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If, I have been asked to give the most mysterious but meaningful single word from the dictionary I will surely opt the word composed of four alphabets not because of there are four directions of the world and this word is composed of four alphabets representing the totality of the world but because of the fact that, this word is the speechless emotion of human life and never is slave of words for its expression. The word I am talking about is love. We often come across and use phrase "Love is Life or Life is Love" but a few days back I read some where a strange question "What is Love?"

Really it is hard to give the word format for the love, though love is an emotion and often means the intense liking, but like the other emotions of human life we can't choose the definite words to define love in its totality and true meaning. We love our parents, kids, friends and even our pets does we wish to say we are with the same emotion for each and everything, with reference to which we pronounce the word Love? Surely our response to this question will not be a positive one just because we know though we are using the single and same word love but our emotional feelings are at the different levels of liking. In the broad sense we can say love is, liking but as this can't be the universally accepted one hence I tried to find out sounds for each alphabet of love in the word ocean dictionary and my search ends with
L = Learning
O = Others
V= Valuing
E = Emotions

The aggregative meaning will be like this Love is the art of learning the method of valuing emotions of others. This might have satisfied at least to me but as the word love is also associated with one of the most important aspect of life called marriage hence my thrust was at the end of non fulfillment.

The word love is so intensely and closely associated with marriage that not only many find it essential, the existence of love for the marriage, but also we have two most popular types of marriages, arrange marriage and love marriage. It is hard to believe that applications for the divorce are in higher numbers from the couples who had opted for the love marriage. If the love was the deciding factor for making them to live together and go for the marriage then what happen to their love? Change is the characteristic of time not of the love hence what was bound to change was time and not the love. which changes with time is surely not love. If we look into human life it is not hard to find that love only has growing attributes, reduction or elopement are the meaning less terms for the love. Look at parents love towards the kids it goes on increasing with age of children. With my own experience, I can support the statement "Period after the twenty years of married life is truly expressive and under going the feeling of love". It doesn't means that in the time prior to this period love was not existing there, surely it was there though was coated under the layers of the physical wants. One thing I wish to say to younger generation try to differentiate your desire of spending time together from the love as your desire is bound to change with time where as love will go till your last breath on earth. This desire change will help you gain temporary but will force you to loose the constant one. The desire of living together will prompt for separation after some time but love will force you to live together even in the situations of unmatched interests and disliked habits.

I would like to conclude with love is the nectar of human life, which exist within our self and we can make its storage rich by learning the art of respecting and valuing emotions of others. Love is the bonding glue which forces us to keep our family life intact and live a good social life. Love is the prime attraction of human life. The most interesting thing is that human life is born from the love and goes on growing with love.

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