Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rootless Indians

Rootless Indians

Human are intended to born alone and their destiny take them to face the death in the same alone status. This individuality is the unique, most important and specific characteristics of human existence on the earth. There is a fluidity observed since the dawn among these individualities whenever they come in contact or try to interact with each other and often coagulate to form family, community and nation. Importance of history or past lies in its ability of giving birth to future, exist to guide younger generations and fill the social life of human beings with cross lines essential for co existence and mutually shared enjoyment of natural resources.

Every group, community generated from the coagulation of fluidity among the individual human beings has shown diversity in their life style and vision to life. They also intended to hold a different set of rituals, working attitude and liking and disliking towards other such groups or communities. With the time all these life style, vision to life, rituals, functioning in individual and collective capacities have formed the base for the human livings and often termed as heritage. Human beings are with yet another peculiar quality, holding a different view to a certain aspect of life, doesn't work as there separation point from that a particular group till the dispute over the heritage is not in the existence. This heritage works as the roots for the living or existence of human beings on the earth and a community or group of human beings with heritage, sure to die with time like the tree without roots. The life of tree [group/community] is longer and healthier as strong as the roots [Heritages] are, you can't imagine a community without cultural and social heritage.

Coming to India, this specific land hold a specific style of cultural and social heritage which can be compared only with ocean. The mighty water storage constituted from the fusion of various rivers and other flowing water sources. Indian heritage not only allowed other heritages to interact but also permitted them, to keep their own individual existence. This Indian heritage to which we say "Vedic civilization" and western world often call "Aryan civilization" has formed base for a specific way "Hinduism" of social living of human beings. I know the real problem will get starting from here only because a lot of people are not in the mental status of even thinking about Hinduism other than religious reference. Let me allow making clear a few things about a religious stream of human beings.

There is always a single identity [person] whose existence in human body is fact and to whom all look as the pioneer of the religious faith.

There are certain fixed rituals to be followed through out the world without change.

Now look at Hinduism, an Indian living in North India have a specific set of rituals which is quite different from the one followed by Indians from West, east or south of India, but the common factor among them is they all feel proud and wish to be known as Hindus. This alone is sufficient to prove that Hinduism is not just a religious stream. Presence of so many human body existed spiritual leaders is also making Hinduism a social and cultural heritage which is much more than a religious faith.

Changing times, in there effectiveness, are sure to bring change in the surroundings and human life. In the present era of technological advancement more stress is there for the faster ways of transportation and communication. At present Middle East countries, African countries and even to Pakistan bound ships from southern ports have to go there destination by the way of Shri Lanka which was increasing an additional travel of almost 300 nautical miles. It was decided to destroy some of the part of under Sea Bridge between Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka. Hindu heritage says that bridge was constructed by Shri Ram during the Ramayan era so it was natural that a storm was bound to build and the matter was transferred to judiciary.

It is unfortunate that Indian people are made rootless, without any cultural or social heritage by the democratic government, selected by the people to safe guard not only the individual rights but also to keep the rich versatile heritage of Indians, as IAS [Indian Archeological survey] has produced an affidavit in the court stating that there are no historical proofs of existence of Ram or Ramayan. This is nothing but a sheer attempt to make millions and millions Indian rootless without cultural and social heritage. At this time of writing these lines News channels are fleshing the news that Union Law Minister Shri Hansraj Bhardwas has announce that government is going to produce a new affidavit in the matter by withdrawing the previous one.

I will keep on this series on going but at present I wish to conclude this with every Indian must come forward to protest and raise voice against the demolishing of "Ram Setu" or whatever they name this, as this is not a religious matter related to a select class of Indian citizens but is an attempt to make the all the Indians rootless without cultural and social heritage.

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