Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sixser Man of the World Cup

Cricket has become game of batsman from the game of gentelmam and exctiment of raising the ball for the maximum is as usual is beyond the comparison. Player capable of dispatching the ball beyond and over the boundry are a treat to watch. It was surprise move by the Shrilanka to open the inning with Santh Jayasurya, Today he along with Shahid Afridi of Pakistan is joint record holder for hiting 224 sixsers in one day verson of the game, Though India former captain Saurav Ganguli is next on the record list but with 176 sixsers he is way behind than these two. If we tutn to matches played for the world cup a possitive picture for India will be available for viewing.In the World Cup MatchesSaurav Ganguli is the Sixser man 23 Sixser in 18 games.Viv Richard is next with 22 Sixser.India's Master bloster Sachin Tendulkar is also present in this list of Sixser man with 17 sixses in the 33 games.Record of hiting maximum sixser in a single inning is written with the name of Australian Ricky Ponting with 8 sixses against the India[2004]. The next player of the list is the Saurav Ganguli with 7 sixses against Shrilanka [1999].Saurav Ganguli is also on the list of player scoring maximum runs by boundries in a single game. During his 183 runs knock against Shrilanka he sent out, the ball for, 7 sixsers and 17 fours. Captain of 1983 Victorious team Kapil Dev is also on this list with 6 sixes and 16 four against the Zimbabve in the score of 175 runs.

Same Situation Different reactions

This is quite natural, What is worth of ,to read or write about this topic? These are few words that will strike my mind instantaly when my eyes reads the title like this. Is the same case is yours also? if your answer is affarmative one than this is the article written for the people like you and if you are with a different set of words as the reactions to title like this than make assured your self that reading this will help you to know the answer for the diffrence. It is quite offten to note the different sets of habits, choicses and living style in the behaviour of real brothers brought up in the same family atmosphere and with same physical comforts and even the education from the same school. Some may say that the age difference has created a change of time and social envornment, but amazinging this also can be seen in the case of twins. Psychrists say that human learning process starts with imitating others and about 80% human behaviours are learned by coppy. if this the fact than what is causing the difference of behaviour in the same situation? Just think you have to meet with the authority in a office and peon is asking you an entry tip, one person without any hasitation puts the tip on the hands of peon and goes in where as to other the same situation irritate to the level of start of shouting at peon and the system. A students copping in the examination, most of the students are ignoring but one raise the protest. This illustration list may goes on and on and we can have the numerous same situations with different sets of behaviours, not necessarily of just only two types of behaviours but the reactions may be in the equibillirium of the people and situations. Human psycologist say that what human beings learn and adopt is being deposited with mind and in the simple words is known as the memory. All the reactions of human beings are based on the memory. If I ask you to slap yourself you surely will call me a case that to be treated by the mental experts, but have you thought ever that you have done this so many times. Just memorize your reaction to the mosquito biting your chicks. I think we had diverted a bit from our topic coming back to our main topic of difference in human behaviour An adoptation is behavioural change and the process of adaptatiion completes with the imitating, learning, absorbing and depositing with the cerebral cortex. It is possible that imitating source may be the same, learning process and envornments may also be the same but the abosrbing abilities of every human beings are unique and unmatched like their finger prints and tounge prints and this the reason for the difference of human behaviour. The quantity of absorbtion can deposites the exprience as the different adoptation .

Short Supplies of Present Era

Economist are treating this era as the era of trading, whole world is rapidly moving on the road of turning into a single market. In this status of globalzation if I am indicating about the short supplies I am bound to be seen with a suspecious vision but dear it is as hard truth as the sun rise brings the day break and surely you will also agree with me. Just look at the following facts 1] Traditional family and social values are in the deep danger of elopment. 2] Attraction for easy money is increasing in the youth. 3] A consderable high human population is under the influence of sarrow and mental stress. 4] No body seems to be satisfied with job on hands. I have heard that in the devloped countries like America people are always between the jobs as they are always in the search of jobs that can pay them higher than the existing one. 5] Family life is almost cease to exist. 6] Humanity is almost totaly covered by the selfishness. 7] We started to forget the means and concentrating only on the success.All this and many other undesirable things are happening in our life because we are with short suppile ofFaith in the God: The lack of this faith has made us eager and we have started willing to enjoy the success not only without doing the efforts for it but also before the time. For our convience we are forgeting "Desrve before desire". Companionship: Blood is thiker than water, but due to unsympathic behaviour and lack of tolerence we are going away and away from the birth relatives. We are searching emotional shelter in our friends and collegues and most of times are cheated.Time: We are finding it hard to adjust time for the meeting with family members and allowing self to fall pray of mental stress.Money: It has become hard to earn. The blind race of earning money has forced us to scarify humanity and become selfish.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Business of Dead Rat Part - II

It is said " Tallent needs just one opportunity" sundar told self. Let first I took that dead rat.
I will decided on my way to other corner of the market about doing bussiness with this dead rate.
He get up, went to other side, took the dead rate and satrted to walk.
People in this city looks selfish, I am here since last two hours but nobody asked me anything. This shows people are sympathyless.
It was said true that in the cities people become hearless no body thinks of other. with the toughts he was going to the other corner of market with dead rat in his hand.
People started amazing about this young boy who looks villeger, and passing through with a dead rat in hand.
Sundar reached almost half way of the capital market, when

He saw a chariot of a land lord but as he was busy with searching the idea for starting a bussiness with dead rat.
"Surely and surely there must be a way".He told to self " After all these are the words of a person, who is treasurer of King."
so he could't locate the cat of land lord, jumped from the chariot and sarted following him.

When the land lord saw his domestic cat jumping out he shouted to call her back but the negetive reply forced him to see where she was going.
When he saw that cat is following a young boy going way with a dead rat in hand.
He understood that it will be wise to give that dead rat to cat otherwise he will lose his cat.
He called sundar to stop.
Know the attention of sundar went to cat, trying to catch the dead rat from the hand of sundar.
He turned and look to the voice calling.
When he saw the chariot a light sparked in his mind and now he was with an idea of starting bussiness with that dead rat.

Land lord: Look young manI wish to buy this dead rat for my darlling cat? what will cost this to me?
Sundar lokked at land lord and thought for a while and told " Sir, I don't wish to sell this dead rat, but considering your love for your cat,
I will give this dead rat to you if you agree to pay me just one ruppee.
one ruppee was nothing for the land lord which he gave away hapily to sundar and took the dead rat.
In this way sundar satrted to go under way his bussiness at city with that dead rat and profit of his first deal Rs. One was in his hands.
He thought this is just begining, but I have to build a palace for my parents,living at villege.


All that in the other part of story .......

That will be posted here only very shortly

Business of Dead Rat [Story] Part - I

There was a villege Rampur where a poor person Roopchand was living.
God has blessed him with only child - son - sundar.
Though he was poor and finding it hard to meet with requirements of life.
He sent sundar to Pandit Banwarilal for the education assuming that it will bring prosperity to their life.
With time Sundar become young and education made him man of wisdom.
After completing education sundar returned back to villege.
He realise that it is alost imposible to earn at villege by using his education.
He went to father and ask his permision to go to city.
Considering the future, heavy hearted father granted permision.

On one good day sundar started his journey for city.
He reached city the capital of kingdom ans was surprised to see the people there.
Against the sympathic nature of people of his vilege here people were running without thinking of others.
The selfishness of people hurted him too much. He sit down at one corner of the market and was busy what to do?

Sundar's thought process was broken by two voices. This was the treasurer of king and his friend.
Friend : let me know what is the reason behind your success.
Treasurer : A dead rat.
Friend : A dead rat? What are you talking man !
Treasurer : I know people will not believe it but it is hard turth and I will stress it.He stoped talking and looked at the dead rat on the road side.

Treasurer : Friend, Can you see a dead rat on the other side of the road?
Friend : Yes, what is new in it?
Treasurer : No friend, I am telling you if a tallented young ,who can use wisdom, will be able to build a bussiness house from this dead rat.
Friend : A bussiness started with dead rate ? What a joke ! friend laughed and both went away, but they have feeded the though process of Sundar.
Sundar started thinking how? how? can a bussiness be started with a dead rat?