Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Diabetes: Next Epidemic Heath Hazard

Diabetes, a disease cause due to imbalance of hormones in the human bodies, amount of hormone insulin, which regulates the quantity of sugar in body, is the medical cause of this silent but deadly disease. You might be surprise to read that at interval of every 6 minutes a patient of diabetes is dying in this world. I am not a student of medical science but today being World Diabetes Day I wish to share my knowledge with you.

As this disease is related with food and life style, hence, is not restricted to any particular area, but become cosmopolitan. Our country India is among the top ten most affected countries of world. According to recent reports of World Health Organization, Junk food, obesity and rapidly changing life styles are working as the breeding grounds for the easy pray for this disease. As per the reports this is responsible for the untimely death of more the 32 lakhs people yearly through out the world. A huge number of 17 carors 10 lakh of world population was under the influence of this disease in the year 2000 and if it allowed to grow at present rate this number will go high to 36 carors and 60 lakhs by the year 2030. If we are unable to read the danger surely we are going to face this epidemic health hazard in very short future.

WHO reports say that countries like India, China, America, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Italy and Bangaladesh are among the high prone area to disease. The worst thing is that a considerable large child population is also among the affected people. As per the Professor Anup Mishra excessive intake of junk food, decrease in the nutritious food and change in the life style are the root caused leading to the development of this disease and as the people are not taking this very seriously hence the number is increasing the algebraic style. Usually people don’t check their body sugar levels at regular interval and even some cases people don’t bother to have medicines at proper time, as this disease is not affecting the day to day life work so adversely, this might be the reason of over looking it.

Dear Friends think before the situations goes behind our control, you can save your self and this world from this deadly disease just by
1] Avoid intake of Junk food as possible as to its minimum.
2] Keep a space for exercise in your daily life at least find time for a walk because as per our Nation father Mahatma Gandhi walking is the queen of all exercises.
3] Have a fix schedule of food intake and follow it strictly.
4] Keep record of your health check.
5] If your are suffering from this, don’t avoid to ignore advise of your doctor.

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