Monday, September 24, 2007

Once in the blue moon - will India repeat it?

Once in the blue moon - will India repeat it?

Who had thought of it? It is just dream come to true. No one was aiming for the excitement, thrill and play of nerves, when this bonanza of the shortest version of cricket, twenty -20 world cup was went under the getting started in the South Africa early this month on 11th of September.

The first glimpse of golden uncertainty of the game started to get shape of reality with the defeat of ODI, World Champions Australia at the hands of Zimbabwe by 5 wickets on 12th September at Cape Town and of mighty West Indians by the Bangladesh by 5 wickets and 12 balls [2 overs] to spare at Johannesburg.

Indians started the tournament as was expected from them with a 10 runs defeat at the hands of kiwis, it was second outing for Indians but as their first match against the Scotland was washed out by rain hence this was the first appearance of Indian players on the ground. Things were not working in the favor of Indians but Dho…..Dho…..Dhoni , Indian captain was looking forward to apply the things and plans in a different style and Indians hopes were back to life with the most excited and thrilled moments of tournament "The Bowl out" India emerged as winner by 3-0 and kept their record of not being beaten by Pakistan in any of World Cup match. The next match was war of existence and a record 12 ball half century and six sixes in single over by Yuvraj Sing proved sufficient to show the exit gates to English team. Now it was turn of home team to feel the edge of killing axe of Indians on the 20th September at Durban and Indians not defeated them but also by winning by 37 runs have stopped their further progress in the tournament this also helped to make the myth stronger that luck never favors South Africa on the decisive moments in any bigger tournament.

Indians were to face World Champions Australia in the Semis, by the start of match Pakistan has defeated Kiwis and was waiting to know the opposition for the grand finale at wonders. India with winning sprit was in good position to take revenge to defeat in the Final of last ODI world cup held in the same country as Australians were playing without their regular captain and star batsman Ricky Pointing and the teams has already defeated by Zimbabwe and Pakistan in this tournament only even in the presence of Pointing.

Indians are playing this tournament under the young and inexperienced captaincy of M.S. Dhoni, who seems to live with and believe in the realization of marvelous line "Wars are fought and won in the minds and not the grounds". His attitude, temperament and motivation powers are lying in the words which he spoke Jogindar Sharma while tossing up the ball for the final over of the match "Don't get panic, Australian will be going under sever nervous pressure than you, as they have to score 22 runs from your these six balls."

The arch rivals are going in for the war of supremacy on Monday 24th September and will put everything from their armory for winning this. The ever first clash to two Nations, where cricket is not just a game, it is a life style, passion and religion, is going to prove the true thrill and excitement and a real once in blue moon clash for the cricketers all over the world. This is not going to be a game of bat and ball surely it going to be war of nerves, ability to handle pressure, and above all emotions of working beyond ones capacities for the pride of Nation. Surely Indians are holding upper hand as they have reached this by defeating top teams, like England, South Africa and World Champions Australia and that to with gradually increasing enthusiasm and killing instinct and will be feeling comparatively less pressure as in the absence of three star batsman Sachin, Sourav and Rahul, it was not expected from young team even reaching to semis. Young Indians are aware that when they will go into wonders ground, they will have nothing to loose, it will be gain all the way and inspiring and motivating leadership of Dhoni is boosting their morals to win the ultimate pride of the game. They also know that their opponent Pakistani players are going under the tremendous pressure of the situations, Pakistan till date never succeeded winning a world cup match against India. Three top Pakistani bowlers failed in "Bowl out" where as even part time Indian bowlers succeeded to hit the stamps every time. Pakistani players know that loosing here will bring this in lime light and will back troublesome to their back home journey. All this is adding and working for an Indian victory in ever first Twenty-20 World cup. If you ask me I will go for 70-30 in favor of India , but as the cricket is the glorious game of uncertain glories, It is always unwise and dangerous to predict any thing before the last ball is bowled, but that is even not sufficient, we all know what happened after the last ball of the match between these two arch rivals in this world cup. Any way this is neither a hope nor a prediction but a faith India is capable of repeating and will repeat win over Pakistan.

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