Friday, February 09, 2007

Business of Dead Rat Part - II

It is said " Tallent needs just one opportunity" sundar told self. Let first I took that dead rat.
I will decided on my way to other corner of the market about doing bussiness with this dead rate.
He get up, went to other side, took the dead rate and satrted to walk.
People in this city looks selfish, I am here since last two hours but nobody asked me anything. This shows people are sympathyless.
It was said true that in the cities people become hearless no body thinks of other. with the toughts he was going to the other corner of market with dead rat in his hand.
People started amazing about this young boy who looks villeger, and passing through with a dead rat in hand.
Sundar reached almost half way of the capital market, when

He saw a chariot of a land lord but as he was busy with searching the idea for starting a bussiness with dead rat.
"Surely and surely there must be a way".He told to self " After all these are the words of a person, who is treasurer of King."
so he could't locate the cat of land lord, jumped from the chariot and sarted following him.

When the land lord saw his domestic cat jumping out he shouted to call her back but the negetive reply forced him to see where she was going.
When he saw that cat is following a young boy going way with a dead rat in hand.
He understood that it will be wise to give that dead rat to cat otherwise he will lose his cat.
He called sundar to stop.
Know the attention of sundar went to cat, trying to catch the dead rat from the hand of sundar.
He turned and look to the voice calling.
When he saw the chariot a light sparked in his mind and now he was with an idea of starting bussiness with that dead rat.

Land lord: Look young manI wish to buy this dead rat for my darlling cat? what will cost this to me?
Sundar lokked at land lord and thought for a while and told " Sir, I don't wish to sell this dead rat, but considering your love for your cat,
I will give this dead rat to you if you agree to pay me just one ruppee.
one ruppee was nothing for the land lord which he gave away hapily to sundar and took the dead rat.
In this way sundar satrted to go under way his bussiness at city with that dead rat and profit of his first deal Rs. One was in his hands.
He thought this is just begining, but I have to build a palace for my parents,living at villege.


All that in the other part of story .......

That will be posted here only very shortly

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