan expenses on education are raised to 3.9% of GPD but it will be interesting to know that about Rs. 100 carores were shifted to other plans from the funding of "Education for All". Alone in the Jharkhand state about Rs. 50 carores were issued to non existing schools.

Before I conclude I wish to share a short story. Kamala was a village girl educated in the village primary school and was married with boy who was working in a company at near by city. When Kamala shifted to city, she found her education was of no meaning which was being reflected from complains of husband about the throwing of important papers to dust bin by her. Before she took complete measure of situations she become pregnant and went back to her mother's house as per the family traditions. She gave birth to twins. Soon the daughter and son started going to school and persist mother to help them in their home work. It was a humiliating experience for her as so many times she fail to cope with the questions from the kids. Kamala was prompted by her mother in law to join the Adult Education program. The story underlines three important things. [1] Standards of our primary education. [2] Availability of educational facilities in our country [3] Will of being educated in true sense.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

MNC Working: Creating the need Part 2

MNC Working: Creating the need Part 2

The story goes like this; there was King with fame of thinking about welfare and care of the people. One day, some of the representative of some foreign companies approached the king for grating the permission a particular piece of land from his kingdom. As this piece of land was among the most fertile lands of kingdom, situated at foot hills of mountain with dense and beautiful forest surroundings and King might has to face unrest and rebel of the people hence at first instant King refused to grant such permission, but soon the representative was back with assurance that they will not adopt any forcing tactics and villagers will sale their land at their own will. As the company was also offering a handsome monetary benefit for King just for granting the permission and presence of this assurance King granted conditional permission that company will buy only the land in the village for which owner approach them for it.

One day one stranger appeared in the village and asks for the permission of village head for living there in village. He narrated to village head as he was with a order related to forest from a foreigner company, from which economic gains of the villagers will also boosted hence the village head allowed him to stay at considerable huge bare land near the forest. Next day man called the meeting of the villagers and narrated his need, which is going to boost economic gains of the villagers. He told look friends I have to supply thousands of the monkeys to a company and this is the only village near the most dense forest of the kingdom so he is going to pay Rs. 100/- for every monkey. The proposal was much attractive hence villager thought of forgetting about their regular work and started catching monkeys. Every evening villagers start getting thousands of rupees that motivated them and others as a result every villager started catching the monkeys. Day by day it starts getting to tough for villagers to find and catch the monkeys. One day villagers were called by the man asking them to keep on catching the monkeys as he is going for supply the collected monkeys to his customer and will be back in two days of time.

After returning back he again called the villager, this time he was not alone but with two other person, to whom he introduced as his servants, and announced that as he is getting huge profits from the monkey sales and wish to share it with the villagers so in the future villagers will get Rs. 500/- for every monkey. This has forced villagers to forget about the troubles they were facing in catching the monkey and they started the work with more zeal and enthusiasm. Surprisingly they were founding abundance of monkeys in the forest in comparison of lost few days. Days were passing no body was thinking about their field as they were earning handsomely from the business of catching monkeys. Naturally the population of monkey started showing signs of reducing but all of sudden one day man announced that now onwards he is going to pay Rs. 1000/- for every monkey. This brought back the life among the villagers because it was a regular thing that even after roaming whole day in the forest many families were coming back even without a single monkey. Villager kept on catching the monkeys and fertile lands were remaining barren without the crops.

Time wheels kept on moving. Villagers were founding it real tough to locate monkey in the forest. One day that man called the meeting of villagers. "Friends, since last few months, we are working with a specific aim and that have boosted our economic status to a great extant. I have called you all to inform that; I am going on overseas trip for six month. In my absence my servants will keep the record of monkeys caught by everyone of you. The only difference will be they will not pay you, When I will return I will pay Rs. 5,000/- for every monkey." Next morning the man left the village.

Day by day villagers were founding catching of monkey a real hard to finish job. A few were thinking of returning back to their crop fields but memories of easiness of life of days of catching monkeys were proving sufficient hurdle for the return. One day one of servant, who in mean while created good friendly relations with some of the villagers ask them that if they pay Rs. 2000/- for one monkey he will make entry against their name and they will get Rs. 5000/- when that man return. The news spread like the forest fire among the villagers. People started to approach both of the servants and they were finalizing the entries of catching monkeys at the rate of Rs. 3000 to Rs.4000. Soon the villagers were facing the problem of liquid money. The servants came forward with solution that there is a person who will pay handsomely for their lands. It was hard decision but as time of return of the man was near so almost all were agree to sale their fertile lands. Servants called that man who finalized the sale dead and handed over the money to villagers. The servants told to villagers that knowing the hard time that the villagers were facing they have decided to make the entries at the concessional rate of Rs. 1000/- per monkey, hence more than 75% of money that villagers got from the sale of land was deposited with the servants.

One morning villagers saw both the servants missing. They thought both might went to visit the person who purchased lands of villagers. Time was flying and villagers were waiting for the return of man so they can produce their claims and collect their money. It was almost more than a month from the scheduled returned of monkey buyer, when a person with sale dead and military of king entered into village and ask them to vacant the place. In the presence of sale dead and military villagers were left with only option of leaving the motherland.

This story was narrated to me as the ill effects of greed of human beings, but look this has turned me MNC, by part I, I have created the need, as if I have posted this story as a normal posting most of you might not have read it.

MNC Working: Creating the need

MNC Working: Creating the need

Just look at the modern business world, Government machinery fails, local businessmen undergo the feeling of being unsuccessful but as soon as a MNC enters the arena scene start changing, the gloomy sky start taking shape of pleasant atmosphere with favorable winds and never before clarity makes the vision more and more positive and filled with excitement. Does these MNC are with a magic lamp to produce the magnificent effect? Does they are superman, capable of bringing these drastic and unbelievable changes? It is fact these are the peoples seating at the money Everest, huge investing capacities, more skilled human power and power of sustaining losses for a considerable long period are making them different of lot but their success source does not lies here in. As these supporting factors can be managed and made available by any body active in the field and wish to touch never before success heights.

In fact the strength of MNC's lies in their unmatched and marvelous quality called "creating the need". They are not followers of "Deserve before Desire" but are the masters of generating "Desires". They believe in "If desire is there human beings will go for the fulfillment either by hook or crock". They also believe in making the commodities part of living styles, Just look at young Indians, instead of cheaper fresh lime juice or healthier coconut water they are running behind costly carbonated cold drinks which may also prove a health hazard, and making it icon of life style. They even neither think nor hesitate to pay more than Rs. 10/- for a bottle of these cold drinks for which manufacturing cost is less than a rupee. Even in the Punjab "chhola Bhatura" or in the south "Idlee" are fighting for their existence against Burger culture. This is not because of these burger and other such fast foods are more nutritious and more health supportive but just as these MNC have successfully highlighted the unhygienic conditions under which Indian foods are prepared publicly and hide the harms of MNC products. We are avoiding to eat "Vada Pav" at road side stall just because it is being prepared before us but don't hesitate to eat "Pizza" just because we are observing gloves covered hands in the action.

It is fact an old story from my memory inspired me to go for this writing, that story not only reflects the functioning of MNC's, there ways of creating need but also successfully broke the myth of modern youth that they are the progressive human spices over their parents, modern youth may be leading on the fronts of technology and handling the modern equipment but surely we are miles and miles behind in spotting the adverse effect of a certain happing on our future life, in comparison of our elders, at least these stories are supportive of this fact. I know many of my blog readers will show their disagree ness with this at this moment but I am sure after reading the story all will left with only option of being agree with this.

As n my this blog posting is going to be a bulky and lengthy hence I am going to post the story as the separate and concluding part of this.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Sex and Sensex

Sex and Sensex

Indians or rather the citizens of third world countries are under the storms of these two words Sex and Sensex resulted and entered into their life from the globalization. The market movers and kings of the western world are of the opinion that what is need of sending the war ships and military troupes to these countries? Just clear the roads for our entrances and we will conquer them. Yes they can. With the huge financial sources they are able to dictate terms of economic world and with condoms they are there to destroy and demolish the cultural values and social life. As we all know no community can live without own language so is the relation of Nation with culture and life style. We are Indians just because of having a distinct life style and a specific culture which is making us different from the lot. The day, life style of Mumbai and New York will start running on the same lines there will be No American or No Indian, It will be just globalization? Do we wish to see an increased pre marriage pregnancy rate? Are we ready and wishing to see our social life, with high growth rate of alone men, alone women or single parent? Do we find sufficient reasons to kill our rich social traditions for the sensex boost? Will, that, so called money flow into life will make us richer in true sense? These and this kind of many questions are needed to be addressed before we opt for the word globalization.

Look at the life changes that are being predicted and being posed on our minds through the advertisements for bringing condom revolution in India. I don't know weather this fear of Aids is human created or is the curse of God for the human beings but surely this is working for the condom revolution. When a young collegiate boy goes for overnight outing with friends, this market created progressive father slowly and softly, in a hidden manner hands over the condom, so called safety weapon. Thank God, still either the imagination of bold Indian mother is away from the reach of the copy writers of these market movers or they didn't dare to do so for the fear of failure in their strategies.

Sex is the integral part of the life and from the ancient times India is holding the position of leader in the sex education. "Kamsutara" and "Khajuraho Temple" are the two of the most famous gifts given to the rest of the human world by the India in relation of this. When these market movers says that India and other third world countries should open their schools for the sex education, I wish to have a laugh with roar, what a joke, they are asking to open the door for the entrance of what that exist in our society since so many centuries. It is really unfortunate that elites of our present education system are also supportive of this and unable to see the camouflaged aim wisely kept hidden behind the fear of deadly disease Aids or we can say that fear of this disease is helping them to move a step forward in their aim. I recall and wish to share with you all, when I got the night fall first time; I went to my father asking him what was that? "You have seen the earthen pot, we use to store water. What will happen if we kept on pouring water in it" was the question of my father. "Surely water will flow out as soon as the pot is filled completely" I answered. "The same thing is here; this is a natural reaction, after a specific time our body wishes to indicate its readiness for the acquiring of reproduction capacity and does it in this way. You neither to worry about it nor to think about it because it is quite possible that till your marriage, this might happen several times with you it is nothing else but the indication of being completely filled". Just consider the same situation with a boy from the present era, he will not go to his father in this situation just because these market movers have successfully washed his brain with the thought that he belongs to progressive spices of human beings over his parents and salt of wound is that our western world inspired education system is helping him in making his thought stronger and stronger. Technical advancement is also working in favor of this.

This valley of difference between the generations is becoming wider also due to our vision towards the sex. For the western world sex is a just a physical phenomenon, It is a want of body which is to be fulfilled any where and any how, Where as we Indians look at the sex as most essential action of the life for keeping and natural balance and human population in tact , we believe in controlled use of sex where as for them sex is commodity of unlimited use. In the western world there is no space for the need of specific place and mental health for the sexual behavior because it is just a physical happening can take place any where and with any body. In contrasts to that we Indians are still with the mind set of thinking about place, partner and mental health before undergoing the experience of sexual behavior. The western world is steeping yet more step forward in this direction with the sex without intercourse, As for them it is physical so there is no space for the involvement of emotions. These are the basic differences in the vision towards the sex. I would like to conclude this, if the just one tenth of the amount, which is being used for bringing the condom revolution as the safety precaution keeping the fear of Aids at front , was made available for the research of curing the Aids, It is quite possible that by this time we might be with the cure of this deadly disease.

Coming to sensex, the first major change reflecting from this, it is going to fill our lives with two days of week with leisure time and I don't think to say any thing after quoting the phrase " Empty minds are the workshops of devils". If we look at our economy it is at hands of unorganized and diversified sector. No individual or group of individuals is in the position of controlling the market or giving specific direction to the market. The eagle eye of market movers is concentrating on getting hold and penetration in this area under the curtains of globalization. Just think about the changes the free market will go under the control and directions of few handfuls. The supporters are arguing easy and abundant availability. Just consider, our economy is partially open for globalization, Mango the king of fruits is now available through out the year in the form of pulp to give is lingering taste of mango shack but what about the health hazards due to the synthetics used for the preservation? Many might, will oppose me, calling my thoughts primitive, but this is again due to our attitude, developed over the last 20-30 years, of looking at things and happenings with the spectacle of western world.

I am concluding this with, friends third world war is on without human blood sheds. It is being fought on the grounds of moral and culture with the weapons of sex and sensex, which are more deadly and with more destroying powers even over the nuclear weapons because these are going to kill you in installment and step by step. What more do I say this is the life and life goes like this.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Who is speaking: Who is Listening

Who is speaking: Who is Listening

Once a famous Veena Vadak, was asked to play the instrument in a close gathering of elites, as soon he finished people started showering words of praise upon him. A young lady went near to him and taking his hand, holding in her two hands and thanked him with a very excited voice. She was surprised to hear from the artist “I can’t understand why you all are thanking me, I have just played the instrument, instead of me it is one who listened that is liable and suitable person for your thanks.” The lady was shocked as playing Veena itself is not a joke and impressing the elite was even more though task. She went away with a confused mind, who had listened? Certainly was I, do I thank my self?

This often happens a speaker goes on speaking but who cares about listening? Surely listening is much more difficult than the speaking. Speaking and listening are the ways of communicating with each other and often lack of these creates valley of conflicts and misunderstandings. Just look into our day to day life, at every walk of life, from work place to homes, from school to political fields, and even places related with religious and spiritual activities, voice of complains are generating and becoming stronger and stronger. The probable reason is that every body is with a wish and will of speaking nobody is there for listening. You might have come across in the situation in which you are speaking about one thing, the person in front of you is listening other thing and understanding some thing totally different from what you had said. This is happening because there are many institutions which can train you in the art of speaking but have you ever heard of an institution for training in the art of listening?

Speaking and listening both are acts of human sense organs, in both voice is the most important and integral part but even then both are not the same. Speaking is an active human status while listening is passive posture which requires a lot of patience, calm and open status of mind. Often human beings lacks in holding these there that’s why you will find that we are eager for speaking and most of times try to avoid listening. We love and enjoy giving advice just because we are getting chance of speaking. Speaking is also taken as putting ones thoughts, reasons and forcing others to accept it, to establish our supremacy over others. As this satisfies our ego hence we often hear sentence like “I agree with you but……..” or “frankly speaking your suggestions are too good but……..”

Listening is just not the action of collecting voice by the ears but it is complicated phenomenon in which besides the ears, our mind, wisdom and intelligence are also involved. What we are listening is not depended of the ability of the speakers? Speaker may be of the high quality and expert of the field but from speech we grab only, just what we had listened. When we are listening words are going through the filtration process of our mind, intelligence and wisdom. Mind is valuating these words and our wisdom starts being busy in preparing the answer. Cross your fingers and answer honestly don’t you thinking about your comments on this article, while reading this?

Listening is a magical action and to experience it you need just to observe how the people are speaking. Keep your calm intact and keep on observing you might will be surprised to know that people famous for their love are not only ignoring each other but using others existence for very minute things of life. Now turn to your self for the observation, how are you listening? Surely just this observation will bring a lot of change within you. Start this with your family members and be assured you will find they are more concern and careful about you in compare of the past because listening means the concentration on the thoughts of others. As thoughts are expression of mental energy hence this energy transfer will bring rigid ness and flexibility in your relations and make them more enjoyable. Remember this is the true way of mutual living and life goes like this.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mobile Boom

Mobile Boom

Every era has own status symbols it was time when two wheeler automobiles surrendered this to cars and then came the device of talk with freedom and life started to revolve around the slogan "remain connected any time any where" this is also now preparing to handover its position of being the status symbol to multimedia mobile. In fact the techno savvy atmosphere of modern times is filling the life of youth with the storms of speed and tension and hence it emphasizes the need of entertainment at its peak. This is main reason behind the boom of multimedia mobile. Not only the MNC are using mobiles for their customer penetration but even the small cities like Kolhapur are coming up with the mobile portals like

It was towards the end sixth decade that Indian markets started loaded with the television sets and experts started predicting the life end of radio services, before we go further just look at the radio history in India.

Radio in India
History of radio in India dates back 1920, when first transmit ion of radio club Bombay [Mumbai] was started and followed by another privately own station at Calcutta.
In1930 government took control and named it as Indian transmition services the name was changed to All India Radio [AIR] in the year 1936 and since the 1957 to Aakashwani.
It was 1977 when first FM [frequency module] service was started at Madras [Chennai] and up to 1993 there were only five cities with this facility. At present there are more than 400 FM channels which are covering about 240 large and small cities.

Mobile boom
It is just over a decade for this which has not only changed the fashion styles of youth but besides adding to vocabulary provided facility of sending written message [SMS] had attracted youth at large and before this attractions gets faded the expert and companies came with facility of capturing photos. This has not only given boom to mobile industry but also created many social problems as easiness of clicking photos leads towards the misuse of device. As I mentioned earlier the lives of youth is filled with speed and tensions hence the need and demands of entertainments are at ever high note so the fusion of radio and mobile came in the existence as it was not only easy but also have the capacity of holding the nerves of not only youth but also of the common people who while traveling, doing domestic and office works needs a refreshing moment.

At present we are heading towards the multimedia mobile and the day is not for away that even for the net connectivity will be not be depended of the computers. More and more sites like are going to hit the tiny screen of our handsets and tempting us to use them for knowledge, entertainment and shopping purpose.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Teacher: co parent

Teacher: co parent
[Types of Teachers]

Teachers are considered as the co parents of children because this is teacher who helps kids in the development of mental faculties and shapes and guides for the development of social attitude essential for the calm, peaceful, responsible and successful future social life. The job of teacher can only compare with fine art in which high quality of skills are involved. Though it is much hard, almost impossible for a teacher to turn a dum into a genius but it is also fact that teacher is the only person who can find out the hidden talents, skills, attitude and intelligence of a kids, ahead of all and beside providing supportive atmosphere for the growth of these, creates opportunities for exposure of these, ultimately resulting in the development of personality of students. In India we are with rich heritage of relationship of Guru [teacher] and Shishya [Students] it is unfortunate that like other human relation is also on the verge of being killed by modernization of human society. In fact in this era this Guru Shishya tradition is almost vanishing from our social life. There may be various reasons for this but as this is a separate topics hence I will summarize it here with in the present era teachers are professional and Students are looking at teachers as their servants because in India there is democratic way of ruling and teachers are public servants being paid by government.

At every walk of life human beings are with ideals [ones standards for imitation] because psychics says that more than 90% of behavioral changes of human beings have origin in the power of copying others. Student life is the primary stage of setting ideals and most of the times students are looking at teachers for fulfillment of this, this might be the reason which increases responsibility of teachers towards the society and nation and often force us to see the adjective "creators of nation" in association of the teachers. Students with their own power of observation, analyzes personality and behaviors of the teachers and put them into various categories, though these categories are changing year to year and group to group but a few that remains constant are

1. Funny Teachers: Students are feeling fun by living in the company of these teachers. As in the modern days life is more stressful ever hence teachers of this category owns major share of popularity votes.
2. Friendly Teachers: These are the teachers who put "Friendship" at the top of all the human relations and try to interact with students accordingly but they often forget that this behavior will result in the creation of false confidence among the students. Teachers of this category enjoy a good share of popularity votes.
3. Greedy Teachers: These types of teachers are often eager to hear words of praise for self only from the mouth of students and favors students who criticizes other teachers in front of them.
4. Merciful Teachers: These are the teachers who think responsibility of shaping the attitude of students lies mainly at the hands of parents; hence they often concentrate on completing syllabus of their subject and behave lion heartily for over looking at the mistakes committed by the students. Surprisingly these teachers holds minimum share of popularity votes.
5. Perfectionist Teacher: These teachers try to perfect in every act and assume the same for the students, hence often punish students very heavily even for the common human weakness.
6. Strict Teachers: Teachers of this category are non popular among the students during their days of student life but when these students enter into real life surprisingly they find their heart filled with a kind of respect and liking for teachers of this category.
7. The Best Teacher: Majority of these comes from the category of "Strict Teachers" the only difference is that on contrast of the perfectionist teachers they know the art of avoiding human mistakes and become friendly with students at only the appropriate times. Their action with students goes in the style of looking after.

This is not a perfect category analysis of the teachers but just an attempt to try to have insight into the personality of the teacher.

Teacher's Day: Celebrations

Teacher's Day: Celebrations

5th September is just two day away and every year our country is celebrating this birthday of educationist Sarvapalli Radhakrishan as the teacher's day. We all know that on this day teacher's are being felicitated though the whole year they remain side lined and ignored. From village level to state and National level teachers are felicitated with the "Best Teacher" award and that marks the end of celebrations.
It will be interesting to know how this day is celebrated in the other parts of the globe. A few illustration of the celebration styles of the day, which I came to know are

The Teachers' Day was founded at National Central University in 1931. It was adopted by the central government of Republic of China in 1932. In 1939, the day was set on August 27, Confucius's birthday. People's Republic of China government abrogated it in 1951. It was reestablished in 1985, and the day was changed to September 10. Now more and more people are trying to revert the Teachers' Day back to Confucius's birthday.

Before the 1994 the day was celebrated on the first Sunday of September but know the celebrations are held on 5th October.

In the united state the day is celebrated on the Tuesday of the first full week of May, but it is not an official holiday there.

on November 21, 1956, government of Thailand passed a resolution for the celebration of the teacher's day and The first Teachers' Day was celebrated on January 16, 1957.

In Iran, Teacher's Day is celebrated on May 2. It commemorates the assassination day of Iranian professor Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari on May 2, 1980.

In Turkey, Teacher's Day is celebrated on 24th of November. Kemal Atatürk dedicated November 24th to teachers. There is no holiday on this day.

In Malaysia, May 16th is celebrated as Teacher's Day. The day is a working day.

I just wish to end this, do remember teachers are also human beings composed from the same elements like other human beings and are with same ambitions, enthusiasm, jealousy, desires, dedication, and emotions of love and hate. In this era of physical wants considering them as superman is a kind of injustice with them.