Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Twenty - Twenty

Twenty - Twenty Indians are under the strong winds of twenty-20. It had not so at distance to be part of history that India is World Champion of T-20 cricket as was stated by the Australian cricket team during their recent tour to India. M.S. Dhoni and his boys of Indian cricket team had proved it by defeating again the kangaroos in the only T-20 match of the tour.
It is just not the cricket, which is making the country under the strong storm of twenty – twenty. Another twenty is the crossing of twenty thousand marks by the sensitive stock index of Indian Share Market on 29th October 2007. it had not only made the country only the twentieth in the world to cross 20,000 but also provided yet another reason to celebrate twenty – twenty. This is sufficient evidence that India is going to become world economic power by the year 2020 [once again twenty -twenty] since the 1986 to start of 2006 market was at just a bit over the 10,000 mark in the almost twenty years but keeping the progress with tandem of twenty – twenty addition of yet another 10,000 is made in just twenty months.
Date Sensex
25th July 1990 1000
6th February 2006 10,000
29th October 2007 20,000

It is not just Malls culture or the software industry boost is the reason of this high growth but also the high crop production [growth rate from 1.5 to 2.5] and change of attitude of Indians for investing in market instead of traditional way of Gold or real state.
How is this twenty – twenty of market is effective in our life can be reflected from the news headline which appear in next 48 hours in print and electronic media. “Mukesh Ambani” of India is now the richest person of World surpassing “Bill Gates”, though officially Reliance has made clear that it was tabloid news. Ups downs of share market are not new but it is the fact that India is under the influence of twenty – twenty and going to become super economic power by the year 2020.

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