Saturday, January 26, 2008

India Republic Day

India Republic Day

In fact I was with mind set of coming with this at the end of my on going series of articles “India: 60 Years: 60 words” [being published at ] and for keeping this series non interrupted I had shifted my cricket blogs and other writing to but the celebrations of the republic day forced me to interrupted the series with this.

Over the centuries India was the country of some rigid and static symbolization for the rest of the human world. World was changing frequently but India was progressing with same ideology of living and vision towards the life. Time is the learning school from where we learn to adopt and select the roads of success; time is the fire which melts up to reshaped in new and effective user of talent and ability. All the 60 years of post independence era for Indians had worked as this time.

All these years are the stories of revolutions faced and successfully tackled by the human ocean from the India. The independence itself was a revolution in which seeds of infinite revolutions were present in dormant status. A saint with Mobile, towering building, increasing call centers, freely moving working class women, homes with high definition consumer electronics, immense skilled man power, self sufficient on the fronts of Agricultural productions, express high ways, vigorously growing economic power of the world, new entry to space and atomic energy fields etc. are the few images of modern India.

Changing the face of a nation is not an overnight act and India is also not allowed to by pass this long time consuming process. What the image modern India is reflecting is the end products of various completed and on going revolutions in the thought ocean of Indians. The most interesting part of Indian progress and developmental revolutions is that each of them originated and can be narrated in a single word, a few illustrations are Education, Green Revolution, Operation flood, Mobiles, Finance, Sensex, Tourism, women liberalization, Land reforms, Economic reforms etc. some of these are already covered in the series and rest will be covered in due course of time.

This republic day is being important in the sense that the revolutionary moments of these 60 years are started to work for making the country a real super power of the world. I am concluding this with my best wishes to every Indian in all parts of globe on this occasion of national celebration.

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