Monday, December 31, 2007

An e-mail from God: You & Me

An e-mail from God: You & Me

Today morning when you came out of bed, I was waiting for you and thought you will like to talk to me, at least will say thanks for the sound and peaceful sleep that you had finished and enjoyed, but you don’t bother even to look at me and kept your daily morning physical schedules on going. I was not worried about keeping me on hold by you and thought you might be talking with me after finishing daily schedules and having bath. Clock kept on ticking you had not only taken bath but also finished your breakfast and was ready to leave for the office. I thought now surely before leaving for office you will turn to me and will have a talk with me. Unfortunately this time also my hope doesn’t shaped into reality.

I thought you will talk to me on your way to office so I kept following you but how sad it is, you reached office without turning back and looking at me. My wait prolonged. You reported your boss, asked your subordinate about your day’s schedules but all this time never thought of my waiting. I was patiently there and waiting for the lunch hours, the probable time period, when you might have leisure time and think about talking with me. At lunch, you called your friend and become busy in talking the recent trends of business and government policies but neither try to look at me nor thought of my waiting. You were ignoring me but I kept my nerves under control. Noon turned into evening, you were with signs of anxiety as you started to stair here and there. I thought you are looking for me and I might be non visible to you so I tried to fallow your vision focus and surprise to note that even this time I was not your search target. You were looking at wall clock and your watch to cross the five. It was 10 minutes passed to 5, when you started your back journey to home.

Now I was confident that surely you will now talk to me as your day’s schedules saw the dead line and made you free for talking with me. After reaching to home you asked your child about day at school, took a cup of tea and entered into your bedroom and laid down on your bed in a relax posture without changing your office cloths. All this time, I was looking at you and waiting when you are going to feel my presence and think of talking with me. You kept on proving my confidence false. At about 7:30 you got up from your bed, went to bathroom for a shower, came out with dressing gown and Pajama. Surely you have to appreciate my long waiting since the morning. You called your wife and brought the television there to life. I thought you might be thinking of talking with me in her presence but you asked her to arrange a few snacks for your drink and made your self busy with taking out the glasses and wine bottle from cup board there. I thought you might be feeling nervous and trying to collect the nerves with wine glass before talking to me. You enjoyed the drink, television news and entertainment programs in company of your wife but never tried to feel my presence there. After having dinner you went to bed calling it day. I was still there without turning my hope of talking with you a reality.

I know you are with habit of reading your mails on your office computer as the first official work of day and surely going to read this. I just wish to say, don’t ignore me, I was there before your birth, I will be there even after your death, Get advantage of this prolonged life experiences. Don’t get puzzled with problems you are facing, get your all worries and problems sorted out with my suggestions. Do believe, I am there only to make you stress free.

So, when you are going to find time to talk with me? Waiting for, a reply mail from you.

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