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Indian Cricket in Australia

Indian Cricket in Australia

Sleighing – a disturbing vocal or actionable comment or performance by the fielders on the cricket ground to break the concentration of batsman – is the trade mark and successfully implemented action plan of Australian Cricket is seems booming back on them special with the forthcoming [In fact Indian team is there in Australia only] tour by the Indian team. No one will dare to put a question mark on the talent and success of Australian team during last 10-15 years. They are used to walk into ground with the pride of being the undisputed kings of the game. A popular joke, after the ODI world cup in the West Indies goes like. Next ODI world being held in Asia will last for just two days, on the day one there will be inaugural function include glimpse of Asian culture and photographic session for all the participating teams. On the second day a star filled entertainment program will be held at Edan garden Kolkatta – Cricket stadium can accommodate hundred thousands people- and world cup trophy will be handed over to Australian captain. This will mark end of function and world cup.

World scene has changed since the almost insulting exit of Indian team from that ODI world cup. Look at the success run of Indian team after the world cup, not only in ODI but also in the traditional Test cricket, feathers are being added to hat of Indian team one after another. Even the First T-20 world cup saw the Indians emerging as the world champion in the presence and defeating the kings of the game. Won home away test series in England and clinched title for the ODI and Test match home series against the arch rivals Pakistan. Even the solo twenty -20 match between Australia and India, during last Australian concluded with an Indian victory.

Indians are progressing positively to create and pose a challenge for Australians not only on the cricketing fields but also on the other ground. Who will forget the aggression of Shrisanth during the last tour of Australian cricket team to India. It is set norm of Australian players and press to start bombarding of nasty comments on the touring captain to demoralized him even before taking place at war fields of the game. Unfortunately touring Indian captain Anil Kumbale has made them deprived of it. In fact the reflections of changed scenario were started to reflect from the T-20 world cup in the South Africa with the calm, cool and calculated behavioral postures by the Indian captain M. S. Dhoni. Instead of Australian this time it was Anil kumble to lead the sleighing front with the statement “Without Worn, Australian spin attack is at its weakest point and we have batsmen to take advantage of this.” Might this was not sufficient to produce fear waves in opponent camp, so the star wicketkeeper and hard hitting batsman M S Dhoni, who is visiting Australia for first time, came with the statement “ Considering the reports and past records I can say only that Australia pitches are most suitable for the batting style I have.”

The kings are at the receiving end this time and that too at home. It will be interesting to see how the offenders are able to cope with the defending tactics and how and to what extant Indian team is able to convert the words into deeds. We have to remember over the years it has always a tough composition for all the touring teams to get accustom with the Australian climatic and ground situations and time consumed for this often resulted in defeat for them. This tour of Australia might going to prove the last visit for some of indian stars like sachin Tendulkar, saurav, Rahul, Laxman, and Kumbale so they will not leave a space for their already brilliant record.

The dates included in the playing schedule of Indian cricket team in Australia read like as follows

December 2007
26 to 30 First Test Matches [Melbourne]
January 2008
02 to 06 second Test Match [Sydney]
10 to 12 Practice Match against A. C. T. Eleven
16 to 20 Third Test Match [Perth]
24 to 28 Forth Test Match [Adelaide]

Australians are also looking forward to February first when both the Indians and Australians will take the ground for the solo T-20 match of the tour, to compensate some what for the insulting defeat in the semi’s of T-20 world cup and at Mumbai during the last tour of India by the Australian team in the same format of the game. This tour of Australia might going to prove last career visit for some of star performers like Sachin, Saurav, Laxman, Rahun and Kumbale , Surely all of them are going to put additional effrots for making the tour memmorable.

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