Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sixser Man of the World Cup

Cricket has become game of batsman from the game of gentelmam and exctiment of raising the ball for the maximum is as usual is beyond the comparison. Player capable of dispatching the ball beyond and over the boundry are a treat to watch. It was surprise move by the Shrilanka to open the inning with Santh Jayasurya, Today he along with Shahid Afridi of Pakistan is joint record holder for hiting 224 sixsers in one day verson of the game, Though India former captain Saurav Ganguli is next on the record list but with 176 sixsers he is way behind than these two. If we tutn to matches played for the world cup a possitive picture for India will be available for viewing.In the World Cup MatchesSaurav Ganguli is the Sixser man 23 Sixser in 18 games.Viv Richard is next with 22 Sixser.India's Master bloster Sachin Tendulkar is also present in this list of Sixser man with 17 sixses in the 33 games.Record of hiting maximum sixser in a single inning is written with the name of Australian Ricky Ponting with 8 sixses against the India[2004]. The next player of the list is the Saurav Ganguli with 7 sixses against Shrilanka [1999].Saurav Ganguli is also on the list of player scoring maximum runs by boundries in a single game. During his 183 runs knock against Shrilanka he sent out, the ball for, 7 sixsers and 17 fours. Captain of 1983 Victorious team Kapil Dev is also on this list with 6 sixes and 16 four against the Zimbabve in the score of 175 runs.

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