Wednesday, November 22, 2006

World of Advertisers

Things, rules and thought process of our futuristic universe are going under the continuous stress of change. The markets are being loaded with a variety of new ranges of useful and useless products on the daily basis and setting its new norms, trends with the alteration in the fundamental concepts. In the present era bribe is termed as the expenses accrued from the educating the authorities.

The concepts of consumer is king and customer is always right are become part of forgotten history. Many of businessmen of present are not even aware of these policies. The new and successful trend of the market is the “This is the world of advertisers”, as long as you are able to advertise aggressively your product, success run is with you. The market is showing illustration for the Hindi phrase “Jo Dikhata Hai, Wo Bikata Hai “[Whatever is visible is sellable].

In the recent times we are forcedly become witness of breaking of direct proportion of product quality and sale. A few things other than the quality have started playing the most vital role in the process of sale boost of a particular product / Service. Some of these are:-

*** How aggressive you are advertising your product / service.
*** Who are going to endorse your product / service.
*** What is the time of advertising your product / service.
*** Does your advertisement is loaded with sufficient catchy stuffs dot the young ones and ladies.
*** What illusive additional advantages you are able to project in the buyer’s mind regarding your product/service.
*** How you are projecting superiority of your product/service over the other of its range available in the market.
*** What is the extant of hiding demerits of your product/service.
*** Finally the level of requirement/ essentiality that you are going to generate in the minds of buyers about your product/service.

All the above listing looks like the ingredients for the recipe of a successful advertisement campaign hence we afford to say that present market world is not ruled by the buyers but the advertisers are the kings of the market. Just have a look what is happening in the most prospective field of future’s most promising business horizon google is taking over it step by step
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So dear friends, be aware the time is changing fast and the kingly status of buyer is on the way of abolishment and dawn of World of Advertisers not the market is eager to enter in our life.

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