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Indian Cinema & Cricket 2008

Indian Cinema & Cricket 2008

Indian are said to be people with passion and for the youth and modern Indians cinema and cricket are not mere a passion but the basic style of living and interacting with each other.

More than half of the year 2008 has been deposited with history though the country is undergoing a political instability due to much awaited withdrawal of support for UPA government by the left front but still majority of population is worried about the loss of title at Asia Cup and Tri series of ODI cricket recently concluded in Pakistan and box office of many of big budget Hindi films released in the first half of the year.

On the fronts of both the passions of Indians, first half of year is some what a mix bag as for as success is concerned. IPL has created a record of new success and opened the doors of unlimited earnings for the players but towards the end fatigue of Dhoni, in bits and patches success of Yuvraj, Non justifying treatment of selectors for the Asian top batsman and Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguli [he is not among the 30 probable Indians for the Champion’s trophy to held in September in Pakistan?] are giving space for the worries of the game lovers. The satisfactory side of the coin is the amazing success run of openers Shewag and Gambhir.

When we turn to another Indian passion cinema, Hindi movies are having a fusion of a lot of failure with some quantity of success. It seems that since last 4-5 years this trend of majority of releases not performing well at box office and first half of 2008 can’t be said different from that. Trade experts of Indian cinema are listing
[1] Race [Abas Mastan] [2] Jannat [Mahesh Bhat [3] Sarkar Raj [ Ramgopal Verma] [4] Bhutnath [Ravi Chopara] [5] Jodha Akbar [Ashutosh Govarikar] as the most successful five released and [1] Hall Bol [Rajkumar Santoshi] [2] Black & white [Subash Ghai] [3] Tashan [Yashraj] [4] Mare Bap Pahle Aap [Priyadarshan] [5] Thoda Piyar Thoda Music [Kunal Kohali] as the biggest flop movies of first half of 2008.

First half 2008 has once again underlined the importance of Amitabh [Big B] for the Indian silver screen out of the five most business oriented Hindi movies are credited with him. Mahesh Bhat’s Janat is based on cricket and proved once again that Indians are more than crazy for the cricket. Ajay Devgan’s first directional attempt “You Me and Hum “, Rakesh Roshan’s “Crazy Four” failed to meet with the expectations of cinegoers, where as success of “Aamir” [Rajiv Khandelwal] and “Mithya” [Ranbir Shouri] has proved that there is still ample space for the off beat cinema and Indian are no more made for the star, they had started to give importance to another aspects of movies also.

There are some waves of blaming IPL for not much successful first half of 2008 and even people are thinking in terms of meeting with the challenge posed by IPL in terms of withholding release of movies during the next session of IPL. Any how the remaining six months are going to be prove acid test for many star performers. The first on the list is our own “Bole to munna bhai Sanjay Datta as with ready to release films like “EMI”, “Kidnap” and “Allauddin” are going to decide his worth for the Indian film industry. Much talked “Gajani” for whom Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan has started to present self without much hairs on head, Akashay Kumar’s “Singh is King” will also released in next few months. Towards the end of December King Khan, after the failure of “Panchavi Pass” on small screen, will try to come back with a movie. These six months are said to be not as bad for Salu Miyan as he is showing a good amount of power holding with “Dus Ka Dam” on television screen.

Most successful event IPL is undergoing phase of drug addiction, shadows of match fixing and cinema is running with flops from the some of the established names and big budget movies. Let us hope in the second half of the year both the passions cinema and cricket bring the glory and enjoyment for the Indians.

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