Monday, November 26, 2007

On the winning doorstep

On the winning doorstep
[Kotala Cricket Test]

India is just on the doorstep step of victory in the Kotala test against the arch rival Pakistan, when the stumps were put down to ground in the Delhi to mark the end of day’s play on the fourth day of first test match.

It is now only matter of time for Indian victory. If we look at last four days surely the fortunes fluctuated a few time but surely it was not away from the Indian victory. The script of Indian victory started on the day one itself, thanks to rear guard action by the Sami, Pakistani fast bowler, otherwise it was not possible for the Pakistani team to take their first inning beyond the two hundred mark. Though famous Indian bating line collapsed and Munaf, the new ball bowler of Indian attack has not lived with the hopes from him but still India managed to set a victory target just over the two hundreds in the pre lunch session on the forth day of match.

Most of the cricketing wisdom of country is criticizing Dinesh Kartik, as his failure kept on going in the second inning also but no body seems to think about his inclusion in the playing eleven. We have to keep it in the mind Dhoni was not hundred percentages fit on the eve of match and there were possibilities of his injury growing and forcing him to remain away from the wicket keeping. Most of the former players and commentators are blaming Saurav and Laxman for non selection of inform Yuvraj but I guess it was not either Saurav or Laxman but the injury of Dhoni which proved hurdle for the non selection of Yuvraj and team management was forced to select Dinesh Kartik in the playing eleven, otherwise surely Saurav or sachin has to be partner of wasim Jaffar to open the bating.

Kumbale has proved that there is nothing to replace the experience. Most of the critics of games are surprised to see the maturity and timely actions of Jumbo in his first test of captaincy. Who will opt Saurav over the Munaff, when the ball is still with shine but Kumble went with this and Saurav lived with expectation by claiming two wickets on the forth day. It is also against the set norms of the game to write a victory before the last ball is bowled and Indians have a tendency of making hard to simple looking wins but still I am looking forward to an Indian win in the pre lunch session on the fifth and final day.
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Added Today
As the destiny script was written on day one and in the pre lunch session on day forth, India took less than half an hour on fifth and final day to go up in the series with a 1-0 lead but I feel sorry for saurav who fail to add yet another half century to his illustrated carrier and Shoaib Akhtar who could not add yet another five wicket haul to his credit.

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