Friday, February 09, 2007

Business of Dead Rat [Story] Part - I

There was a villege Rampur where a poor person Roopchand was living.
God has blessed him with only child - son - sundar.
Though he was poor and finding it hard to meet with requirements of life.
He sent sundar to Pandit Banwarilal for the education assuming that it will bring prosperity to their life.
With time Sundar become young and education made him man of wisdom.
After completing education sundar returned back to villege.
He realise that it is alost imposible to earn at villege by using his education.
He went to father and ask his permision to go to city.
Considering the future, heavy hearted father granted permision.

On one good day sundar started his journey for city.
He reached city the capital of kingdom ans was surprised to see the people there.
Against the sympathic nature of people of his vilege here people were running without thinking of others.
The selfishness of people hurted him too much. He sit down at one corner of the market and was busy what to do?

Sundar's thought process was broken by two voices. This was the treasurer of king and his friend.
Friend : let me know what is the reason behind your success.
Treasurer : A dead rat.
Friend : A dead rat? What are you talking man !
Treasurer : I know people will not believe it but it is hard turth and I will stress it.He stoped talking and looked at the dead rat on the road side.

Treasurer : Friend, Can you see a dead rat on the other side of the road?
Friend : Yes, what is new in it?
Treasurer : No friend, I am telling you if a tallented young ,who can use wisdom, will be able to build a bussiness house from this dead rat.
Friend : A bussiness started with dead rate ? What a joke ! friend laughed and both went away, but they have feeded the though process of Sundar.
Sundar started thinking how? how? can a bussiness be started with a dead rat?


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