Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mobile Boom

Mobile Boom

Every era has own status symbols it was time when two wheeler automobiles surrendered this to cars and then came the device of talk with freedom and life started to revolve around the slogan "remain connected any time any where" this is also now preparing to handover its position of being the status symbol to multimedia mobile. In fact the techno savvy atmosphere of modern times is filling the life of youth with the storms of speed and tension and hence it emphasizes the need of entertainment at its peak. This is main reason behind the boom of multimedia mobile. Not only the MNC are using mobiles for their customer penetration but even the small cities like Kolhapur are coming up with the mobile portals like

It was towards the end sixth decade that Indian markets started loaded with the television sets and experts started predicting the life end of radio services, before we go further just look at the radio history in India.

Radio in India
History of radio in India dates back 1920, when first transmit ion of radio club Bombay [Mumbai] was started and followed by another privately own station at Calcutta.
In1930 government took control and named it as Indian transmition services the name was changed to All India Radio [AIR] in the year 1936 and since the 1957 to Aakashwani.
It was 1977 when first FM [frequency module] service was started at Madras [Chennai] and up to 1993 there were only five cities with this facility. At present there are more than 400 FM channels which are covering about 240 large and small cities.

Mobile boom
It is just over a decade for this which has not only changed the fashion styles of youth but besides adding to vocabulary provided facility of sending written message [SMS] had attracted youth at large and before this attractions gets faded the expert and companies came with facility of capturing photos. This has not only given boom to mobile industry but also created many social problems as easiness of clicking photos leads towards the misuse of device. As I mentioned earlier the lives of youth is filled with speed and tensions hence the need and demands of entertainments are at ever high note so the fusion of radio and mobile came in the existence as it was not only easy but also have the capacity of holding the nerves of not only youth but also of the common people who while traveling, doing domestic and office works needs a refreshing moment.

At present we are heading towards the multimedia mobile and the day is not for away that even for the net connectivity will be not be depended of the computers. More and more sites like are going to hit the tiny screen of our handsets and tempting us to use them for knowledge, entertainment and shopping purpose.

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