Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Inspiration – Most Hot Commodity of Market

Inspiration – Most Hot Commodity of Market

“Nanak Das Mukh Se Jo Bole, Yahan wahan Sach Hove”.
[According to our Gurbani prayer, Adi Guru Nanak Dev Ji says, whatever devotee speak out become truth here on earth and as well as in heavenly abode]
This is the sheer power of vocal abilities of human beings which is unique and beyond comparison; even the modern science had not only recognized sound as the form of energy but also proved its transformation into work. Look at the magic produced and illustrated by the words. Who, ever forget the magical effects generated from the words “My dear sisters and brothers” pronounced by swami Vivekanand in America.

Time Flow and technological advancement had filled the human life with much more metal fatigue, made the professional targets a bit harder to achieve and making day to day life more pressurized and full of tensions. To get rid of all these we needs inspiration and this has turned inspiration into most precious and high priced commodity of economy centered market of the world. In the present era demand of inspiration is such huge that this business aspect is crossing turn over in the billions.

According to “Shiv Kheda” one of the most famous inspiration aspirant – Good inspiring thoughts are like the food and essential for the human life. Having the same food daily generates a kind of disliking for the food, the same also happens with our thoughts. We need to have some inspiring thoughts in interim for keeping self motivated and active. Where as in the views of “Deepak Chopara” , yet another inspirational thought professional – Almost 70 people out of hundred are with the intense desire of change and hardly 8-10 of them are with the capacity of rising to situations and most of the rest needs an inspirational program or class to get inspiration or motivation. According to Paulo inspiration or motivation can also work as the determining factor for the trained behavior of livings. All this is more than sufficient to make the inspiration hot and most salable commodity in the economy based world market. It is basic principle of economics; price is slave of difference of demand and supply. As there is huge gap between the demand and supply of inspiration hence it becomes very high priced and precious commodity of market.

If we look into history, J. Krishnamurthy was the first to sale the inspiration and his follower Acharya Rajnish – famously known as “Osho” – went to touch such heights that even the most powerful government of America, was forced to send back him to India. Look at the market for this commodity called inspiration, like the most human faculties, here also, Indians with the presence of well known names like Satya Saibaba, Shri ravishankar and Baba Ramdev, are emerging as world leaders. This is natural as India is known as the mother land of Yoga and Auryavedic, which are also hot commodities in the present world market.

Inspiration comes in various packs from few hundred to millions; it is dependable of the buying powers you hold. Every session / meeting with such experts needs expense of some hundreds. Sensing the importance of inspiration most of companies are hiring inspirational experts and professional for their staff, which are going under the intense pressure and tensions generated either from the Himalayan load of their dreams or from the dead end of fear of failure. Any how inspiration is most recent trend of world market and among the most precious commodities available in the market. Depressed, go & buy the suitable inspiration for self.

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