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India: 60 Years: 60 Words: [4] Ayurvedic and Yoga

India: 60 Years: 60 Words: [4] Ayurvedic and Yoga

[India has competed 60 years of independence and to mark this, I am presenting this series of Articles, about the words, that are meaning a lot for the progress of the country. If you feel I missed some thing [For listing of words see the first article “India: 60 Years: 60 Words”] do inform me at
premputar@gmail.com I will try to include that at the end of series]

If we look into ancient human life style, we are bound to realize that life was very closely related with nature and more stress was on the natural use of things. The most adverse and socially damaging effect of technological advancement on human life is converting the human actions into mechanical one and drawing the life away from nature. Towards the end of nineteenth century it was felt that this artificial base of life will going to prove reason of filling the individual and social life of human beings with stresses and pressures and it will be going to hard to find ways of human relaxations. Modern health and physical sciences forced to revert back to nature in search of remedy for the unavailability of relaxation and in the mid of twentieth century say between 1940 and 1970 ayurvedic and yoga had started to find again their natural place in the human life.

In the present market dominated life style Yoga alone is a commodity with an annual turnover of billion dollars. People from the America & Western countries are finding immense attraction for this life style called Yoga, which believes in and is based up on the theory of self control and knowing to self are the best and most effective natural tools to keep the life free from the stresses and pressures.

With the growth of modern medicinal facilities it also become a known fact that most of Allopathic medicines comes with one or more side effects. Most of literate are aware of the fact that most commonly taken allopathic medicine for the relief from the joint and other body pains comes with some side effects which might prove harmful and damaging for the vital body organ kidney. As the awareness went on spreading more and more people started to return back to roots and went on to opt the Ayurvedic therapy of medicinal science at least in the disease where surgery is not the only option.

Look at the present markets, from health to beauty presence of Ayurvedic and herbal products is significant. Modern technological excellence is helping in the bulk production of these goods. This ancient Indian science of health which was treated once by the rest of the world as the weapon of quack is finding an important place in the modern life style and turning into business of billions. The race for the patent and trade mark of Turmeric and Neem is more than sufficient to narrate the importance and economic values of these products. Yet another evidence of increasing attraction towards this health science is reflecting from the increasing numbers of tourist from America and Europe are visiting Kerala the southern Indian state with the fame of being the mother land for the Ayurvedic massage.

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