Sunday, November 18, 2007

Writings without Image

Writings without Image
When it comes to writing skills it is said to be expression of imaginations, but when it comes to writing related to with an event or sports coverage it turns into sheer the combination of effect produced by the properly chosen and appropriately arranged words and images [photographs]. It is just beyond imagination how will appear the words without a picture [in print media] covering an event or sports happening, because it is said that expression of picture start from the end point of expression power of words.
I come across with a news that news papers in the Shrilanka were forced to cover first Test match of on going test match series between Shrilanka and Australia without any photographs, just because Cricket Australia – CA persisted on the issue of coverage , the rights of live television coverage might be match with the understandings and stands to reasoning but CA went beyond this to claim their rights even on the photographs taken by the photographers of the print media during an ongoing match at Australian grounds.
This is not just an urge for additional earning from the sport but this will go to produce a great impact which might even result in vanishing of sport page from the most of small and medium sized newspapers, if the other sport authorities decide to walk on the foot prints of CA. This will not be surprise as BCCI, the world’s richest sport association already extended support to CA, though it is another thing that BCCI will not taste the success in Australian way but surely it is alarming call for the print media.
It is a fact that electronic media is successful in the reducing the readership of print media but still at least in the developing and under developing countries print media is the only and major medium of mass communication. It is matter to think for the sports associations through out the world weather to support or force CA for withdrawing this. After all it is quite possible that print media may also go for the option of not publishing any sports news and surely that will result in loss of popularity of many sports and drying up of inwards economic flow for the sports authorities.
To me in person this is crossing the natural human rights and hence I am publishing this blog without a photograph even though there are a lot of free photos to use.

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