Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hindutva and Tolerance

Let me start the topic with two very simple looking questions. What is Hindutva or Hinduism? What is Tolerance? If I have been asked to describe the story of recent box office hit Hindi movie “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” in one single word, my answer will be tolerance. You might say that it was non violence of Gandhi ji which forced British rulers to make India free but dear if you look in the life of Mahatma Gandhi you surely will conclude that it was not the non violence but was the tolerance which was centre of life of this great leader from the India. Starting with the incident of cab driver in England to the partition of the country, life of Gandhi Ji was revolving round this word tolerance.

What do we mean by this word tolerance? Oxford dictionary say “willingness or ability to tolerate”. The general concept about the world is the “sustaining against the prolonged strain” but if we see the meaning more purposefully, we can be drawn “Ignoring person or situation and preventing self, willingly from taking any action, being capable of which” is the tolerance. We the Hindus are the most ancient user of tolerance a Sanskrit phrase “Sarva Dharama Sambhav” is an ideal expression not only for the co-existence but also for the tolerance, because co-existence is almost impossible with being the masters of practicing tolerance.

Now what is Hindutva? Where did this world Hidutva originate? We all know that World’s oldest knowledge books Vedas were written in Himalaya. In all probabilities word Hindu seems to be related with this oldest civilization of the creators of Vedas. Hindutva is union of two words Hindu and Tatva [Element]. Hindutva is the one who is with the element of Hindu, thus we can say that like the Islam and Christianity Hindutva is not a religion because like former two neither there are certain religious rules, Organisation nor is founded by a single person. Hindutva was and is the life style of those who are the parts of ancient human civilization, for whom Vedas are the base of knowledge and tolerance is the key of social life. History also supports that Hindus are practicing tolerance from very ancient time just recall killing of King Shishupal during the Rajyasu Yagya performed by King Yudhistra at Inderprasth. When Bhisham Pitamah was invited by Lord Krishna as the person, worshiped first at Yagya, Shishupal become angry and started series of ill and abuse words not only for Pitamah, Pandvas but also for Shrikrishan, all the gathering knowing the powers of Lord Krishna were looking towards him, who was silently making lines on floor with his foot thumb, As the Shishupal said abuse words about the queen Dropadi, Shrikrishna stood up and addressed the gathering “This was my tolerance, as I have promised to my aunt and mother of Shishupal, that I will tolerate hundred sins of Shishupal and the lost abuse word was the 101 hence I am warning Shishupal.” Shishupal can’t understand that and kept on with the abuse words which forced Lord Krishna to cut Shishupal’s head with Sudarshan Chakara.

Effects of Tolerance

Tolerance equipped us with the ability of adaptation. How the Hindus are masters of practicing tolerance this also can be illustrated by the huge variety of customs and traditions among the Hindus. In a time of month or so we will celebrate New Year Eve, does this celebration have Indian roots? Certainly not this is an adaptation of culture from European customs and traditions under the influence of British rule, the same can be said about the Valentine Day and growing club and pub culture.

It is fact that, it was our tolerance that allowed Mughal dynasty and British’s to rule this country for several hundreds of years; some people even say that it was uterus of tolerance of our political leaders from which Pakistan got birth. I am not sure about it but sure of the fact that it is tolerance of we Indians that even after so many wars still we are interested in peace talks with Pakistan.

We Hindus, though practicing tolerance from quite long time but surely we lost it momentary and that has resulted in the formation of various religious streams among the Hindus just as of Buddhism, Jainism and so on. Similarly as in Hindus God has taken many Avtars and followers of these avtars of God are becoming separate religious identity again due to momentary loss of tolerance.

Make Tolerance Your Strength

Tolerance, ability to adopt, Tolerance, the power of ignoring, Tolerance, the exhibition of self control, tolerance, the inheritance quality of Hindus, be sure to make it a strong point of character and life .Remember it is only tolerance that has kept us and will keep us tied with each other and in spite of real huge variation in religious faiths and sets of worship styles,is allowing us to be called as Indians. It is also most essential that we should ably project our tolerance in such a way no one in the world dare to think of taking disadvantage of our this unique quality tolerance.

Tolerance can be said as an attitude also and like other attitudes, we have to learn the art of developing it. Fortunately in our community ,to considerable levels still combine family system is in the existence and this is the perfect ground for leaning the art of developing an attitude of tolerance. Remember forgiveness is the hardest act to perform and tolerance is the success key for it.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Martyrdom Day of Nineth Sikh Guru Dhan Sri Guru Teg Bahadur

Today is the martyrdom day of Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji. On this day Guruji scarified their life for awaking the whole Hindu community against the brutle actions of Muslim King Aurangzeb and his decision of spreading Islam under the shelter sword. The day can also be known as the foundation stone for the formation of Sikh religion as brutally killing of father has opted tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji with the establishment of Sikh Panth. According to the Guru words “ Chidya Naal Baj Ladoon taan Guru Gobin Naam Rakhaun” [ if I am wrong my sikh friends are requested to correct me] I am Guru Gobind Singh only if I make my sparrows capable of fighting with hawks. Today is the 331st anniversary of the day.

Those were the days; When King Aurnagzeb was in full swing of spreading Islam in India. He warned Kashmiri Pandits either to accept Islam or be ready for the painful, untimely death. Kashmiri Pandits looked in the mater seriously and concluded that only Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur is capable of rescuing them from their possible humiliation at the hands of King Aurangzeb and will protect them from accepting Islam. Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib asks Kashmiri Pandit to agree conditionally with King Aurangzeb. The condition was that if King made Guru Ji to accept Islam by any means than all will accept it otherwise king will not ask them for it again. King Aurangzeb found this proposal more attractive as he thought that not only Kashmiri Pandits but all the followers of Sikh Gurus will accept Islam if he succeed, so he ordered for the prisonment of Guru. In the prison he made arrangements for high physical and mental punishments for the Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib, in a discussion with son Gobind Singh Ji, before going for prison, has said “Listen son! Time has come when some body has to scarify life to awake all Hindus”. All the physical and metal tortures were proved insufficient for making Guru Sahib agreed to accept Islam. King Aurangzeb was not ready to face the defeat so he ordered death sentence for Guru Sahib and on this day Guru ji were brutally killed at Chandani chowk Delhi. In the memory of this incident Gurudwara at place is named as the Shish Ganj Gurudwara. Public in general was remain away from the funerals of Guru Sahib with fear of being identified by the soldiers of Aurangzeb.

After the death of Father, Gobind Singh Ji was sworn in as the Tenth Guru. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib were determined to produce a generation that don’t cares about self life and dare to face and fight the injustice so Guru Sahib established “Khalsa Panth” with the statement “I am giving some identification marks for these so my these disciples will be identified even a single is present in the crowd of thousand peoples.” Today these people are called as Sikh or most commonly Sardar Ji.
Step out from the world of misunderstanding

I wish to utilize this opportunity to clarify a hard truth about this brave and God fearing Sikh community. In our country Sardar Ji Ke Barah Baj Gaye is taken as the topic of humor. I am going to share with you the true story behind it. [Send to me by one of my e-friend Indu…].

In the year 1739 when Sultan Nadar Shah was on his way back with the huge Indian wealth and about 2200 Hindu women. Sardar Jassa Singh, the commander of newly formed Sikh Army of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, attacked on the convoy of sultan and rescued all the women, all this happened at mid night round the 12’o clock. After that it happened several times that any convoy going out of India with Hindu women were attacked at midnight by the soldiers of Sikh army and a kind of fear started among these robbers for the 12’o clock. The fear of attack by Sikh Army was become so deeply rooted in the minds of Mugal Soldiers that many of them started shouting in sleep “Be careful! Sardar ji ke Barah Baj Gaye” and become reason of humor for fellow soldiers on next morning.

Dear this is the reality of Sardar Ji Ke Barah Baj Gaye. It is very unfortunate that unknowingly we become part of tradition in which the above sentence is used as the humorous comment for a brave and God loving community. If you feel that you had done the same mistake, which thousands others are doing just pray your God for forgiving you and tell the real story to others.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

World of Advertisers

Things, rules and thought process of our futuristic universe are going under the continuous stress of change. The markets are being loaded with a variety of new ranges of useful and useless products on the daily basis and setting its new norms, trends with the alteration in the fundamental concepts. In the present era bribe is termed as the expenses accrued from the educating the authorities.

The concepts of consumer is king and customer is always right are become part of forgotten history. Many of businessmen of present are not even aware of these policies. The new and successful trend of the market is the “This is the world of advertisers”, as long as you are able to advertise aggressively your product, success run is with you. The market is showing illustration for the Hindi phrase “Jo Dikhata Hai, Wo Bikata Hai “[Whatever is visible is sellable].

In the recent times we are forcedly become witness of breaking of direct proportion of product quality and sale. A few things other than the quality have started playing the most vital role in the process of sale boost of a particular product / Service. Some of these are:-

*** How aggressive you are advertising your product / service.
*** Who are going to endorse your product / service.
*** What is the time of advertising your product / service.
*** Does your advertisement is loaded with sufficient catchy stuffs dot the young ones and ladies.
*** What illusive additional advantages you are able to project in the buyer’s mind regarding your product/service.
*** How you are projecting superiority of your product/service over the other of its range available in the market.
*** What is the extant of hiding demerits of your product/service.
*** Finally the level of requirement/ essentiality that you are going to generate in the minds of buyers about your product/service.

All the above listing looks like the ingredients for the recipe of a successful advertisement campaign hence we afford to say that present market world is not ruled by the buyers but the advertisers are the kings of the market. Just have a look what is happening in the most prospective field of future’s most promising business horizon google is taking over it step by step
To Find google search
To e-mail gmail
Friends’ communication orkut/ google groups
Voice Chat google talk
To express thoughts blogspot
New technology products google lab
Essential soft wares pack
Multi lingual tasks google translation
Individual web presence google pages

So dear friends, be aware the time is changing fast and the kingly status of buyer is on the way of abolishment and dawn of World of Advertisers not the market is eager to enter in our life.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006


When you are going to visit your sick friend you might take with you as many gifts as you wish, but what satisfaction and relief your slight SMILE will provide to your friend, all your costly gifts and flowery bouquet are not be able to provide that. So dear friends smile and you will find that each and every particle of universe is well-coming you with a SMILE.
After spending a lot of time in the heaven Maharishi Durvasa who was famous for his anger , One day met with Brahma, After observing Maharishi's worried face Brahma asked "" Maharishi each and every comfort is available here then what is keeping you so uneasy that even your face is not reflecting the natural and normal charm of heaven ? ""
“O! Brahma! I was thinking about my grandsons and their grandsons, who are living on earth and in heredity have the same anger which I used to have." replied Durvasa.
"Don't bother about them” Brahma said " Most of them have learned to Smile and are no more slave of anger." This hypothetical dialogue of Brahma and Durvasa is able to clarify the importance of SMILE for our life."
A Smile with a roar is called laugh and according to opinion of most of psychoanalysts the best way of getting rid of agony, worry and unrest is a laugh. When you are spreading SMILE with a roar what else you might get or not but surely you will add a few healthy moments to your life.
Smile is an art also if you can use it properly not only you will be able to add numerous good friends to your friend circle but also will be able to bring closer to your heart to your existing friends.
Smile is the medicine, multipurpose in nature; it helps to destroy all the unrest, agony and frustration. Similar to two sides of coin smile is also capable of producing both [usual] divine and [rare] evil effects. It was mischievous smile of Queen Dropadi, which worked as fuel for the fire of jealousy of Duryodhan, At the Inderaprasth Palace after the Ashavmegh Yagya and forces him to cheat and defeat Yudhashtra in the gamble so that he can compensate his insult done by the smile of Dropadi.
How the smile is capable of bringing even the God in the life, to illustrate it I would like to quote a story heard by us from our mother. There was a widow living in a small village with her only six year old son. One day she told a story to her son about the mercy of the God. The son decided to leave the house and go for the meeting with God. Mother tried her level best but boy remain unmoved from his decision, So she told “O.K. Son tomorrow morning you can go but promise me that if you are unable to find God within two days, you will return home.” As boy was loving mother too much so he promise for that. Next day early in the morning when the boy was ready to leave mother handed over him some food to eat when he feel hungry. The boy went away and the mother started praying God for the safety of the kid. She was surprised to see the son back at home before the night start growing. The face of boy was the clear indication of his success. The boy narrated that it was about the mid day, in the deep forest when he decided to have meal and went to shadow of a tree on the river bank, he saw an old man sleeping there and was awaken by the moments of the boy there. “Is that old man told you, that he is God?” mother asked him.
“No mother! He seems to be deaf and dump.” Boy replied, “We have taken meal together. Together we feed some food to fishes in the river and enjoyed the swimming and dancing moments. At the time of sunset the old man went away without talking a single word with me, but his smile was assuring me that he was none else but the God.”
Now the question of million dollars “When to Smile?" surely this short question belongs to rare type of question whose perfect and universally accepted answer is almost impossible , but certainly there are few situations which we have to keep in our mind ,so our smile will not produce " devil's effect" instead of its usual " Devine effect."
According to tiny knowledge and experience of mine a few such situations are: -
* Don't smile\laugh at a friend who is in trouble, even you warn him repeatedly and he acted against your advice to fall pray of trouble.
* Avoid laughing \ smiling at humanitarian weakness and mistakes committed by others, because usually a common man is deprived of the strong courage needed to acknowledge owns weakness and faults.
* Don't make a joke on others personal life to bring smile on your & others lips. Always remember that, the part of life on which you are making joke, is a prohibited area for the trespassers & hence is called personal life.
This is such an endless list which can be continuously revised & expanded according to our own knowledge and experience. The only thing which we have to keep in our mind is, this God gifted Smile must be utilize only to heal the humanity and not for making a wound to one's vanity.
Expansion of the lips is not called the smile
One that gives relief to the patients
One which gives feeling of HOPE even in the distress
to that light of life we call smile.
Awake friends! Awake! Keep smiling and try to bring smile on the lips and in the heart of each and every which comes in your contact so that not only yours life but also of all of us may become richer with this lively fluid Smile.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Diabetes: Next Epidemic Heath Hazard

Diabetes, a disease cause due to imbalance of hormones in the human bodies, amount of hormone insulin, which regulates the quantity of sugar in body, is the medical cause of this silent but deadly disease. You might be surprise to read that at interval of every 6 minutes a patient of diabetes is dying in this world. I am not a student of medical science but today being World Diabetes Day I wish to share my knowledge with you.

As this disease is related with food and life style, hence, is not restricted to any particular area, but become cosmopolitan. Our country India is among the top ten most affected countries of world. According to recent reports of World Health Organization, Junk food, obesity and rapidly changing life styles are working as the breeding grounds for the easy pray for this disease. As per the reports this is responsible for the untimely death of more the 32 lakhs people yearly through out the world. A huge number of 17 carors 10 lakh of world population was under the influence of this disease in the year 2000 and if it allowed to grow at present rate this number will go high to 36 carors and 60 lakhs by the year 2030. If we are unable to read the danger surely we are going to face this epidemic health hazard in very short future.

WHO reports say that countries like India, China, America, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Italy and Bangaladesh are among the high prone area to disease. The worst thing is that a considerable large child population is also among the affected people. As per the Professor Anup Mishra excessive intake of junk food, decrease in the nutritious food and change in the life style are the root caused leading to the development of this disease and as the people are not taking this very seriously hence the number is increasing the algebraic style. Usually people don’t check their body sugar levels at regular interval and even some cases people don’t bother to have medicines at proper time, as this disease is not affecting the day to day life work so adversely, this might be the reason of over looking it.

Dear Friends think before the situations goes behind our control, you can save your self and this world from this deadly disease just by
1] Avoid intake of Junk food as possible as to its minimum.
2] Keep a space for exercise in your daily life at least find time for a walk because as per our Nation father Mahatma Gandhi walking is the queen of all exercises.
3] Have a fix schedule of food intake and follow it strictly.
4] Keep record of your health check.
5] If your are suffering from this, don’t avoid to ignore advise of your doctor.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Giving is the quality which not only brought fame for us but also make us a bit closer to God, because this the God who from our birth to death is giving and giving to us. It is said that being kind is humanity where is being generous is just as of acquiring divine qualities. The most famous way of giving in the human society is Donation though in the present times the definition and meaning of the word had traveled a lot and changed some of modern definitions of the term are
· Amount willingly or unwillingly given for the admission of children in a particular educational institution
· Money that you offer for motivating the finish of your pending work at government and other offices.
· Even now a day’s politician will not talk about deal commission but will persist for a donation to party fund.
The real unchanged and constant meaning of the word donation to me is A help not necessarily in the terms of money only, to the needy, underprivileged and suffering is the donation, it may be even the kind and sympathic treatment given.

Who are entitled for the donation?
Societies and institution engaged in the up lift, betterment and welfare of underprivileged people irrespective of caste creed and nationality.
All the individuals or the organization working for the social awareness.
Similarly those who are working for the removal of the evils of the society and superstitions are also entitled for the donations.
Orphan houses, elderly homes and charitable trust are also belonging to the entitled class.
Individuals, Groups and Institutions working for the social health awareness and guidance about the deadly diseases like AIDS.
You can add a lot to this. Surely I will not agree with the addition of any religious institution because for me, what we are giving to any religious institution is not a donation but is our own way of saying thanks to God.

What best we can donate [Here Donation = Giving]
· To our Children / Younger generations: An example of good social living by our life style, the most importance is the development of the attitude for the respect social customs and traditions.
· To our Friends: Good sympathy rich treatment at every walk of life. I remember a short story – A young boy went to father and expresses his will of opening a shop at the central place of the city, father was with moderate economic status so he replied with words “It is good thing, but I can give only 50,000 bucks to you and that will be sufficient only for the rental and furniture of the shop ,what will be about the goods that you wish to sale in this shop?” but father was surprised to know that boy was already with shop and furniture as his fifty friends by donating 1,000 each have managed this for him.
· To Our Society A good and co operative treatment at every social function.
· To Our Nation Our willingness to live and die for. A behavior filled with obeying the laws of land. If we can develop the attitude shown by Japanese after Second World War India will surely leave mile and miles behind to all other countries.
· To Our Parents A moment of pleasure & pride by our own success or achievement.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Anger the emotion of High Energy

A man becomes immortal, beyond the specific time period only on the basis of touching the extremist corner of one or more emotions. History is full of witness for this, Laila – Majnoon , Shiri – Fariyad, Romeo – Juliet are the few names Which are famous for holding the love emotion, Mercy of Mother Teresa has fetched her world wide popularity, Principles of Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi based on the emotions of peace harmony and non violence are still followed by mosses. Tandav Dance in the emotion of anger has given new name, the terminator, to Lord Shiva.

The most destructive fire available on the earth is neither the fire petrol nor the fire of L.P.G. gas, but the most dangerous fire lies hidden within ourselves and it is the fire of Anger, Which goes on demolishing each and everything that come across to its way. In fact anger holds its own chain reactions also for example from boss to assistant, assistant to wife, wife to maid servant and so on, the fire of anger keeps on spreading.

Effects of Anger

Anger is not only causes to break our relations of several years but as a result make us lonely in the world and our life without the fragrance of love. The fire of anger first sets our mind or think tank to start burning and then kept on its nature of spreading.

Physiologically anger effects our body very adversely, a common saying in India state that a few minutes of anger are sufficient to bring fatigue equal to be caused by several hours of physical labor. In fact anger leads to increase adrenaline and other stress hormones and this can be seen in the form of red face, higher toned voice, faster breathing, tightened muscles of arms and legs. Researches had proved that persons, who are easy prone of anger, get heart attack more easily.

Short temper ness and lack of self control has always proved the china wall for ones entrance in the spiritual world. It was none else but the anger, which taken away the thinking abilities of most knowledgeable person King Ravana and force him to kidnapped Seeta. If the Dropadi had not losed her control most probably world can escaped from the war of Mahabharat. As she knew it was her magical palace but when she saw Duryodhan colliding with one of non visible pillar and in the water, she loosed her control and shouted with a laugh “Blind sons of blind father.”

Root cause of Anger

Do we wish to remain slave of this most destructive fire anger? Or we wish to become mater of it to keep our life loaded to its full capacity of love and understating? If we wish to be master than we have to find out the root causes of the anger so as to eliminate them and instead of slave we can have the life of masters. According to tiny knowledge of mine “Anger get birth from the uterus of famine of understanding, grows with the watering of ego and manure of self control.”

How to over come

No body in world can deny the difficulties at one has to face to develop understanding heart and mind, get rid off ones ego and learn the art of self control, as all these are matter of practice extended to several years but surely there are few steps which are helpful for us to over come this destructive fire of anger.
· Self realization: If you make it habit of considering self before talking surely in most of situations you will be able to avoid the anger.
· A will is always tend to find ways develop a will to control anger.
· Anger at most of times doesn’t work as the instrument of implementation realizes the uselessness of the anger.
· To avoid the occasion it is advisable to leave the place if possible, even if the conversation is in its middle.
· Whenever you feel anger approaching keep your mouth shut.
· Have a glass or two of cold water or count up to ten [even up to hundred] before speaking.
· It is fact opposite natures are intended to neutralize each other as the chemistry students are knowing acids and bases when kept in same container useful product water is formed so to overcome the anger develop sense of humor.

Monday, November 06, 2006


"Oh! you can't understand this! this is not your time! this is our life funda!" this one sentence you sure to hear from Indian teenager of present era, when some one elder, ask about the behavior of them, some of youth go even further by adding " Remember there is a generation gap between you and us."
Now the series of questions start taking place. What is generation gap? How this gap is created? Are we never be in the position of filling this gap? Are the two adjoining generations of human beings will remain cursed to live for ever with this meaning less word? and so on.
In my own view human generations are flowing in the stream of time and all the past present or the futures generations are tied up with each, science has also proved by discovering genes and heredity. Now how is possible that the things tide together and in the same flow, have a such huge gap between them that one look completely different from other and separate presence of that can be observed ? Surely it is not possible and it means there is no gap between the generations, Whatever we are observing in our day to day life is not more than an optical illusion. But surely there is something which is creating a difference, a kind of separating line between the present and upcoming generation of human beings. Since the start of existence on earth human has a natural tendency of getting bored even from the top most interesting and comfortable aspect of the life, that's why love is always in the search of new ways of expressions. The curious nature of human doesn't allow him to remain quite and keep him on continuous search of new ways and style of doing the same work. If you wish, you can call generation gap, to these efforts of locating new work style.
What happens, when we see present youth adopting an approach [even for the creations and maintenance of social relations] unknown and non familiar to us, we often look-over it with a comment " Today's youth is beyond control and not ready to understand". In fact our this attitude is giving birth to irresponsible behavior of the youth and this is so called generation gap. What must be done by us in such situations, is to find out time for them. After all they are our future and hence are the most valuable assets. Can you see misuse of your assets? surely not. than try to understand what change youth wish to have in their life, be there with them to guide and help. Leaving alone them is just as of dropping a non swimmer into deep sea, it is possible that dropped person may come out as the perfect swimmer but the most chances are of loosing him for ever. My tiny knowledge suggest that if we don't wish to hear this non realistic and meaning less word generation gap than we must adopt
The human life and natural laws are constant and unchanged but the human made things are changing with the time and life style hence it become of no use to compare present youth with the youth we were.
Changing technologies are sure to affect our life style. How many of us, who are at and across the fifty, have heard or handled a laptop or a mobile during their adolescence stage of life? Demands of this changed life style will surely be different and if we are not aware of, these demands will remain unknown to us and making us deprived of helping & guiding our present youth with our experiences.
Present youth has to keep it mind that present generation was also part of youth brigade some time back, there is nothing new which was not done by their elders the only difference is of the style and equipments. We were used of writing letters and the present youth is using SMS, Scrap and e-mail etc for the same purpose.
It is responsibility of present youth to make aware and familiar the present generation with that latest technology, only than the youth will be in position of taking the advantage of experiences of present generation. It is sheer nonsense that we learn to remain away from fire only after our own hands are burnt in the fire.
My dear friends, you are of my generation or of the younger generation try to implement this simple thing in our life, make your father/mother your best friend, as my father was or my son is [initially this will look impossible and hard to work out but this is just as of schooling all the lower classes than of ones seems ease]. I assure you but more perfectly you, your self will feel that your life is become more cheerful, more enjoyable and more worth for living. Just develop sense of understanding, Surely the word generation gap will become a forgotten past for you. In Hindi it is said " Jab Jago Tabhi Savera" [ It is morning when you awake].

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bunch of Proven Talent: Failed again

Second defeat in raw has proved that we Indians ever can’t be in the position of understanding and following the American concept of Between the jobs, which the Australian coach Chapel is trying to implement with the Indian cricket team. We Indians have never faith in hire and fire system.

In Australia or any of European country this concept of do the available job and keep the search on for the better one can be worked out successfully but as the traditionally we Indians are believers of rebirth hence stability holds more importance in our life. We can’t work to our capacities in a suspicious atmosphere, doubts are always proven hurdles for our success, here just saying that we are thinking of considering some one else for your place is more than sufficient for a performance below the capacities. In Asia and particularly in our part of land success story doesn’t moves with the same path and equipments as our life style, our thought process and even our decision making system is different from the rest of the world.

In the Maharashtra, part of India, from where I am, there is tradition of marriage only after a permanent job/ business. This again suggests the importance of stability and security in our life. What Chapel and Cricket board did, is by taking a strong anti Ganguli policy, has send a message of un stability and being non secure to all the players of Indian cricket team and result is that a team with proven talent failed to qualify for the semifinals.

There is no need to go for more stress for physical training. We Indians have proved it at many occasions that we are mentally strong enough to overcome our physical shortcomings. I recall story of Major Shaitansingh, who alone held the post against china in 1962 war. All the coach and board have to work a policy that gives confidence to players of being stable and secure. If that happens, Indian team is equipped with the talent and capacities that our captain will be in the position of holding the world cup 2007 in the West Indies.