Friday, October 12, 2007

Life and thoughts

Life and thoughts
Life is on the move and thoughts are under influence of change keeping continuity with the time. Looking at the various social and attitude changes of the Indian and world human societies it is not hard to find customs, traditions and rituals are the creations of changing thoughts.
How the thoughts are generated and taking the shape of actions might be a mystery for a common persons but according to expertise of human cerebral field thoughts are the end product of a long and continuously on going process which starts with the birth of human and goes on remaining in action till the moment of death, hence the end product thoughts keeps on changing.
In the views of Psycho experts, human starts gaining experience and learning from day one of life. The tendency of, storing the conclusions of these experience gaining and learning activities is often termed as memory. Next time when the human life goes under the influence of any of experience or learning activity memory gets activated and starts assimilation of similar conclusions. With the span of time human memory become collection of bunches of similar conclusions. When one or more such assimilated memory bunches prompts human body for an action it is often taken as the use of thoughts thus we can say thoughts are stored knowledge which stimulate human for action. A very famous cricket saying “Game is played and won in the thoughts and not into the play ground” can be taken as the importance of thoughts in the human life.
Look at Indian society, it was time when even screen shots in the swim suit were considered as nudity but changing thoughts have made it common to observe girls and ladies in two pieces especially at sea shore tourist spots and water sports amusement parks. The significant change of attitude is that neither the grown up daughters nor the fathers are finding this uncomfortable.
The most important thing about the thoughts, with which I am going to conclude my, this out burst of words about thoughts, is that in human life no thought is constant. It is always bound to moves on the wheels of change, whatever we are supporting today, thinking right, we might start protesting considering it wrong or vice versa. After all thoughts are end product of our experiences and learning and both of these are on the way of new additions with every spent day/moment of life.

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