Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Kings of Divide and Rule

“Divide and Rule” the policy that has helped British rulers to keep intact their kingdom over the Indian sub continent for centuries. It was thought that with the independence and democratic set up this policy will die its natural death with time. Does it happen in our country? Surely the answer is not an affirmative one, considering the situations that even after a more than half of decade still we are not Indians but still are Punjabi, Marathi, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, South Indian, Assamee or Sindhi. Will you believe about one third population of America is of the citizens without American origin but they all are Americans.

Why this happens only in India? Minor things that can be overlooked at any moment become an issue of mass consideration. It might be the dress code of Tennis sensation Sania on the playing fields or the recent statement of Film Star turned politician Hema Malini with respect to North Indian especially people from U.P.

This was happening in past only due to politicians and politics because we were unknown with the art of living with these things and differentiate them to keep the politics away from our day to day life. It was real non pleasing status that we have reached destination where even our students were divided on the basis of casts. Thank to God slowly but surely [within a short span of 50 years] we had learned that many of politicians were the new carriers of “Divide and Rule” and for their self started using common citizen to achieve their own aims and objectives without bothering about National or social up-liftment.

Technology has made our life enriched with ever most comfort but this has also produce new carriers of “Divide and Rule”. It is fact that there is rate race for the top spot in the electronic media and nobody wishes or affords to be loser on the TRP grounds. This can be reflecting from the recent Hema Malini incident. Fortunately I have watched this entire episode very carefully what I have saw and heard was
Reporter: North Indians in Mumbai are not satisfied as they fail to get the desired status for them?
Hema: If they fail to get desired status they can go back.

Hema’s comment was just to produce a humor but these TRP thirsty News channels has started projecting this statement as the insult of North Indians especially citizens of U.P. The episode ends with the apology by Hema Malini for non committed sin. I wish to leave all of you with two questions

Is the apology of Hema Malini will remove the wounds created by so called insult and humiliation?

Will we allow these TV News channels to rule over us by there this policy of “Divide and Rule”?

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