Monday, December 17, 2007

Indian Women

Indian Women

A few durations of 24 hours are left to rise and set the sun last time in the year 2007 and all the statistician will find it hard to meet with tight schedules for updating the record for the year.

The year 2007 is unique for India in multiple ways especially for the Indian women. Traditionally Indian women are limited within the four walls called home but with the time activity area of Indian women kept on expanding. Post independence era saw the vigorous growth and many activity fields are added to working world of Indian women.

Traditions got broken and at many commercial place appearances of women become a common routine in India. From teaching profession and even to well dominated profession like driving of public bus and train are feeling the soft hands of women. In the sixty years of independence country got first woman “Rashtrapati” in the form of Pritibha Patil on the 25th July 2007, she also had another achievement in past as she was the first woman governor for the Rajasthan State.

Congress [I] head smt. Sonia Gandhi is counted among the top 100 powerful women of world by the “Times Magazine”, where is according to “forbes” she is sixth most powerful person of the world for the year 2007.

Kiran Mujamdar will be included here for transforming an enzyme company into a global company. Indira nue, the CEO of Pepsico, Kept at the fifth place in the list of most powerful and influenced person, is a woman with Indian origin.

In the entertainment sector, Farah Khan’s movie “Om shanti Om” is touching new heights of commercial success. Aishwariya Roy is being recognized and shown her presence at international level with her two movies namely “The Last Lazin” and “Provoked”.

Last but not the least, Tennis sensation Sania Mirza becomes first seeded woman Indian player at any grand slam tournament. She has achieved this at Us open 2007.

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