Thursday, July 03, 2008



In the life of Indians this is one of the most dominating word at least since last two decade no other word is able to challenge influence that this word holds for the life of Indians from all aspects of life.

Before I go for elaborating influence of this word on life of common people let us see one hilarious side of Finance. Two politicians, one in the government and other in the opposition were engaged in a conversation about the financial progress of the country. Opposition politician was criticizing government for increase the debt circle around the country. Ruling politician was not agreeing with this as in his view these increased foreign loans have increased the safety of the country without any increase on front of expenditures of armed forces. Opposition politician was surprised to listen this as you are to read this. Look at explanation given by the ruling politicians. “Look dear! In presence of these loans no country of world will dare to make an assault on India just because every country knows in that condition these powerful countries will run for protecting India as this is the only way for the safe recovery of their loans.”

Market always moves with the principle of “Demand and Supply” and this word finance has changed this lot as this helped the market to generate a real huge demand and subsequently forced for more intense supply. In fact this is base from where boost of industrial growth has been originated. A few days back American President while addressing the world price hike of commodities held responsible the purchasing powers of Indian Middle class for this. If we put a serious look over the increase in buying powers of Indians this is not hard to find “Finance” responsible for this tremendous growth of purchasing powers.

Luxurious life styles and commodities were the unfilled desires of human beings especially of middle class of the society. What magic this word finance has done that it provided ways for the expression and fulfillment of these non satisfied desires. Facility of paying in part has prompted Indians to go for even buying the things of no or minimum use and as the result country is emerging as the place with hopes of biggest boost for market on global levels. It was amazing experience of CEO of Samsung to learn that Indians are interested and ready to put expenditure even higher that US citizens for the high definition and multi utility telecommunication instrument.

Finally I would like to conclude with curse of finance and like to quote one person was crying out side his house and when asked about the reason, he replied “I have taken honeymoon loan from a finance company as I fail to pay just three EMI in time so just know the officials of finance company have taken my wife with them”.

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