Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gunned Childhood

Gunned Childhood

Indian social consciousness is under the tsunami ways generated from the news of firing and killing of fellow students by two school students at Gudgaon, near the capital city New Delhi. For the western world countries such incidents are not even considered as news but for the Indians, this was shocking news and first incident of its kind hence the thought storm and debates are touching never before altitudes and horizons. If we look in deeper sense this is the cast of high speed growth and following blindly western life style, which we are paying in this format.

Indian thought sky is filled with a kind of unknown aggression and anxiety and this is happening because race for the growth had made life values sidelined to provide space for the occurrence of such incidents. Look at the Indian life style, it is changing vigorously, self centered emotions are at ever high, elopement of combine family system is resulting in creation of vacuum of life values. Wealth is dictating norms of Indian social life. In this atmosphere when violence in schools news is flashed by media, it is natural to bring a quake in the social consciousness.

Technology has filled the human life with the physical comforts and means to meet with every desire and wants but how can we forget that it is also the technological growth, which is responsible for the inductions of enormous pressures and stresses in our day to day life. Students are also part of this social life style and how can they get escaped from these pressurized situations? In fact they are under such deep pressures that even we can say, this life style is making our children deprived of childhood.

Steep and though competitions are there in every aspect of life including the world of children. Pressures of studies, stresses of examination and concern for success are testing the mental wealth of kids at very tender age. Anger, anxiety and fear of failure generated from these, is resulting in such incidents. Modern life style suggests relaxation and entertainment to get rid of all these pressures and stresses. Look at the television, most trusted and widely accepted mean of entertainment in Indian families, it is helping unripe child mind to learn the lessons of violence and cruelty and most adversely prompting them for the creation of pseudo confidence, in such situations happening of this type of incidents can’t be termed as abnormal.

If the present childhood is holding the gun to solve the problem and get rid of stress and pressure, surely the social atmosphere is root cause for it. It is unfortunate that our social atmosphere is not providing a chance to childhood for being equipped with wisdom of knowing the end result of such incidents.

We can’t keep self deprived of technological advancement and developments of the modern times. Surely this is the time for the trio of teacher, parent and student to look into problems in tandem because communication is the best way to get the root cause of problem. Introduction of crisis management and facing the stress and pressure into school syllabus is yet another way of tackling the problem. Making teachers and parents more sensitive and aware of unrest of student can also be considered as the solution of the problem. Surely accumulation of wealth and availability of physical comforts are changing our life style but it is most essential for the stability of social norms to prevents the creations of situations responsible for the gunned childhood.

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