Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Professional role play & Success

Professional role play & Success

Market has created new vocabularies for the working world and with the advancement of technology and more deeper use of it in jobs and professions making life hard to live in the working world though in this short span of existence one can earn very handsomely even to meet with the requirements of whole life, can be said the positive side of this recent trend of working world. The latest vocabulary from the working world is “between the jobs” either jobless or doing a job and searching a better one. It is said in the technologically advance countries that India is primitive country but at least this “between the jobs” is not only supporting but also illustrating Indian thought “Nothing in life is stable and every thing constructed only for demolition “

Other vocabularies which are not only going strong but also writing new success chapters in the working world are the “Professional attitude”, “Team Work” , “Role play” etc. More interesting thing is that reach of these vocabularies is on expansion and going to cover each and every aspect of life to make life part of market. Look at following two statements
“I have studied in professional manner and was aiming to top the state merit list at Secondary school certificate examination”
“It was lack of professional attitude in the Pakistani cricket team, due to which they couldn’t score just 36 runs in last ten over with five wickets in hand, in the last ODI against South Africa and last the match and series [2-3]. Win of South Africa is the sheer illustration of team work.”

It was time when success and ones capacities were in the direct proportion but with the time all has changed to “You are as good as your team is”. In the modern times it becomes meaningless how good or worst blogger I am? The important thing is that to what extant my writing is able to generate traffic towards my blog so that myself and google ad sense can help each other to earn. The working world slowly, gradually but surely taking the shape of professional world and now your success is not the illustration of your capacities but is demonstration of extant to which you are successful in the role play. With the technological advancement dependence on the others is increasing and success, instead of execution of one wisdom application and effort result, is now being termed as the result of efforts and ability to work in group to achieve the desirable goals and aims.

In the professional world one has to face and play three different roles. “Individual” is the most ancient and the first one while the “Team Member” and “Team Leader” are the other two. In the modern world “individual” is occupying least important place, even though being constructive block for team and team work, which are placed on the higher importance for the success. After all what is Team? Nothing but, group of people knowing a specific job and putting in mutual efforts towards the achievement of certain predefined objective. These mutual efforts are the team work.

In a team one is either team member of team leader. In the role of team member one has to carry out pre assigned task in the given time frame here ones success lies in abilities of involving others and getting their help for reaching to desired goal. As a team leader one has to be innovative and capable of drawing the best from the team members. Individualism is the base of working but not the term of success narration and one has to work always for putting more and more team efforts towards and for the success. Remember in the team work, it is not simple addition of one plus one equal to two but is the art of more complicated multiplication of making eleven [11] from one [1] plus one [1]. Here are few tips that might help to increase the team work and help to write the success story with golden ink.

Involvement of All: this is one of the most important aspect just look at Saurav scoring a brilliant ton but failure of bowlers results in defeat for Indian team. Here the key world is “optimization” one has not only to put 100% of abilities but go beyond that and put the optimized efforts. Remember as high the individualism is there as low chance will be of success. Every one has to work like a part of automated machine.

Respecting and utilizing others: the key of team work is the respect among the team member for each other. Every one supposed to have patience for listing thoughts and ideas of others and the ability to use the innovative capacities of others for reaching to desired team goals.

Work objectively: Forget about your personal liking or disliking, when you are in the team you have to be integral part of it for the success. Australian cricket team is on the winning roads since last more than decade just because on the ground all the players are forgetting the personal disputes and working for the mutual aim of team win.

Discussion: This can be the foundation stone of success just every one has to remember that concentration must be on the “we are failures and how to improve it” instead of who is not putting the maximum efforts in as that will lead to create personal disliking and will prove harmful for the achievement of mutual goals. Always try to keep the debate away from entering into personal levels.

Decision making: When working in team one has to remember to be strong for ones point of view but shouldn’t persist for the implementation of it and be ready to go with the team decision. After all in this set up no one is working at individual levels even after putting in the level best individual efforts. It is quite possible that team decision may not runs on the parallel lines with your own thought process but even than you need to concentrate on putting your optimized efforts for achieving it. This is the only success key for the team work.

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