Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Human inner world is the deepest and the longest ocean of course of the emotions. Rivalry is one among the emotions which dominate and provide directions to human life and acts. It is often said death of the enemy is the death end of rivalry also, even in the world oldest language Sanskrit also go like “Maranatani Vairani” means all the rivalry ends with death. Literary it sound quite perfect but practically we know this is the wrong presentation of the reality as we know rivalry goes from generation to generation which means death is not the end point of it.
In fact rivalry lies within our self hence it doesn’t end with the death of our enemy but prompt us to find more new enemies to keep the out flow of rivalry. There is only one way to kill the rivalry, to kill it at its generating source that is our inner world. Until our conscious or unconscious mind is under the influence of this emotion we can say rivalry is no more. In fact rivalry is like the anger and is more harmful for our own self instead of our enemy like the anger. I recall a book of Dada Vaswani “Burn Anger before it burns you” and wish to say the same for the rivalry. Keep the rivalry away from your inner world for the sack of peaceful life for the self.
Emotion of rivalry is the beat illustration of bonsai, as it is present in the micro format hence it is hard to feel its present within our self but a few important significant marks can make us aware of its presence. A person with emotion of rivalry is like to be intro ward and self centered, he/she will never appear in a pleasant mood and at the most of the times flows with the tides of sadness without any reason. In the view of such person whole world except self is the population of bad people. When I tried to find an illustration from the history my search ended with Duryodhan of Mahabharat era. Once Guru Dronacharya asked him to find a good person in the capital city Hasthinapur and in the evening Duryodhan returned with a failure. Those are aware of Mahabharat and history of Pandavas and Kouravas will agree with that it was the rivalry emotion of Duryodhan, which was creating problems not only for himself but also for all the persons around him and supporting him.
I recall once some where I read that Osho “Acharya Rajanish” says that when we under go feeling happiness on listen about the punishment given to a criminal, thinking that it will prove a lesson for him and others in fact we are flowing with the emotion of rivalry in the respect of being law binding citizens. We practically know punishment is not proving a lesson for the criminals and others because the crime rate graphs is on the higher side in every era in comparison of past era.
How to kill the rivalry, without answer it and concluding this article will be like seating at the river bank with thirsty trunk. The only way to kill the rivalry is to fill the inner world of self with the emotions of love and peace without leaving a space vacant for the rivalry. I would like to conclude this with world of my father late Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani, you need to have a piece of cold iron to cut the hot iron.

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