Thursday, January 25, 2007

India: Political and Electoral Reforms

We Indian are not just became habituated with the corruption by the politician but also had learned the art of living with it. Otherwise what else is preventing us for raising our voice against it? People says India has changed a lot, the days of dynasties are over, No dear nothing is changed if you think deeply, though on a visible change is that know people have choice of electing rulers of own choice, where as in the past it was destiny that who will be the ruler.If the present political environment which on run towards being worst with time remain in continuation surely India will be heading to face a dictatorship in very near future and what the bare thought freedom we are enjoying will become a thing of past. So dear friends this is right time for awaking, I am calling especially youth to come forward and work for the most needed political and electoral reforms which are the need of hour to keep intact our status of being citizen of a democratic set up.

Political Reforms:
Surely the our present political situations have reached to status of being liable for undergoing a renovation and to make the political sky of the country, pollution free and more worth for living following reforms must be implemented with immediate effect.

** Introduction of Law Council to look after, the review and reconstruction of the constitution of the country, define the duties and responsibilities of public representatives, beside fixing their salaries to appropriate and reasonable level and keep on working for rules and regulations that can meet with our changing social demands. This will leave government with the only implementation of laws. How ever every suggestion of this council will be under go a debate in both the existing houses by the elected public representative before being called law.
Construction of Law Council: There will be just 25 persons appointed by President by India for a term of three years with fix remuneration of Rs. 25,000/- per month to each. The sole and one eligibility criteria will be that these persons should not be related with any political party directly or indirectly and selected from various fields as fallows
4 High court retired Judges3 Supreme Court retired Judges3 Armed forces retired personals [Brigadier or equivalent]2 IAS retired officers 2 University Student representatives [preparing for Doctorate in Law and under age of 35 years] 3 Professional [having a practice of 10 or more years] [like Doctors, Engineers]3 Representatives from the corporate houses2 Supreme Court practicing lawyers [at least 10 years experience]2 University Vice Chancellors retired [Law background essential]1 President of India [Working as the Honorary Head of council]
** We are one of the biggest populated countries and if we take the problem of residential area and the unaffordable expenses made on the security of Ministers and other politicians my suggestion will look worth gold.I suggest construction of multistory buildings for the residence of Ministers and other political personalities as this will not only solve the problem of residential area but will also bring the security expenses to minimum.
** There must not be different set of laws for the people on the basis of religion or the area [as are there in present constitution]. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, whole land is one country India hence there must be a universal and same set of laws. Similarly we are being known as Indian to world so there is no need of different sets of laws which divide us into various religions.
** Politics is no more a social service. It has started journey on the roads of professionalism and like other professions started to run in heredity. In the laws of our land there is no provision of making expenses on the security of professionals, I suggest the same status for the politicians. There is high life risk is involved in the professions related with coal mines and armed forces and peoples are entering in these profession on their own risk. Why we wish to keep apart politic from these high risked professions?
** There should not be any type of reservation, as every candidate will compulsory submit plan of development for the area before the election [see electoral reforms] so it will make no difference who is representating which constituency? Imprisonment [for any reason] will be treated as a disqualification.
Electoral Reforms

** There must be a minimum level of education for being liable for contesting in elections. My suggestions are For Village level Bodies : At least 10 years of schoolingFor City Level Bodies : At least 12 years of schoolingFor State Level : At least Graduation For National Level : At least Post Graduation or a professional degree
** It will be mandatory for every candidate to submit year wise plan of development for the area, indicating year wise proposed details of expenses to be made from the discriminatory fund.
** An elected candidate must published year wise asset details of self and relatives in a comparable table format highlighting the additions at the bottom of table.
** All elected candidate must publicized the achievements regarding the development of the area on yearly basis with quoting commitments.
** During the membership no one will be allowed to hold any post in the co-operative institution or NGOs [even honorary].
** An elected candidate will compulsory will remain present in and available for meeting with public in the constituency.
** All the seating members have to vacant their government residence at least 15 days before the election and should submit such certificate issued by appropriate authorities before the electoral officer of area.
** An elected candidate will be liable for calling back if fails in Publishing year wise asset details of own and relatives. Completing less than 80% of the committed development. Being present in at least 24 public functions held in the constituency during the year.
** In the case of call back of elected candidate, one who was second in the election will be declared elected for the remaining period of term of house and will work according to submitted plan of development for that specific period.

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