Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Short Supplies of Present Era

Economist are treating this era as the era of trading, whole world is rapidly moving on the road of turning into a single market. In this status of globalzation if I am indicating about the short supplies I am bound to be seen with a suspecious vision but dear it is as hard truth as the sun rise brings the day break and surely you will also agree with me. Just look at the following facts 1] Traditional family and social values are in the deep danger of elopment. 2] Attraction for easy money is increasing in the youth. 3] A consderable high human population is under the influence of sarrow and mental stress. 4] No body seems to be satisfied with job on hands. I have heard that in the devloped countries like America people are always between the jobs as they are always in the search of jobs that can pay them higher than the existing one. 5] Family life is almost cease to exist. 6] Humanity is almost totaly covered by the selfishness. 7] We started to forget the means and concentrating only on the success.All this and many other undesirable things are happening in our life because we are with short suppile ofFaith in the God: The lack of this faith has made us eager and we have started willing to enjoy the success not only without doing the efforts for it but also before the time. For our convience we are forgeting "Desrve before desire". Companionship: Blood is thiker than water, but due to unsympathic behaviour and lack of tolerence we are going away and away from the birth relatives. We are searching emotional shelter in our friends and collegues and most of times are cheated.Time: We are finding it hard to adjust time for the meeting with family members and allowing self to fall pray of mental stress.Money: It has become hard to earn. The blind race of earning money has forced us to scarify humanity and become selfish.

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