Monday, December 24, 2007

Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind

Enlist the factors affecting and boosting ones journey on the success paths. Most of listing will include talent, hard work, enthusiasm, zeal, and dedication etc. One common factor that might can observe missing from most of listing is presence of mind. It is lacking of presence of mind that we forget to include presence of mind in the list of success factors.

Presence of mind is the tool which equipped us to be capable of utilizing favorable conditions or even to turn the unfavorable situations into favorable ones. In fact presence of mind is an artistic exhibition of talent, skills and acquired facts at post appropriate time and place. It helps us to create opportunities instead of waiting for them. Presence of mind helps us to alter the situation in its totality. Look at following two sentences

God is no where.
God is now here.

These are the classic illustration for the magical effects produced by presence of mind.

Presence of mind not only leads towards the success roads but might also prove life saving remedy in certain situations. I recall a short story narrated to us by our father during my childhood days. Frankly speaking at that time I have taken it as a lesson about need of the loyalty in friendship and knowing the true friends but now after crossing fifty finding the same story a suitable illustration of presence of mind for saving ones life. We have to remember that presence of mind is nothing but the best possible use of known facts and knowledge in the given situations. The story goes like this:

There were two friends Sunil and Punit living in adjoining houses in a village at foot hill of a mountain near the dense forest. People were wondering about their friendship and close association because both were opposite poles in their nature, attitude and life vision. Sunil was a self centered person while people were finding Punit eager to help them. One day both the friends were roaming in the deep forest when they heard a distance roar of forest king. Sensing the life danger Sunil asked about skill of climbing on the tree, before the Punit reply the roaring death become visible though still was a distance. Sunil started running, without bothering the ability of Punit in climbing the tree, and in a moment was at the top of giant tree, away from the roaring death. Punit thought for a while and all of sudden fall on the ground. Soon the lion was there and moving around the body of Punit, and try to take the smell of life from the body. From the height for Sunil it all was a whispering between two. After moving three four times around the body lion run away. Respire of life was back Sunil moved down and asked Punit about his date with death. Punit replied it was sheer his presence of mind rescued his life, he was aware of habit of lions not to eat flesh of body not killed by them, so he fall down and hold the respiration to give feeling of dead body to lion.

So friends be aware of powers of presence of mind. Surely it is going to work as life guard in difficult times.

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