Sunday, November 25, 2007

Power Of Blogging

Power Of Blogging

Blogging which was started as online personal diary is no more restricted to purpose and has developed as the third media, after the print and electronic media, of mass communication, though like the third world countries, still blogging, the cyber media is into the developmental phase but surely it is emerging as the strongest media of mass communication. You can imagine the power of this third media of mass communication from the facts that china is trying to monitor all the bloggers of the country and the super power America is working to develop software which can work as watch dog for the blogging world.

It was evening of 3rd November 2007, when the electronics media of Pakistan went to turn into the black screens of television in the country with emergency imposed by the Gen. Parvez Musharraf. The only source of information available was the blogs and bloggers. Print media and electronic media of the Pakistan were under the powers of General and facing a censorship but the blogging world was making it meaning less with success. It is fact that internet is not still life style and part of day to day life for Asians like the western countries, still a very handful about less than 10% of population of these countries are the citizens of the cyber world, hence the penetration is comparatively very low but it doesn’t deny the power this cyber media holds.

Why the blogging is spreading wings and why the people throughout the world are findings an added attraction towards the blog? Information and technologies are expanding vigorously and so are the human wills of expressing self. In the physical world it is not affordable for everyone to cope with the cost of expressing media, either print or electronic and the reducing rates of internet are prompting to maximize use of cyber media, beside that a bit of earning from the blogging is the added attraction for the over rush for the blogs and the incredible number of bloggers in the cyber world. Camouflaging of personality / personal information is also prompting people for use of blogging for the self expression.

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