Monday, December 31, 2007

An e-mail from God: You & Me

An e-mail from God: You & Me

Today morning when you came out of bed, I was waiting for you and thought you will like to talk to me, at least will say thanks for the sound and peaceful sleep that you had finished and enjoyed, but you don’t bother even to look at me and kept your daily morning physical schedules on going. I was not worried about keeping me on hold by you and thought you might be talking with me after finishing daily schedules and having bath. Clock kept on ticking you had not only taken bath but also finished your breakfast and was ready to leave for the office. I thought now surely before leaving for office you will turn to me and will have a talk with me. Unfortunately this time also my hope doesn’t shaped into reality.

I thought you will talk to me on your way to office so I kept following you but how sad it is, you reached office without turning back and looking at me. My wait prolonged. You reported your boss, asked your subordinate about your day’s schedules but all this time never thought of my waiting. I was patiently there and waiting for the lunch hours, the probable time period, when you might have leisure time and think about talking with me. At lunch, you called your friend and become busy in talking the recent trends of business and government policies but neither try to look at me nor thought of my waiting. You were ignoring me but I kept my nerves under control. Noon turned into evening, you were with signs of anxiety as you started to stair here and there. I thought you are looking for me and I might be non visible to you so I tried to fallow your vision focus and surprise to note that even this time I was not your search target. You were looking at wall clock and your watch to cross the five. It was 10 minutes passed to 5, when you started your back journey to home.

Now I was confident that surely you will now talk to me as your day’s schedules saw the dead line and made you free for talking with me. After reaching to home you asked your child about day at school, took a cup of tea and entered into your bedroom and laid down on your bed in a relax posture without changing your office cloths. All this time, I was looking at you and waiting when you are going to feel my presence and think of talking with me. You kept on proving my confidence false. At about 7:30 you got up from your bed, went to bathroom for a shower, came out with dressing gown and Pajama. Surely you have to appreciate my long waiting since the morning. You called your wife and brought the television there to life. I thought you might be thinking of talking with me in her presence but you asked her to arrange a few snacks for your drink and made your self busy with taking out the glasses and wine bottle from cup board there. I thought you might be feeling nervous and trying to collect the nerves with wine glass before talking to me. You enjoyed the drink, television news and entertainment programs in company of your wife but never tried to feel my presence there. After having dinner you went to bed calling it day. I was still there without turning my hope of talking with you a reality.

I know you are with habit of reading your mails on your office computer as the first official work of day and surely going to read this. I just wish to say, don’t ignore me, I was there before your birth, I will be there even after your death, Get advantage of this prolonged life experiences. Don’t get puzzled with problems you are facing, get your all worries and problems sorted out with my suggestions. Do believe, I am there only to make you stress free.

So, when you are going to find time to talk with me? Waiting for, a reply mail from you.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind

Enlist the factors affecting and boosting ones journey on the success paths. Most of listing will include talent, hard work, enthusiasm, zeal, and dedication etc. One common factor that might can observe missing from most of listing is presence of mind. It is lacking of presence of mind that we forget to include presence of mind in the list of success factors.

Presence of mind is the tool which equipped us to be capable of utilizing favorable conditions or even to turn the unfavorable situations into favorable ones. In fact presence of mind is an artistic exhibition of talent, skills and acquired facts at post appropriate time and place. It helps us to create opportunities instead of waiting for them. Presence of mind helps us to alter the situation in its totality. Look at following two sentences

God is no where.
God is now here.

These are the classic illustration for the magical effects produced by presence of mind.

Presence of mind not only leads towards the success roads but might also prove life saving remedy in certain situations. I recall a short story narrated to us by our father during my childhood days. Frankly speaking at that time I have taken it as a lesson about need of the loyalty in friendship and knowing the true friends but now after crossing fifty finding the same story a suitable illustration of presence of mind for saving ones life. We have to remember that presence of mind is nothing but the best possible use of known facts and knowledge in the given situations. The story goes like this:

There were two friends Sunil and Punit living in adjoining houses in a village at foot hill of a mountain near the dense forest. People were wondering about their friendship and close association because both were opposite poles in their nature, attitude and life vision. Sunil was a self centered person while people were finding Punit eager to help them. One day both the friends were roaming in the deep forest when they heard a distance roar of forest king. Sensing the life danger Sunil asked about skill of climbing on the tree, before the Punit reply the roaring death become visible though still was a distance. Sunil started running, without bothering the ability of Punit in climbing the tree, and in a moment was at the top of giant tree, away from the roaring death. Punit thought for a while and all of sudden fall on the ground. Soon the lion was there and moving around the body of Punit, and try to take the smell of life from the body. From the height for Sunil it all was a whispering between two. After moving three four times around the body lion run away. Respire of life was back Sunil moved down and asked Punit about his date with death. Punit replied it was sheer his presence of mind rescued his life, he was aware of habit of lions not to eat flesh of body not killed by them, so he fall down and hold the respiration to give feeling of dead body to lion.

So friends be aware of powers of presence of mind. Surely it is going to work as life guard in difficult times.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Indian Cricket in Australia

Indian Cricket in Australia

Sleighing – a disturbing vocal or actionable comment or performance by the fielders on the cricket ground to break the concentration of batsman – is the trade mark and successfully implemented action plan of Australian Cricket is seems booming back on them special with the forthcoming [In fact Indian team is there in Australia only] tour by the Indian team. No one will dare to put a question mark on the talent and success of Australian team during last 10-15 years. They are used to walk into ground with the pride of being the undisputed kings of the game. A popular joke, after the ODI world cup in the West Indies goes like. Next ODI world being held in Asia will last for just two days, on the day one there will be inaugural function include glimpse of Asian culture and photographic session for all the participating teams. On the second day a star filled entertainment program will be held at Edan garden Kolkatta – Cricket stadium can accommodate hundred thousands people- and world cup trophy will be handed over to Australian captain. This will mark end of function and world cup.

World scene has changed since the almost insulting exit of Indian team from that ODI world cup. Look at the success run of Indian team after the world cup, not only in ODI but also in the traditional Test cricket, feathers are being added to hat of Indian team one after another. Even the First T-20 world cup saw the Indians emerging as the world champion in the presence and defeating the kings of the game. Won home away test series in England and clinched title for the ODI and Test match home series against the arch rivals Pakistan. Even the solo twenty -20 match between Australia and India, during last Australian concluded with an Indian victory.

Indians are progressing positively to create and pose a challenge for Australians not only on the cricketing fields but also on the other ground. Who will forget the aggression of Shrisanth during the last tour of Australian cricket team to India. It is set norm of Australian players and press to start bombarding of nasty comments on the touring captain to demoralized him even before taking place at war fields of the game. Unfortunately touring Indian captain Anil Kumbale has made them deprived of it. In fact the reflections of changed scenario were started to reflect from the T-20 world cup in the South Africa with the calm, cool and calculated behavioral postures by the Indian captain M. S. Dhoni. Instead of Australian this time it was Anil kumble to lead the sleighing front with the statement “Without Worn, Australian spin attack is at its weakest point and we have batsmen to take advantage of this.” Might this was not sufficient to produce fear waves in opponent camp, so the star wicketkeeper and hard hitting batsman M S Dhoni, who is visiting Australia for first time, came with the statement “ Considering the reports and past records I can say only that Australia pitches are most suitable for the batting style I have.”

The kings are at the receiving end this time and that too at home. It will be interesting to see how the offenders are able to cope with the defending tactics and how and to what extant Indian team is able to convert the words into deeds. We have to remember over the years it has always a tough composition for all the touring teams to get accustom with the Australian climatic and ground situations and time consumed for this often resulted in defeat for them. This tour of Australia might going to prove the last visit for some of indian stars like sachin Tendulkar, saurav, Rahul, Laxman, and Kumbale so they will not leave a space for their already brilliant record.

The dates included in the playing schedule of Indian cricket team in Australia read like as follows

December 2007
26 to 30 First Test Matches [Melbourne]
January 2008
02 to 06 second Test Match [Sydney]
10 to 12 Practice Match against A. C. T. Eleven
16 to 20 Third Test Match [Perth]
24 to 28 Forth Test Match [Adelaide]

Australians are also looking forward to February first when both the Indians and Australians will take the ground for the solo T-20 match of the tour, to compensate some what for the insulting defeat in the semi’s of T-20 world cup and at Mumbai during the last tour of India by the Australian team in the same format of the game. This tour of Australia might going to prove last career visit for some of star performers like Sachin, Saurav, Laxman, Rahun and Kumbale , Surely all of them are going to put additional effrots for making the tour memmorable.

Banking sector of India

Banking sector of India

Banking and retailing are the vigorously growing sectors of Indian market. At present there are about 25 foreign banks functional in the country and almost the same number will get functional by the end of year 2009. Surely it will boost already stiff competition in the sector and this is proving a cause of concern and stress for the nationalized and local banks of the country.

Survival of fittest principle of Darwin will come in the activity scene of this sector and this is forcing the nationalized bank to be aware and prepared for the future competitions and challenges posed by the presence of foreign banks in the sector. Look at the State Bank of India, which is trying for the merger of its associated banks like State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Maysore, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Tirvonkore etc. to raise its capital and remain away from the competition and problems created by the foreign banks at least for next 20 years.

There are some restrictions of Reserve Bank of India on the local banks as for as the loans are concerned where as foreign banks are free from such restriction and in fact this is most probable reason of worries for the Indian banks as Indian economy has started to revolve and grow around the personal and commercial loans.

Foreign banks come with technological excellence and more professional attitude towards the customer care and services. Though in the recent times a few are being fined by Reserve Bank of India for practicing muscular power and other malpractices for the recovery of their loans, but still this excellence and professional attitude is attracting thousands of clients for them. It is fact that foreign banks are preferring metros like Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, and Delhi etc for their branches but they are expanding their functional wings even to rural areas of the country. Most recent illustration is the taking over of The Sangli Bank by the ICICI in the south Maharashtra.

In the coming days it is sure to see a very stiff competition in the banking sector of the country and many of co-operative and local banks are bound to go for opting a merger with larger fish of the ocean but surely the client will be benefited most and industry is going to find considerable loans available for the taking.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

True Essence Of Education

True Essence Of Education

Firing and killing of fellow student at one of school located at Gudgaon near the capital city Delhi has not only proved tsunami for the national conscious of the country but also provided a space for debate and put a question mark on our present educational system.

Like the most of life fields educational arena is also dominated by the stiff competition and our present educational system is being looked as the stress source for the students, parents and teachers. Unfortunately our budding generations are not equipped with the training skills of controlling the mind to face and get rid of these stresses.

While reading literature of great Indian philosopher and educationist Swami Vivekanand, I come across with a sentence

“To me the very essence education is the concentration of mind and not the collection of facts.”

Now look at our present educational system, the real factory, a place in true senses for the synchronizing of human mental capacities for memorizing and collection of facts and reproducing the same at appropriate time say examination or during the interview for the job. Our system is emphasizing on collection of facts with a minimal space for the development of wisdom faculty. Students are prompted for acquiring best knowledge but kept deprived of wisdom essential for using this acquired knowledge to its totality in the practical life. We all know human beings are livings with most developed nervous system but surely we are not with infinite storage powers and memories, might be being aware of and realizing this, our forefathers have invented “scripts” to keep the facts in written format for the use of future generations. Probably here lies the failure source of our present educational system.

Kida are forced to face the educational syllabus at the tender age of 2 -3 years, without getting time for maturing their mental abilities, in the form of “Pre nursery” or “Play school”. This is the reflection of pressures of the present educational system on our lives, that I had prepared a computerized presentation of the English alphabets, for our grand children well before their birth. Though being a teacher I was aware of harms of pre mature exposures and hence my oldest grand daughter [almost 3 years] was recently saw this presentation first time.

I come across with an interesting finding. I was taking interview of a computer graduate for the post of service engineer. I asked the candidate about the operating System and told that candidate had installed it for more than fifty times and with a habit of reading the changing screens while the installation. I was surprised to know that person was not aware of number of changing screens during a single and complete installation. This was happening only because this information was not part of syllabus. This is indicating another failure of our present educational system. Students are learning remain rigidly in the frame of known facts and lacks in the use of their imagination powers and observation skills, probably that’s why our most of modern science inventions are incidentals baring a few targeted ones.

I am not denying the power of facts. I know future can get birth only from the uterus of past, failure is the first step on the success roads but surely we need a balance between the collection of facts and acquiring the wisdom for utilizing and analyzing these facts. Only this can work as the true and ideal educational system.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Indian Women

Indian Women

A few durations of 24 hours are left to rise and set the sun last time in the year 2007 and all the statistician will find it hard to meet with tight schedules for updating the record for the year.

The year 2007 is unique for India in multiple ways especially for the Indian women. Traditionally Indian women are limited within the four walls called home but with the time activity area of Indian women kept on expanding. Post independence era saw the vigorous growth and many activity fields are added to working world of Indian women.

Traditions got broken and at many commercial place appearances of women become a common routine in India. From teaching profession and even to well dominated profession like driving of public bus and train are feeling the soft hands of women. In the sixty years of independence country got first woman “Rashtrapati” in the form of Pritibha Patil on the 25th July 2007, she also had another achievement in past as she was the first woman governor for the Rajasthan State.

Congress [I] head smt. Sonia Gandhi is counted among the top 100 powerful women of world by the “Times Magazine”, where is according to “forbes” she is sixth most powerful person of the world for the year 2007.

Kiran Mujamdar will be included here for transforming an enzyme company into a global company. Indira nue, the CEO of Pepsico, Kept at the fifth place in the list of most powerful and influenced person, is a woman with Indian origin.

In the entertainment sector, Farah Khan’s movie “Om shanti Om” is touching new heights of commercial success. Aishwariya Roy is being recognized and shown her presence at international level with her two movies namely “The Last Lazin” and “Provoked”.

Last but not the least, Tennis sensation Sania Mirza becomes first seeded woman Indian player at any grand slam tournament. She has achieved this at Us open 2007.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gunned Childhood

Gunned Childhood

Indian social consciousness is under the tsunami ways generated from the news of firing and killing of fellow students by two school students at Gudgaon, near the capital city New Delhi. For the western world countries such incidents are not even considered as news but for the Indians, this was shocking news and first incident of its kind hence the thought storm and debates are touching never before altitudes and horizons. If we look in deeper sense this is the cast of high speed growth and following blindly western life style, which we are paying in this format.

Indian thought sky is filled with a kind of unknown aggression and anxiety and this is happening because race for the growth had made life values sidelined to provide space for the occurrence of such incidents. Look at the Indian life style, it is changing vigorously, self centered emotions are at ever high, elopement of combine family system is resulting in creation of vacuum of life values. Wealth is dictating norms of Indian social life. In this atmosphere when violence in schools news is flashed by media, it is natural to bring a quake in the social consciousness.

Technology has filled the human life with the physical comforts and means to meet with every desire and wants but how can we forget that it is also the technological growth, which is responsible for the inductions of enormous pressures and stresses in our day to day life. Students are also part of this social life style and how can they get escaped from these pressurized situations? In fact they are under such deep pressures that even we can say, this life style is making our children deprived of childhood.

Steep and though competitions are there in every aspect of life including the world of children. Pressures of studies, stresses of examination and concern for success are testing the mental wealth of kids at very tender age. Anger, anxiety and fear of failure generated from these, is resulting in such incidents. Modern life style suggests relaxation and entertainment to get rid of all these pressures and stresses. Look at the television, most trusted and widely accepted mean of entertainment in Indian families, it is helping unripe child mind to learn the lessons of violence and cruelty and most adversely prompting them for the creation of pseudo confidence, in such situations happening of this type of incidents can’t be termed as abnormal.

If the present childhood is holding the gun to solve the problem and get rid of stress and pressure, surely the social atmosphere is root cause for it. It is unfortunate that our social atmosphere is not providing a chance to childhood for being equipped with wisdom of knowing the end result of such incidents.

We can’t keep self deprived of technological advancement and developments of the modern times. Surely this is the time for the trio of teacher, parent and student to look into problems in tandem because communication is the best way to get the root cause of problem. Introduction of crisis management and facing the stress and pressure into school syllabus is yet another way of tackling the problem. Making teachers and parents more sensitive and aware of unrest of student can also be considered as the solution of the problem. Surely accumulation of wealth and availability of physical comforts are changing our life style but it is most essential for the stability of social norms to prevents the creations of situations responsible for the gunned childhood.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Selected Sixteen

Selected Sixteen
[Indian Cricket Tour to Australia]

Once again the credibility of selection committee of Indian cricket team is place under the microscopic observation. The tradition of coming up with shocking inclusion was kept intact when yesterday board secretary announced “Sixteen Selected” to tour the kangaroo land. It was looked a few days back that selection process of Indian cricketing team is started to run on the reasonable and transparent level when the selection committee announce the probable 24 touring and out of form Shewag was not in the list. The message went to the world of players, at least now the performance at domestic level will get recognition but what happens on the day of picking the team is unsolved mystery. Look at the list of selected sixteen
Anil Kumbale [captain]
M. S. Dhoni [Vice Captain]
Vriendra Shewag
Wasim Jaffar
Sachin Tendulkar
V V S Laxman
Rahul Dravid
Saurav Ganguli
Yuvraj Singh
Harbhajan Singh
R P Singh
Zahir Khan
Irfan Pathan
Ishant Sharma
Dinesh Kartik
Pankaj Singh

My objection is not for the sudden inclusion of Shewag, eventually I was surprised not to see his name in the probable 24 list, but for the pseudo reasoning tactics adopted my the board, why not they are able to generate courage to admit the mistake? How long will they shelter their shortcomings under the fitness cover of players? This it is said fitness of Gambhir forced the selection of Shewag, my question is that even if it was true, why the preference is given to shewag [not in probable in 24] over the in form Aakash Chopara [included in 24].

Inclusion of Shewag has made the process of playing eleven more complicated; accommodating Yuvraj was a burning problem for the team management. If we go with the reports coming out about the Indian playing eleven in Australia, not only Yuvraj but inclusion of Laxman [most successful batsman against Australia] seems to be remote possibility. It is said that Indian think tank is planning to go into the field with combination of 6 batsman and 5 bowlers that means the first five slots will be occupied by Jaffar, Shewag, Dravid, Sachin & Saurav than Dhoni and five bowlers to follow. Over the years spin is the strength of Indian attack and when playing with five bowlers, inclusion of two spinners is most reasonable. Selecting only two spinners for Australia tour is yet another question mark on the selection process.

Looking at the team selected I think the playing eleven will be as follows [in bating order]
1] Virendra Shewag
2] Wasim Jaffar
3] Rahul Dravid
4] Sachin Tendulkar
5] Sourav Ganguli
6] V V S Laxman
7] M S Dhoni
8] Irfan Pathan
9] Kumale
10] Zahir Khan
11] R P Singh / Harbhajan

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Inspiration – Most Hot Commodity of Market

Inspiration – Most Hot Commodity of Market

“Nanak Das Mukh Se Jo Bole, Yahan wahan Sach Hove”.
[According to our Gurbani prayer, Adi Guru Nanak Dev Ji says, whatever devotee speak out become truth here on earth and as well as in heavenly abode]
This is the sheer power of vocal abilities of human beings which is unique and beyond comparison; even the modern science had not only recognized sound as the form of energy but also proved its transformation into work. Look at the magic produced and illustrated by the words. Who, ever forget the magical effects generated from the words “My dear sisters and brothers” pronounced by swami Vivekanand in America.

Time Flow and technological advancement had filled the human life with much more metal fatigue, made the professional targets a bit harder to achieve and making day to day life more pressurized and full of tensions. To get rid of all these we needs inspiration and this has turned inspiration into most precious and high priced commodity of economy centered market of the world. In the present era demand of inspiration is such huge that this business aspect is crossing turn over in the billions.

According to “Shiv Kheda” one of the most famous inspiration aspirant – Good inspiring thoughts are like the food and essential for the human life. Having the same food daily generates a kind of disliking for the food, the same also happens with our thoughts. We need to have some inspiring thoughts in interim for keeping self motivated and active. Where as in the views of “Deepak Chopara” , yet another inspirational thought professional – Almost 70 people out of hundred are with the intense desire of change and hardly 8-10 of them are with the capacity of rising to situations and most of the rest needs an inspirational program or class to get inspiration or motivation. According to Paulo inspiration or motivation can also work as the determining factor for the trained behavior of livings. All this is more than sufficient to make the inspiration hot and most salable commodity in the economy based world market. It is basic principle of economics; price is slave of difference of demand and supply. As there is huge gap between the demand and supply of inspiration hence it becomes very high priced and precious commodity of market.

If we look into history, J. Krishnamurthy was the first to sale the inspiration and his follower Acharya Rajnish – famously known as “Osho” – went to touch such heights that even the most powerful government of America, was forced to send back him to India. Look at the market for this commodity called inspiration, like the most human faculties, here also, Indians with the presence of well known names like Satya Saibaba, Shri ravishankar and Baba Ramdev, are emerging as world leaders. This is natural as India is known as the mother land of Yoga and Auryavedic, which are also hot commodities in the present world market.

Inspiration comes in various packs from few hundred to millions; it is dependable of the buying powers you hold. Every session / meeting with such experts needs expense of some hundreds. Sensing the importance of inspiration most of companies are hiring inspirational experts and professional for their staff, which are going under the intense pressure and tensions generated either from the Himalayan load of their dreams or from the dead end of fear of failure. Any how inspiration is most recent trend of world market and among the most precious commodities available in the market. Depressed, go & buy the suitable inspiration for self.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Happy Life Tips [Newly Married Bride]

Happy Life Tips [Newly Married Bride]

On last 4th December, my daughter got married and two three months prior to that we both have a long discussion about her future life. Though it was quite personal but still there are a few points, which I think can work as the key to happy life for every newly married girl hence I am sharing it with all of you.

· Events, Functions and people of mother in law’s house should be kept on the priority list over the father’s house.
· Don’t make rigid views about any member of new family in early days because it will cover the goodness of the concerned person.
· It is essential to take care of husband but don’t avoid other in law relatives. Your care about the mother in law, father in law, sister in law and brother in law will also make your husband marry.
· Don’t try to find behavioral weaknesses of people at your mother in laws house, instead of that keep your behavior with them such that they start feeling that you are part of them.
· Take interest in the house hold works, after all a human being is known and get respect for the deeds.
· If your mother in law / sister in law is good at preparing some recipe try to learn that don’t hesitate to take help of new family members in the works new to you.
· Avoid criticizing your in laws relations. Keep it always in your mind, may the behavior of your mother in law with you have a good standard but still she will not like to see you criticizing her children.
· Avoid complaining about the behavior of other family members to husband, do remember he is grown up with them and hence have a soft corner for them. Your, this action might make your husband unhappy even though he might be aware of that weakness of the concerned person.
· Do remember the special days of life for the people at your mother in laws house. Greet them on the day with small gifts. Remember this remembrance and tiny gifts are working as the joining bridge between the hearts and will help to build a relation of belongingness.
· Try to be friendly with your younger sister in law / brother in law. You can do it by taking interest in their activities at home and school / college, talking with them about their hobbies and interests.
· If you are expert at cooking than your, are bound to be favorite daughter in law. Do remember before going for the cooking asks your mother in law about the menu, she will feel honored and that will help you to build an affectionate relationship with her.
· Don’t show that you are expert in certain work area for which other members are layman because it will heart their ego and will take away from you.
· Avoid talking about your father’s house or the dominating and decision making position you hold there because that might heart the ego of members of your new family.
· Don’t criticize your in laws while chatting with friends at new family instead of that try to highlight the goodness of new in laws.
· Avoid the anger; do remember soft and calm words are with power, even to melt stoned hearts.
· It is quite possible that at new family you might not find time for some of your interests and hobbies. Instead of complaining about it try to cope with the situations after all to gain something we have to loose something.
· Do keep a good space for the care of husband and respect for his desires. He will be pleased to see you mixing with family members but in most of the cases husbands are not ready to see this at the cast of their care by wife.
· According to our Hindu faith marriage is new birth for the girl, so keep yourself with time to get the same dominating status at your mother in laws home which you were used to hold at father’s house.
These are just few tips the bottom line is being open minded and keeping your ego & anger under control are the key to successful, pleasant life at your new family.