Monday, September 24, 2007

Desired Loans

Desired Loans

EMI, these three later have become such meaningful in the life of modern human society that it is often said that EMI is more powerful even than the Gini of Alladdin's Lamp, especially when it comes to power of fulfillment of human desires. You just have to express your desire; it may own a duplex house in the top most building of city, buying high definition costly and prestigious electronic goods or car and even a foreign trip and this formula of EMI [equated monthly installment] without vesting a single moment will start working for fulfillment of your desire. Surely this is giving you a life style which in true sense can be "Neighbor's envy owner's pride."

Market is creating desires and in these times of working husband and wife we are finding it convenient to fall pray of these desires. The new economy is not based on the policy of earn, save and enjoy but is following the principle of enjoy, spend and earn to meet the needs of EMI. Here I would like famous Hindi story writer though I am unable to recall the story name in which he had said this " Credit is the guest will not go away easily from your life, if you allow its entrance in your life." The situations in these days have changed a lot, in the present era credit is no more a guest but is a close relative who takes care of your desire at every walk of life.

Market is taking advantage of our weakness of not controlling our desires, keeping within our earning limits and as the natural result for this failure, we often falls pray to web of these desires loans. The new finance kings, the market movers or the credit companies are expanding their reach to every village and city. They know the human weakness at its best hence once you have to commit just a single mistake of calling them or entering their office they will not let you allow to go without a loan, soft touch feminine voice will not leave any page unturned to impress you and telling you how a loan from company is beneficial for you, how will it work for increasing your social status and how this loan is going to give a new meaning to your life by filling with never imagined enjoyments provided you prove your ability.

Credit card companies are moving one step further and will provide you the feeling of being at higher economic status. All of sudden you cell will start ringing and a silky soft feminine voice is inviting you to visit company office with news that you are among few elites who for their better financial records are selected by the company for allotment of credit card without any processing fees and with a good attractive credit limits. You filled with emotions of pride enter into a spacey office, welcoming smiles present here and there and a well mannered conversation will leaves no space for wisdom and you came out with a winning smile and a plastic money bank in your hands after signing all the necessary documents without much thinking.

All is going in smooth and satisfactory way but the trouble starts when just one EMI didn't realized or you fail in depositing your credit card dues just by one day. All of sudden the soft silky voice that was adding pleasure to your telephonic conversation will turned into high pitched threatening sound. You will be forced to pay very high penalty for this failure besides paying a real huge interest at the rate of ranging from 25% to 40%. These finance and credit cards are going and adopting such harsh ways of recovery that a few people have prefer to commit suicide for getting rid of this day to day insult. As these companies are always aiming at their profit only hence RBI [Reserve Bank of India] is forced to interfere into it and issue a guide line for the recovery methods of these new finance kings.

The best way is the implementation of though "Deserve before desire" but if it seems that most of people are looking it as a outdated and useless thought hence it will be advisable to get knowledge of recovery methods adopted, rate of interest, penalties etc. before signing the legal documents of the loan.

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