Sunday, October 07, 2007

Everything unofficial

Everything unofficial

What we are doing now days at ibibo blogs is nothing but is purely unofficial. I know in the blogging world of ibibo, many eyes will blink with anger, a few lips will flicker for out burst with abuse words for me, go on friends I know you love me and what you wish to pronounce at this moment is purely unofficial.

In fact the inspiration of unofficial is taken from the famous Marathi stage play "rangya rangela re" in which hero or the central character speaks abuse words and ask people not take seriously because he belongs to Kolhapur and kolhapurkar never keep anything hidden they are open minded people can speak even using abuse word for any one and in front of any one just because they are people with pure heart.

Did you recall sholey's famous scene of conversation of Jai and Mousi about the marriage of veeru and Basanti, I think it can be rated as most unofficial episode on the Indian silver screen.

Indian politics is going through the golden period of being unofficial. Many people might not be aware of the reason for the exit of Shri Narayan Rane [Ex chief minister of Maharashtra] from the Shiv Sena, He says that it was some people who built a wall between him and Shiv Sena superimo, Hindu heart King Shri Balasaheb Thakre, are responsible for his leaving Shiv Sena and joining congress where as party official says Rane was expelled from the party on disciplinary ground. No dear, as usual practice of politics, original reason was kept behind the curtain but now it is no more a secret, actually Rane was become fade up of seeing that his official works were not producing the results matching with the unofficial statements of Shiv Sena superimo and Balasaheb was undergoing the feeling of that official action of Shri Rane were not coping with his unofficial statements. India's progressing speed is amazing and always produced results that can be described only as "Neighbor's envy owner's pride". The state level thing of past is the main political activity of present central government. One day government is submitting an official affidavit with reference to "Setu Samundaram Project" in the court and on the next day unofficial statement of UPA chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi is forcing government to withdraw the official version.

Officially BCCI official says Saurav Ganguli was dropped for the Hyderabad ODI against Kangaroos and Captain Dhoni says unofficially though Saurav was fit to play but considering the long season ahead we did not prefer to risk with him. Selectors are announcing officially about the building the team for the future and unofficially reselecting Murali Kartik who had not played any international match for more than a year.

Officially ibibo announces increase of chances of earning for the members and unofficially sets almost next to impossible achieve targets for earning [without manipulation] and decide to give almost zero importance to blogging the safe, honest and easy way of earning.

The list of unofficial can go on extension like the tail of Hanuman or the one cloth of Dropadi .If you wish and finding some irritation to your cerebral cortex, you are officially allowed to add to this list of unofficial in the form of your comments to this blog. I am still unable to understand how to take comment of user name "@" [on my blog posting titled" ibibo Sawals: Top Category & Scores"] "you sure are becoming the AGONY AUNT of IBIBO! Thank you Sir "I am running between the lines of official and unofficial status of this comment.

I am concluding this episode of everything unofficial with two official things. The first one is ibibo is no more blogging site, Google ad sense of ibibo are changed from " blog and earn" or "You and other 999 Indian bloggers can earn this month" to " Make friends on most trusted network of India" . [It is quite possible that words did not match to totality but the meaning will remain the same] second thing till now whatever you had read officially is part of everything unofficial.

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Blue Wave said...

Yes,there is vast difference between official and unofficial matters. Official one is weaker than that of unofficial one which is stronger.Official matters need some norms but unofficial is just 'go as you like' .