Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sindhi True Indian Minority

Sindhi True Indian Minority

In the democratic setup numbers are playing most important and vital role. In the India, many communities are trying to have the minority status either on the basis of language or on population in a particular region. If we look at national scenario sindhu community emerges as the true minority and following seven points are the supporting evidence for this fact.

Sindhi speaking population of the country is only between 2% to 3% of total population of the country. [Estimated Sindhi population is between 2.5 carore and 3 carore].
Sindhi population is scattered through out the country, from Kashmir to Kanniyakumari, hence the density of Sindhi population is such diluted that even at some places not taken in consideration.
If we leave apart a few cities like Ulhasnagar in Thane district of Maharashtra and Adipur in Kutch area of Gujrat, in most of cities Sindhi population is about something from 5% to 20%, of total population of the city. There is long list of Indian cities where Sindhi population is even less than 5% of total city population.
Sindhi Language is not a state language for any Indian state; Sindhi language is not in use as the regional language or holds such status.
There are no reserved seats either for state assembly or Parliament for Sindhis, like backward classes have.
Even like the Anglo Indian community, no Sindhi is nominated for the Parliament.
Sindhi population in the country is so dispersed in the country that like other communities [even the recoginse minorities], no sindhi is able to won state assembly / Parliament elections only on the support of own community, probably this is the reason for presence of very few Sindhis in the arena of Indian Politics.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ye India Ka Politics Hai [This is Indian politics]

Ye India Ka Politics Hai [This is Indian politics]

So the much waited decision of withdrawing the support to central government by left parties was initiated a few days back though this doesn’t prove tsunami creator as was expected but still Indian Ocean of politics went under the influence of ways of political instability with very high tides and Prime Minister was forced to move the confidence motion in the Parliament house. A special season was called for two days on 21st and 22nd July 2008 and members decided on 22nd with 275 members voted in favor of motion, 256 opposed it and 10 members preferred either to remain absent in Parliament or did not take part in voting. Any how as this was expected Government succeeded in getting confidence of house. I was wondering and thinking about this strange political development of Indian politics. My thought process was broken with the calling tune of my mobile, which was transmitting musical lyrics of old Hindi Film song “Janewaloon Jara Mudkar Dekho Mujhe”. This was clear indication for the presence of wrestler turned politician Kishor Lal Singh Pahalwan, at the other end.

I was a bit surprised because this was not matching with the probable present mood of Netaji, as yesterday only his party won the vote of confidence at center hence there was no space for being in unhappy or sad mood. Anyway I picked the call.

“Hello Sirji, have you liked my, this tune, which I am dedicating to opposition and all other political parties Left us to face this unwanted situation”. Kishori asked.

“But this lyrics and music of this song……….”
Kisori started answering before I could complete question, “For a change this time I decided to reflect the mood of politicians opposing us. As soon as we finish our talk, you will get a miss call from with song matching with my mood.”

“But don’t you think handling Mulayam Singh, is not going to prove a bit harder?” I asked.
“No Sirji, Not at all, his position in his home state is so crucial that he is in very bad need of political shelter, hence he will not dare to even put his head up. You know no wise person wish to trap in street with fire on both ends. Surely Mulayam Singh is among the selective and rare wise politicians present on the political sky of country.” Kishori explained.

This looked quite satisfactory analysis but as my mind was full of question so I put another one. “What about Guru Ji? After all in past some allegations are made against him for meaningful support of government?”

Sir Ji, how you are forgetting the sarcastic article “Post office” of Hindi writer “sharad Josh” which you had mentioned as reference during our talk on corruption in the country?”

“Yes Kishori Ji, I remembered but that has to do with this situation? I asked.

“Not the article” Kishori replied “But lending sentences of that article “Khair! Jiska Jo bhi banata tha mein diya aur apani pahchan karvakar aaya hua parcel lekar ghar vapas aa gaya.” [I paid which was due customary for every one, they were satisfied with identification proof and I came back to home with parcel send to me.]. We had used this, so don’t worry about this”.
“By the way what about, the news of market price ranging between Rs. 25 carore to 100 carore? This was my next question to him.

“Kiya Sir Ji, Aap Bhi! Nayee bhi kabhi dusare nayee se paise leta hai kiya? [is a barber is charging another barber for hair cutting?]”

Once again Kishori’s explanation was satisfactory but still I preferred to look the matter more deeply “But Kishori Ji, this time these allegations are framed by a senior and seasoned politician?”

“All is bull shit Sir Ji. I am sorry but forced to say, even remaining in my touch for so many years; you fail to understand human community known as the politicians. Through out the world we the politicians are the only human beings who are true opportunist; we always react according to need and situation. We are born only and only for getting so paying is never part of life of politicians.” Kishori stooped for a while “anyway, at present I got some visitors, so we will have talk on this at some other time.” With these words Kishori disconnected phone.

My mind was still filled with thoughts about the behavior of politicians in the light of this talk, the first words which came to mind where “Ye India Ka Politics Hai”. Before I go deep in my though process, my mobile started singing yet another Hindi Film song “Hari Bazi Ko Jitana Hume Aata Hai”. I recalled words of Kishori Ji about the miss call and decided to enjoy the song, leaving all the political thoughts behind because you all know this will go on happening like this after all “Ye India Ka Politics Hai”.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Indian Cinema & Cricket 2008

Indian Cinema & Cricket 2008

Indian are said to be people with passion and for the youth and modern Indians cinema and cricket are not mere a passion but the basic style of living and interacting with each other.

More than half of the year 2008 has been deposited with history though the country is undergoing a political instability due to much awaited withdrawal of support for UPA government by the left front but still majority of population is worried about the loss of title at Asia Cup and Tri series of ODI cricket recently concluded in Pakistan and box office of many of big budget Hindi films released in the first half of the year.

On the fronts of both the passions of Indians, first half of year is some what a mix bag as for as success is concerned. IPL has created a record of new success and opened the doors of unlimited earnings for the players but towards the end fatigue of Dhoni, in bits and patches success of Yuvraj, Non justifying treatment of selectors for the Asian top batsman and Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguli [he is not among the 30 probable Indians for the Champion’s trophy to held in September in Pakistan?] are giving space for the worries of the game lovers. The satisfactory side of the coin is the amazing success run of openers Shewag and Gambhir.

When we turn to another Indian passion cinema, Hindi movies are having a fusion of a lot of failure with some quantity of success. It seems that since last 4-5 years this trend of majority of releases not performing well at box office and first half of 2008 can’t be said different from that. Trade experts of Indian cinema are listing
[1] Race [Abas Mastan] [2] Jannat [Mahesh Bhat [3] Sarkar Raj [ Ramgopal Verma] [4] Bhutnath [Ravi Chopara] [5] Jodha Akbar [Ashutosh Govarikar] as the most successful five released and [1] Hall Bol [Rajkumar Santoshi] [2] Black & white [Subash Ghai] [3] Tashan [Yashraj] [4] Mare Bap Pahle Aap [Priyadarshan] [5] Thoda Piyar Thoda Music [Kunal Kohali] as the biggest flop movies of first half of 2008.

First half 2008 has once again underlined the importance of Amitabh [Big B] for the Indian silver screen out of the five most business oriented Hindi movies are credited with him. Mahesh Bhat’s Janat is based on cricket and proved once again that Indians are more than crazy for the cricket. Ajay Devgan’s first directional attempt “You Me and Hum “, Rakesh Roshan’s “Crazy Four” failed to meet with the expectations of cinegoers, where as success of “Aamir” [Rajiv Khandelwal] and “Mithya” [Ranbir Shouri] has proved that there is still ample space for the off beat cinema and Indian are no more made for the star, they had started to give importance to another aspects of movies also.

There are some waves of blaming IPL for not much successful first half of 2008 and even people are thinking in terms of meeting with the challenge posed by IPL in terms of withholding release of movies during the next session of IPL. Any how the remaining six months are going to be prove acid test for many star performers. The first on the list is our own “Bole to munna bhai Sanjay Datta as with ready to release films like “EMI”, “Kidnap” and “Allauddin” are going to decide his worth for the Indian film industry. Much talked “Gajani” for whom Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan has started to present self without much hairs on head, Akashay Kumar’s “Singh is King” will also released in next few months. Towards the end of December King Khan, after the failure of “Panchavi Pass” on small screen, will try to come back with a movie. These six months are said to be not as bad for Salu Miyan as he is showing a good amount of power holding with “Dus Ka Dam” on television screen.

Most successful event IPL is undergoing phase of drug addiction, shadows of match fixing and cinema is running with flops from the some of the established names and big budget movies. Let us hope in the second half of the year both the passions cinema and cricket bring the glory and enjoyment for the Indians.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Indian Family budget and education

Indian Family budget and education

Just consider the most promising and progressive world economies surely you will end with India, emerging as the world leader in this arena. With the speedy progress on economic fronts country is not legging for behind on the fronts of price hike of day to day commodities and life supporting products.

Have a look on following description: A computer lab with high speed internet connectivity & equipped with most modern computer systems, Air conditioned meeting hall, Long, spacious, green tree loaded and shadowed premises, state-of-art indoor game hall, finely architected and well decorate receptionist desk, Olympic sized shaded swimming pool and well dressed staff. Surely you had started thinking about the corporate office and work place of a multinational company. Will you please allow me correcting you, all the above description has nothing to do with a business setup or commercial enterprise. This is all about the modern and high classed boarding school in India. In fact education of children is the most worrying factor for most of Indian parents.

In the Indian economy, middle class, to whom even the American President blamed for the recent price hike in world markets, is working as the back bone of the system. These regular price hikes often disturb the domestic budget of this class but the most destroying thing for the budget of middle class Indian families is the unbelievable increase in expenses related with the education of children. Look at expenses under this head they are showing a huge growth of over 100% during last five years.

In the year 2002 most of recognizing schools in most of metro cities of the country were charging a monthly fee between Rs. 100 and Rs. 300 only but today this monthly fess is raised to minimum of around Rs. 300. Now think of other important expenses head of education of Indian children and this is private tuition, for which parents have to pay almost equal amount of school fee. On the one hand government expenses on primary education are increasing and on the other hand numbers of government schools are showing a constant decline with simultaneously number growth of private school is keeping on increasing and as the natural result of all these is visible in the form of high priced schooling.

Before I conclude this, I would like to ask a very simple question to huge Indian middle class families. I was a secondary school teacher for more than 25 years and still wondering on wisdom of teaching computers to kids who are not still perfect in their mother tongue? Before blaming government just think of our attitude of measuring standard of education only basis of amount paid by us for importing this to our children. Don’t you think until and unless we are not going to change our this attitude we will remain not only deprived of benefits of national economic boost but also will have to face the problem of disturbed domestic budgets due to these increased educational expenses.

Thursday, July 03, 2008



In the life of Indians this is one of the most dominating word at least since last two decade no other word is able to challenge influence that this word holds for the life of Indians from all aspects of life.

Before I go for elaborating influence of this word on life of common people let us see one hilarious side of Finance. Two politicians, one in the government and other in the opposition were engaged in a conversation about the financial progress of the country. Opposition politician was criticizing government for increase the debt circle around the country. Ruling politician was not agreeing with this as in his view these increased foreign loans have increased the safety of the country without any increase on front of expenditures of armed forces. Opposition politician was surprised to listen this as you are to read this. Look at explanation given by the ruling politicians. “Look dear! In presence of these loans no country of world will dare to make an assault on India just because every country knows in that condition these powerful countries will run for protecting India as this is the only way for the safe recovery of their loans.”

Market always moves with the principle of “Demand and Supply” and this word finance has changed this lot as this helped the market to generate a real huge demand and subsequently forced for more intense supply. In fact this is base from where boost of industrial growth has been originated. A few days back American President while addressing the world price hike of commodities held responsible the purchasing powers of Indian Middle class for this. If we put a serious look over the increase in buying powers of Indians this is not hard to find “Finance” responsible for this tremendous growth of purchasing powers.

Luxurious life styles and commodities were the unfilled desires of human beings especially of middle class of the society. What magic this word finance has done that it provided ways for the expression and fulfillment of these non satisfied desires. Facility of paying in part has prompted Indians to go for even buying the things of no or minimum use and as the result country is emerging as the place with hopes of biggest boost for market on global levels. It was amazing experience of CEO of Samsung to learn that Indians are interested and ready to put expenditure even higher that US citizens for the high definition and multi utility telecommunication instrument.

Finally I would like to conclude with curse of finance and like to quote one person was crying out side his house and when asked about the reason, he replied “I have taken honeymoon loan from a finance company as I fail to pay just three EMI in time so just know the officials of finance company have taken my wife with them”.