Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bunch of Proven Talent: Failed again

Second defeat in raw has proved that we Indians ever can’t be in the position of understanding and following the American concept of Between the jobs, which the Australian coach Chapel is trying to implement with the Indian cricket team. We Indians have never faith in hire and fire system.

In Australia or any of European country this concept of do the available job and keep the search on for the better one can be worked out successfully but as the traditionally we Indians are believers of rebirth hence stability holds more importance in our life. We can’t work to our capacities in a suspicious atmosphere, doubts are always proven hurdles for our success, here just saying that we are thinking of considering some one else for your place is more than sufficient for a performance below the capacities. In Asia and particularly in our part of land success story doesn’t moves with the same path and equipments as our life style, our thought process and even our decision making system is different from the rest of the world.

In the Maharashtra, part of India, from where I am, there is tradition of marriage only after a permanent job/ business. This again suggests the importance of stability and security in our life. What Chapel and Cricket board did, is by taking a strong anti Ganguli policy, has send a message of un stability and being non secure to all the players of Indian cricket team and result is that a team with proven talent failed to qualify for the semifinals.

There is no need to go for more stress for physical training. We Indians have proved it at many occasions that we are mentally strong enough to overcome our physical shortcomings. I recall story of Major Shaitansingh, who alone held the post against china in 1962 war. All the coach and board have to work a policy that gives confidence to players of being stable and secure. If that happens, Indian team is equipped with the talent and capacities that our captain will be in the position of holding the world cup 2007 in the West Indies.

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