Friday, July 18, 2008

Indian Family budget and education

Indian Family budget and education

Just consider the most promising and progressive world economies surely you will end with India, emerging as the world leader in this arena. With the speedy progress on economic fronts country is not legging for behind on the fronts of price hike of day to day commodities and life supporting products.

Have a look on following description: A computer lab with high speed internet connectivity & equipped with most modern computer systems, Air conditioned meeting hall, Long, spacious, green tree loaded and shadowed premises, state-of-art indoor game hall, finely architected and well decorate receptionist desk, Olympic sized shaded swimming pool and well dressed staff. Surely you had started thinking about the corporate office and work place of a multinational company. Will you please allow me correcting you, all the above description has nothing to do with a business setup or commercial enterprise. This is all about the modern and high classed boarding school in India. In fact education of children is the most worrying factor for most of Indian parents.

In the Indian economy, middle class, to whom even the American President blamed for the recent price hike in world markets, is working as the back bone of the system. These regular price hikes often disturb the domestic budget of this class but the most destroying thing for the budget of middle class Indian families is the unbelievable increase in expenses related with the education of children. Look at expenses under this head they are showing a huge growth of over 100% during last five years.

In the year 2002 most of recognizing schools in most of metro cities of the country were charging a monthly fee between Rs. 100 and Rs. 300 only but today this monthly fess is raised to minimum of around Rs. 300. Now think of other important expenses head of education of Indian children and this is private tuition, for which parents have to pay almost equal amount of school fee. On the one hand government expenses on primary education are increasing and on the other hand numbers of government schools are showing a constant decline with simultaneously number growth of private school is keeping on increasing and as the natural result of all these is visible in the form of high priced schooling.

Before I conclude this, I would like to ask a very simple question to huge Indian middle class families. I was a secondary school teacher for more than 25 years and still wondering on wisdom of teaching computers to kids who are not still perfect in their mother tongue? Before blaming government just think of our attitude of measuring standard of education only basis of amount paid by us for importing this to our children. Don’t you think until and unless we are not going to change our this attitude we will remain not only deprived of benefits of national economic boost but also will have to face the problem of disturbed domestic budgets due to these increased educational expenses.

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Anonymous said...

I think that it is very important that all children be taught the values of their parents first, and also they should be taught how to live within a budget, that is realistic for them to be able to achieve in the area that they live in. I don't believe it is possible to produce the same level of income in all areas of the world.

It is important that children know what their past is so that they can better live out their futures without making the same mistakes as their ancestors over and over again.

And lastly I think that it is very important that every family provide the best education they possibly can for their children.

Computers can be learned at any age, but somethings like family values are best learned early in life, in my opinion,
Anyway, have a great day.