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India: 60 Years: 60 Words

India: 60 Years: 60 Words

Golden pages of history are indicative of the Indian dominance over the whole world in the past. In all aspects of life from spirituality to wealth India was looked upon as the leaders by the rest of the world. Social, Political, Regional and Religious situations of the land went under some drastic changes and India was no more world leader in many aspects of life, though a few sectors like spirituality and moral human behavior were still there in which Indian leadership was still unchallenged even after these drastic changes.

In the year 1947, India got freedom from the ruling of centuries by the Mugal Dynasties and British Rule in the form of East India Company. It is fact country was forced to see and suffer the pains of partition and baring a few areas, Land named as Pakistan; majority of population was still with Hinduism or Indian life style and opted for the democratic set up of ruling the country.

15th August 2007, saw the completion of 60 years of post independence era for the country. All these years witnesses the firm footed progress of India towards regaining of status of world leadership, the historic and prestigious holding of the country in the past. Journey towards the gaining the dominating status and vigorous growth race of the country is more visible and versatile specially during or since last 2-3 decades, though still a long distance has to be covered for reaching to destination goal of becoming super power in the human ocean but the positive growth signs are showing that progress is in the right direction and the journey is on the cleverly chosen success roads.

In this series of article “India: 60 Years: 60 Words”, I am going to enlist 60 words which had not only influenced the life style of Indians during all these 60 years [A few are since the pre independence era] but also can be taken as the mile stones of progress of the country towards the designated goal of regaining the status of being world leader in various aspects of life.

Chronologists might under go feeling of un satisfaction because these 60 dominating words will not be going to be covered in the chronological order of happening but will be covered in alphabetical order. In this series, I will try to cover the impacts of these 60 words on the life style of Indians according to my own vision and attitude towards the life. At some place my vision may not be matching with some one hence I am leaving the space of being disagreed open for all. Listed sixty dominating words are inclusive off:

Aasam Unrest
Air travel
Art & Culture
Auryavedic & Yoga
Caste Balance
Co-operative Streams and Movement
Corporate Agriculture
Digiutal Revolution
Divide & Rule
Drinking Water
Economic Reforms
Family Car
Family life
Fashion Industry
Fast Food
Green Revolution
Health Consciouness
I I T & I I M
Information Technology
Jamu & Kashmir
Judicial Activism
Khalistan Moment
Land reforms
Media Revolution
Modeling & Beauty
Mutual Funds / Micro Finance
N G O's
Narmada Aandolan
National Language
Naxolite Movement
Non Agreement
Plastic Money Power / Banking
Political Will - Indira Gandhi
Population Control
Rail & Roads
Regional Politics
Religious Up lift and Freedom
Retail and Real estate Boom
Shopping Malls
Social Networking
Space Science
Status Symbol
Vote Banks
Women Lideration

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