Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Same Situation Different reactions

This is quite natural, What is worth of ,to read or write about this topic? These are few words that will strike my mind instantaly when my eyes reads the title like this. Is the same case is yours also? if your answer is affarmative one than this is the article written for the people like you and if you are with a different set of words as the reactions to title like this than make assured your self that reading this will help you to know the answer for the diffrence. It is quite offten to note the different sets of habits, choicses and living style in the behaviour of real brothers brought up in the same family atmosphere and with same physical comforts and even the education from the same school. Some may say that the age difference has created a change of time and social envornment, but amazinging this also can be seen in the case of twins. Psychrists say that human learning process starts with imitating others and about 80% human behaviours are learned by coppy. if this the fact than what is causing the difference of behaviour in the same situation? Just think you have to meet with the authority in a office and peon is asking you an entry tip, one person without any hasitation puts the tip on the hands of peon and goes in where as to other the same situation irritate to the level of start of shouting at peon and the system. A students copping in the examination, most of the students are ignoring but one raise the protest. This illustration list may goes on and on and we can have the numerous same situations with different sets of behaviours, not necessarily of just only two types of behaviours but the reactions may be in the equibillirium of the people and situations. Human psycologist say that what human beings learn and adopt is being deposited with mind and in the simple words is known as the memory. All the reactions of human beings are based on the memory. If I ask you to slap yourself you surely will call me a case that to be treated by the mental experts, but have you thought ever that you have done this so many times. Just memorize your reaction to the mosquito biting your chicks. I think we had diverted a bit from our topic coming back to our main topic of difference in human behaviour An adoptation is behavioural change and the process of adaptatiion completes with the imitating, learning, absorbing and depositing with the cerebral cortex. It is possible that imitating source may be the same, learning process and envornments may also be the same but the abosrbing abilities of every human beings are unique and unmatched like their finger prints and tounge prints and this the reason for the difference of human behaviour. The quantity of absorbtion can deposites the exprience as the different adoptation .

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