Thursday, November 29, 2007

Under the covers of victory

Under the covers of victory
[Indo Pak First Cricket Test]

What is best way to keep the drawbacks covered, surely it is success or victory because success is kid of thousand fathers and hence there is always ample support available on the victory roads unlike the failure or defeat where you has to face stiff criticism at all alone.

Indian cricket team is on the victory roads against Pakistan in on going series after winning the ODI, the “K” factor proved obstacle for the touring team and they lost the first test match at Delhi. Surely the interim time, before the start of the second test match at Calcutta will keep busy the think tank of Pakistani team in planning their plan of action to avoid the same result at Eden Garden, and indications are very clear from the statement of captain “ Our batsmen has to score at least 400 runs” .

I am not bothering about the planning of opposition because instead of worrying about it, I will prefer to keep self well prepare and with least weak points. I am strong supporter of the views you can win only on your strongest points and by taking the war into the fields of enemy. What the Delhi test has kept under the cover is the failure of our famous bating line, I am not thinking that Pakistan has also failed to score sufficient runs but the bating performance of Indians is surely an alarming call. If we look at Indian cricket team, bating is the strongest side of the team in the past decade or so and surely at Delhi it was not at the standards.

Losing 5 wickets for 90 odd runs in the first inning is not the reflection of bating strength we have, it was experience of Laxman and timely knock of Dhoni that India succeeded in first inning lead but how long we can trust bowlers to score runs also. Opening slot is the first problem, for a good building foundation is most essential and we are fortunate to have world’s most successful pair of opening batsmen in the for of Sachin and Sourav, though age is not favoring them but at least for next 1-2 both will be part of Indian team our failure lies here that instead of utilizing their experience we are trying to find altogether a new pair of players for the opening slot. The ideal situation will be pair one of the younger player like Gautam Gambhir, on the alternative bases, to open with either Sachin or sourav it will not only help the young one to get benefited from experience but will also help to accommodate Yuvraj or Uthappa in the middle order.

If I had been asked I will suggest the following team for the Kolkatta test.
Gautam Ganbhir / Wasim Jaffar [any one]
Sourav Ganguli
Yuvraj / Uthapa [any one]
Rahul / Laxman / Rohit Sharma [any two]
Zahir / Munaff - Harbhajan / Murali Kartik [Any two]

My playing eleven will be
1] Gautam Gambhir
2] Sourav Ganguli
3] Rahul Dravid
4] Sachin Tendulkar
5] Yuvraj
6] Laxman
7] Dhoni
8] Irfan
9] Kumbale
10] Zahir
11] I will leave this for the choice of captain from the remaining three bowlers. Though considering KolKotta environment I might have opted for the speedster because there are Sachin and Yuvraj in the team to assist Kumble in the spin attack but Sourav’s performance as bowler in Delhi test is prompting me to leave this spot for the captain’s choice.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Human inner world is the deepest and the longest ocean of course of the emotions. Rivalry is one among the emotions which dominate and provide directions to human life and acts. It is often said death of the enemy is the death end of rivalry also, even in the world oldest language Sanskrit also go like “Maranatani Vairani” means all the rivalry ends with death. Literary it sound quite perfect but practically we know this is the wrong presentation of the reality as we know rivalry goes from generation to generation which means death is not the end point of it.
In fact rivalry lies within our self hence it doesn’t end with the death of our enemy but prompt us to find more new enemies to keep the out flow of rivalry. There is only one way to kill the rivalry, to kill it at its generating source that is our inner world. Until our conscious or unconscious mind is under the influence of this emotion we can say rivalry is no more. In fact rivalry is like the anger and is more harmful for our own self instead of our enemy like the anger. I recall a book of Dada Vaswani “Burn Anger before it burns you” and wish to say the same for the rivalry. Keep the rivalry away from your inner world for the sack of peaceful life for the self.
Emotion of rivalry is the beat illustration of bonsai, as it is present in the micro format hence it is hard to feel its present within our self but a few important significant marks can make us aware of its presence. A person with emotion of rivalry is like to be intro ward and self centered, he/she will never appear in a pleasant mood and at the most of the times flows with the tides of sadness without any reason. In the view of such person whole world except self is the population of bad people. When I tried to find an illustration from the history my search ended with Duryodhan of Mahabharat era. Once Guru Dronacharya asked him to find a good person in the capital city Hasthinapur and in the evening Duryodhan returned with a failure. Those are aware of Mahabharat and history of Pandavas and Kouravas will agree with that it was the rivalry emotion of Duryodhan, which was creating problems not only for himself but also for all the persons around him and supporting him.
I recall once some where I read that Osho “Acharya Rajanish” says that when we under go feeling happiness on listen about the punishment given to a criminal, thinking that it will prove a lesson for him and others in fact we are flowing with the emotion of rivalry in the respect of being law binding citizens. We practically know punishment is not proving a lesson for the criminals and others because the crime rate graphs is on the higher side in every era in comparison of past era.
How to kill the rivalry, without answer it and concluding this article will be like seating at the river bank with thirsty trunk. The only way to kill the rivalry is to fill the inner world of self with the emotions of love and peace without leaving a space vacant for the rivalry. I would like to conclude this with world of my father late Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani, you need to have a piece of cold iron to cut the hot iron.

Monday, November 26, 2007

On the winning doorstep

On the winning doorstep
[Kotala Cricket Test]

India is just on the doorstep step of victory in the Kotala test against the arch rival Pakistan, when the stumps were put down to ground in the Delhi to mark the end of day’s play on the fourth day of first test match.

It is now only matter of time for Indian victory. If we look at last four days surely the fortunes fluctuated a few time but surely it was not away from the Indian victory. The script of Indian victory started on the day one itself, thanks to rear guard action by the Sami, Pakistani fast bowler, otherwise it was not possible for the Pakistani team to take their first inning beyond the two hundred mark. Though famous Indian bating line collapsed and Munaf, the new ball bowler of Indian attack has not lived with the hopes from him but still India managed to set a victory target just over the two hundreds in the pre lunch session on the forth day of match.

Most of the cricketing wisdom of country is criticizing Dinesh Kartik, as his failure kept on going in the second inning also but no body seems to think about his inclusion in the playing eleven. We have to keep it in the mind Dhoni was not hundred percentages fit on the eve of match and there were possibilities of his injury growing and forcing him to remain away from the wicket keeping. Most of the former players and commentators are blaming Saurav and Laxman for non selection of inform Yuvraj but I guess it was not either Saurav or Laxman but the injury of Dhoni which proved hurdle for the non selection of Yuvraj and team management was forced to select Dinesh Kartik in the playing eleven, otherwise surely Saurav or sachin has to be partner of wasim Jaffar to open the bating.

Kumbale has proved that there is nothing to replace the experience. Most of the critics of games are surprised to see the maturity and timely actions of Jumbo in his first test of captaincy. Who will opt Saurav over the Munaff, when the ball is still with shine but Kumble went with this and Saurav lived with expectation by claiming two wickets on the forth day. It is also against the set norms of the game to write a victory before the last ball is bowled and Indians have a tendency of making hard to simple looking wins but still I am looking forward to an Indian win in the pre lunch session on the fifth and final day.
[Written Yesterday]
Added Today
As the destiny script was written on day one and in the pre lunch session on day forth, India took less than half an hour on fifth and final day to go up in the series with a 1-0 lead but I feel sorry for saurav who fail to add yet another half century to his illustrated carrier and Shoaib Akhtar who could not add yet another five wicket haul to his credit.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Power Of Blogging

Power Of Blogging

Blogging which was started as online personal diary is no more restricted to purpose and has developed as the third media, after the print and electronic media, of mass communication, though like the third world countries, still blogging, the cyber media is into the developmental phase but surely it is emerging as the strongest media of mass communication. You can imagine the power of this third media of mass communication from the facts that china is trying to monitor all the bloggers of the country and the super power America is working to develop software which can work as watch dog for the blogging world.

It was evening of 3rd November 2007, when the electronics media of Pakistan went to turn into the black screens of television in the country with emergency imposed by the Gen. Parvez Musharraf. The only source of information available was the blogs and bloggers. Print media and electronic media of the Pakistan were under the powers of General and facing a censorship but the blogging world was making it meaning less with success. It is fact that internet is not still life style and part of day to day life for Asians like the western countries, still a very handful about less than 10% of population of these countries are the citizens of the cyber world, hence the penetration is comparatively very low but it doesn’t deny the power this cyber media holds.

Why the blogging is spreading wings and why the people throughout the world are findings an added attraction towards the blog? Information and technologies are expanding vigorously and so are the human wills of expressing self. In the physical world it is not affordable for everyone to cope with the cost of expressing media, either print or electronic and the reducing rates of internet are prompting to maximize use of cyber media, beside that a bit of earning from the blogging is the added attraction for the over rush for the blogs and the incredible number of bloggers in the cyber world. Camouflaging of personality / personal information is also prompting people for use of blogging for the self expression.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hundred First Century

Hundred First Century
Surprised to read the title? No record of cricket shows that any player had ever reached the mark of hitting the hundredth ton knock and if so how is the possible to score hundred first century? Yes dear this is not an imagination but a fact, the record is missed by less than hundred runs. The master blasters, Bating genius, Indian run machine, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is one who missed this fate. It was the sixth time in this year and 23 rd time in the prolonged illustrated international carrier extended over the span of 18 years, this is last teen age year of his cricketing carrier [Debut 15th November 1989, against Pakistan] at international level.
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the name it self is backed up with numerous record, A dream run of success, records, awards and achievements. Getting out in nineties is not new one on the cricket fields, it has been always a pressure to score a ton, but what you will call it if this happen with a player with the record most centuries and that too if out of 23 times, Sachin is dismissed for six times in nineties against the arch rival Pakistan. This year Sachin is under going this phase just look at the centuries missed by him this year.Tendulkar’s dismissals in the 90's this year:
1] 99 (143 balls) South Africa Belfast 26-Jun-2007 run-out
2] 93 (106 balls) South Africa Belfast 29-Jun-2007 bowled
3] 99 (112 balls) England Bristol 24-Aug-2007 caught (w/k)
4] 94 (81 balls) England The Oval 05-Sep-2007 caught
5] 99 (91 balls) Pakistan Mohali 08-Nov-2007 caught (w/k)
6] 97 (102 balls) Pakistan Gwalior 15-Nov-2007 bowled
All this was started with a run-out and still the century is running away from the Sachin, Surely a series of suggestions is on even the Arjun- Son of Sachin, suggested why to score singles instead of going for six on reaching to 94. Just Look at the Test centuries scored by Sachin.
No. Runs Place Year Opp. Country
1 119* Old Trafford 1990 England
2 148* Sydney Cricket Ground 1991-92 Australia
3 114 WACA Ground, Perth 1991-92 Australia
4 111 New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg 1992-93 South Africa
5 165 MA Chidambaram Stadium,Madras 1992-93 England
6 104 Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo 1993-94 Sri Lanka
7 142 K.D.Singh 'Babu' Stadium, Lucknow 1993-94 Sri Lanka
8 179 Vidarbha C.A. Ground, Nagpur 1994-95 West Indies
9 122 Edgbaston, Birmingham 1996 England
10 177 Trent Bridge, Nottingham 1996 England
11 169 Newlands, Cape Town 1996-97 South Africa
12 143 R.Premadasa Stadium,Colombo 1997-98 Sri Lanka
13 139 Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo 1997-98 Sri Lanka
14 148 Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 1997-98 Sri Lanka
15 155* MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai 1997-98 Australia
16 177 M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore 1997-98 Australia
17 113 Basin Reserve, Wellington 1998 New Zealand
18 136 MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai 1999 Pakistan
19 124* Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo 1999 Sri Lanka
20 126* Punjab C.A. Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh 1999 New Zealand
21 217 Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad 1999 New Zealand
22 116 Melbourne Cricket Ground 1999 Australia
23 122 Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi 2000 Zimbabwe
24 201* Vidarbha C.A. Ground, Nagpur 2000 Zimbabwe
25 126 MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai 2001 Australia
26 155 Goodyear Park, Bloemfontein 2001 South Africa
27 103 Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad 2001 England
28 176 Vidarbha C.A. Ground, Nagpur 2002 Zimbabwe
29 117 Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad 2002 West Indies
30 193 Headingley, Leeds 2002 England
31 176 Eden Gardens, Kolkata 2002-03 West Indies
32 241* Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney 2003-04 Australia
33 196* Multan 2003-04 Pakistan
34 248* Dhaka 2004-05 Bangladesh
35 100* Kotla Feroz Shah, New Delhi 2005 Sri Lanka
36 101 Chitgaon Bangala Desh
37 122 shere Bangala Stadium 2007 Bangaladesh
Now look at the following addition and agree with me, dreams are not just for dreaming but for the realization.
Test Ceturies 37
ODI Centuries + 41
Dismissals in Nineties+ 23
Probable Centuries = 101
Surely if sachin had survived at every occasion of nervous nineties by this time he might have touched the magic three figure century for his century knocks at the international level.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BCCI & New Dispute

BCCI & New Dispute
It looks that disputes and BCCI [Board of Cricket Control in India] are running on the parallel lanes of cricketing roads. One after another dispute is following the BCCI. Before coming to recent one, my question is why it happens always that decisions of BCCI, goes on to give birth to dispute and why always BCCI comes out of winner? If we look at the composition of BCCI, over the years it is managed by nonprofessionals and most of times by the politicians. This non professional attitude is putting the decisions under the dispute and for the politicians nothing is more important than time being gains, though politicians are said to be most compromising persons through out the world but here power makes their ego such high that they often forget to think or listen the views of others and that keeps the space for the dispute. Coming to winning of BCCI in the every dispute it is happening because BCCI is one among the richest sports association not only of India but also of the world. Who can deny the power of money in the modern life? More importantly the structure in India that there is no other association that can challenge BCCI in the cumulative format, this might be the reason behind the non recognition of ICL [Indian Cricket league] because in future this might result in constitution of another cricketing association in the country. In every dispute, it may be the dropping of Saurav or Rahul, one has to fight at individual levels and it is natural that in this fight of individual and association, association comes out as winner. It is not easy to forget how rudely Kiran More, chairman of selection committee was giving statement to press “Sourav will not be selected in the team till he is chairman”.
The recent decision of BCCI, which has provide space for the dispute, is restricting the members and chairman of the selection committee from giving interviews to media and writing columns in the news papers. I can’t understand how the bylaws of BCCI suggesting this, in a country where right of expression is the basic right of every citizen? Dilip Vengsarkar has started opposing it but it might be more effective if the members of selection committee had resigned their post at the moment this ban was posed on them and try to collect the protesting force. We had to remember that BCCI had provided many occasions for the union of players and others but concerned people always failed in utilizing the opportunity. This failure is yet another reason that give birth to dispute along with Every decision of BCCI.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Writings without Image

Writings without Image
When it comes to writing skills it is said to be expression of imaginations, but when it comes to writing related to with an event or sports coverage it turns into sheer the combination of effect produced by the properly chosen and appropriately arranged words and images [photographs]. It is just beyond imagination how will appear the words without a picture [in print media] covering an event or sports happening, because it is said that expression of picture start from the end point of expression power of words.
I come across with a news that news papers in the Shrilanka were forced to cover first Test match of on going test match series between Shrilanka and Australia without any photographs, just because Cricket Australia – CA persisted on the issue of coverage , the rights of live television coverage might be match with the understandings and stands to reasoning but CA went beyond this to claim their rights even on the photographs taken by the photographers of the print media during an ongoing match at Australian grounds.
This is not just an urge for additional earning from the sport but this will go to produce a great impact which might even result in vanishing of sport page from the most of small and medium sized newspapers, if the other sport authorities decide to walk on the foot prints of CA. This will not be surprise as BCCI, the world’s richest sport association already extended support to CA, though it is another thing that BCCI will not taste the success in Australian way but surely it is alarming call for the print media.
It is a fact that electronic media is successful in the reducing the readership of print media but still at least in the developing and under developing countries print media is the only and major medium of mass communication. It is matter to think for the sports associations through out the world weather to support or force CA for withdrawing this. After all it is quite possible that print media may also go for the option of not publishing any sports news and surely that will result in loss of popularity of many sports and drying up of inwards economic flow for the sports authorities.
To me in person this is crossing the natural human rights and hence I am publishing this blog without a photograph even though there are a lot of free photos to use.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

India Shopping Online

India Shopping Online
Diwali is the beginning of the celebrations for the festival fond Indians. The moist days of rainy seasons start getting the shape of pleasant cold and the cold market tuned up for the biggest sale boost of the year.
Diwali is different from other festivals not just because being celebrated on the amavasya day, when one can fell presence of stars on earth in the form of crackers creating the sprinkling sky on the earth but this the most significant occasion for the buying by Indians. Companies and corporate houses keep the special schemes and sales promotion offers ready well in advance, even the Film industry, the most trusted and popular entertainment section of India, keeps some of its big projects reserved to be released on the day.
This might be new surprising finding for the tradition lover Indians that youth of India is showing and going for the trends different from the traditions when it comes to buying. It was a surprise for me also to find that Chennai is ahead of political capital Delhi and economic capital Mumbai when it comes on the front of online shopping and finding the required product information by using internet. I have tried to find out which cities are leading for online shopping, Chennai stood second but Mumbai and Delhi were not among the first ten cities. Though Indian are second in the world in getting online information about Laptop but no city from India was among the top ten. For the computers Indians are third in the world but Chennai Mumbai and Delhi are among the top ten cities of the world, this is indication that still Indians are preferring computer [Desktops] over the laptops. The same thing can be said for the home appliances sector of electronic goods.
This is the race with the time that small cities like Kolhapur small real estate developers like Pooja builders and even doctors are going for their web presence. This the new emerging trend of Indian youth and making the India move online with the world in the direction of becoming super economic power by making online shopping new tradition of tradition lover Indians.

Love and Baseball

Love and Baseball

Look at the Americans there are said to be world leaders but the reality is that life of an American revolves around just two words or rather three worlds. An American will always busy either of thinking or making love and money or in leisure time love to watch or play baseball or tennis though a considerable high attraction for Golf is also there but Love and baseball are the best time pass for the Americans. This trend of American life style is spreading all over the World especially the citizens from the under developed and developing countries are finding it hard to escape from temptation of adopting this life style.

In the basketball ball keeps on changing hands very frequently and on the rotation basis. This changing hand and rotation is might the key of American life style. Look at the American they are always in search of better and hence always keep on changing partners in love and jobs. Through out the globe vocabulary like “between the jobs” is available only in America and interestingly peoples their love to be in this status as they love baseball.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Twenty - Twenty

Twenty - Twenty Indians are under the strong winds of twenty-20. It had not so at distance to be part of history that India is World Champion of T-20 cricket as was stated by the Australian cricket team during their recent tour to India. M.S. Dhoni and his boys of Indian cricket team had proved it by defeating again the kangaroos in the only T-20 match of the tour.
It is just not the cricket, which is making the country under the strong storm of twenty – twenty. Another twenty is the crossing of twenty thousand marks by the sensitive stock index of Indian Share Market on 29th October 2007. it had not only made the country only the twentieth in the world to cross 20,000 but also provided yet another reason to celebrate twenty – twenty. This is sufficient evidence that India is going to become world economic power by the year 2020 [once again twenty -twenty] since the 1986 to start of 2006 market was at just a bit over the 10,000 mark in the almost twenty years but keeping the progress with tandem of twenty – twenty addition of yet another 10,000 is made in just twenty months.
Date Sensex
25th July 1990 1000
6th February 2006 10,000
29th October 2007 20,000

It is not just Malls culture or the software industry boost is the reason of this high growth but also the high crop production [growth rate from 1.5 to 2.5] and change of attitude of Indians for investing in market instead of traditional way of Gold or real state.
How is this twenty – twenty of market is effective in our life can be reflected from the news headline which appear in next 48 hours in print and electronic media. “Mukesh Ambani” of India is now the richest person of World surpassing “Bill Gates”, though officially Reliance has made clear that it was tabloid news. Ups downs of share market are not new but it is the fact that India is under the influence of twenty – twenty and going to become super economic power by the year 2020.