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India: 60 Years: 60 Words: [2] Air Travel

India: 60 Years: 60 Words: [2] Air Travel

Time has changed in true sense for the Indians since past few say one decade or so, luxury of life started to filter in the life of common Indian homes. Air conditioners, High definition consumer electronic goods and even the Air travel are no more limited to elites. Common Indians are finding them within the reach and enjoying them.

A few days back I read news that in the coming budget for railways a cut in fare is not a remote speculation. According to railway officials train journey in the country being challenged by increasing Air travel facilities and railways has to loose on revenue fronts, specially by loosing the higher class travelers who are opting for comparatively time saving and financially cheap air travel facilities.

Just have a look on the graph showing the growth in internal air travel in India for the year 2006 it shows a sounding growth of 46%. Static shows that at among the 9 major airports growth in air traffic is more than 50% , at Delhi it was 27.1%, at Nagpur it was 94.8% at Port Blayer it was at record 141.8% other significant cities of the list includes Pune, Coimbtoor, Manglore, Hyderabad and Jaipur. Inclusion of small and medium population cities in this is indicative of diversion of Indian attitude towards traveling and increased affordability of common Indians. According to civil aviation minister Shri Priful Patel, in coming one – two years about 50 more cities are going to find place on the map of air travel facilities in the country.

Time saved, affordable rates, facilities offered are among the star attractions of boost in internal air traffic. Induction of private sector is yet another reasons boost. Every aviation company is leaving nothing left for reading their traffic graph showing a constant growth. A few facilities offered by various aviation companies includes

*** Air Deccon if offering shopping for its passengers from the company's in listed companies, the product range includes many goods used at home and office at almost half price in compare to market price of the product.
*** Recently Jet airway has introduced Sky screen, this LCD will not only make your journey full of entertainment but also give vital and interesting information about your flying route.
*** Many companies are offering e-magazine facility so during your journey you can enjoy with the digital edition of your favorite magazine. All most all air companies are offering attractive gifts for the kids.
*** " Now you can enjoy your smoke" this is a futuristic announcement of air hostage, which going to become reality in very near future as many companies are on the way of procuring the needed infra structure for their internal flights.
*** The days are deposited with history when air travel was meaning cut from the world, in the present time during your air travel not only you can share your experience with your family members but also can control business activities at your office by communicating proper instructions.

All this is happening in a country which was once looked as facility desert by most of foreign tourist and thus was away from World tourist map. In these 60 years India is back to hot choice of tourist. Besides the warm hospitality facilities available are boosting internal and foreign travelers and adding to economy of the country.

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