Sunday, November 11, 2007

India Shopping Online

India Shopping Online
Diwali is the beginning of the celebrations for the festival fond Indians. The moist days of rainy seasons start getting the shape of pleasant cold and the cold market tuned up for the biggest sale boost of the year.
Diwali is different from other festivals not just because being celebrated on the amavasya day, when one can fell presence of stars on earth in the form of crackers creating the sprinkling sky on the earth but this the most significant occasion for the buying by Indians. Companies and corporate houses keep the special schemes and sales promotion offers ready well in advance, even the Film industry, the most trusted and popular entertainment section of India, keeps some of its big projects reserved to be released on the day.
This might be new surprising finding for the tradition lover Indians that youth of India is showing and going for the trends different from the traditions when it comes to buying. It was a surprise for me also to find that Chennai is ahead of political capital Delhi and economic capital Mumbai when it comes on the front of online shopping and finding the required product information by using internet. I have tried to find out which cities are leading for online shopping, Chennai stood second but Mumbai and Delhi were not among the first ten cities. Though Indian are second in the world in getting online information about Laptop but no city from India was among the top ten. For the computers Indians are third in the world but Chennai Mumbai and Delhi are among the top ten cities of the world, this is indication that still Indians are preferring computer [Desktops] over the laptops. The same thing can be said for the home appliances sector of electronic goods.
This is the race with the time that small cities like Kolhapur small real estate developers like Pooja builders and even doctors are going for their web presence. This the new emerging trend of Indian youth and making the India move online with the world in the direction of becoming super economic power by making online shopping new tradition of tradition lover Indians.

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