Monday, April 07, 2008

The Sindhu World

The Sindhu World
Virtual home Land of Sindhis

First of all, a happy prosperous and memorable, “Gudi Padava” and Chet chand- Sindhi new year to all.

Friends let me allow introducing a web site , though the site is primarily concerned with world wide scattered sindhi community but still it holds a good value and importance for others also just because here on web pages of this website you will find a detailed information about the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the living Guru of Sikhs, 108 Names with meaning of Lord Ganesha and Mata Rani, you can also have information on the Ashtavinayak Tour in Maharashtra, A separate web page is dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba. You can also have a different taste of food as a few Sindhi recipes can also be founded on these web pages. is composed of almost 150 web pages with about 50 biographies of Saints, Political leaders, sports persons, professionals. The contents of the site are divided in to three major sections, information on Sidhyat, Biographies and various religious faiths. The most significant feature of the site is that at every page link to these major sections is given hence for the visitor it is time saving as navigation within the site become more user friendly. Yet another interesting thing is that there is no site map for the site and this might force you to think about the difficulty of visitor but if we look at the special web page “Direct Links” which contains links almost for every page of the site, surely we will forget about the site map.

Friends my this site is now almost 2 year old and I thought to utilize the auspicious occasion of Cheti chand sindhi for renovating, adding new content and giving a better user friendly look to the site and since last 5 – 6 days working round the clock for it, surely you will realize how might it was hectic job of renovating a such a content rich and informative site in this short period. This is only the blessing of Adi Guru Guru Nanak Dev Ji that I have finished the job and succeeded in uploading the renovated version of the site.

I am inviting you all to visit primarily for knowing your expert views about the site, feel free to be in best of your critic mood, you can also write me at or and now after finishing this hectic job I am in the mood of relaxation and going for an outing in the vicinity of roaring see and lap of nature. In all probabilities I will be back by Sunday till that Satnam Waheguru to all. Enjoy visiting and please don’t forget to update me with your views about the site.