Monday, November 13, 2006


Giving is the quality which not only brought fame for us but also make us a bit closer to God, because this the God who from our birth to death is giving and giving to us. It is said that being kind is humanity where is being generous is just as of acquiring divine qualities. The most famous way of giving in the human society is Donation though in the present times the definition and meaning of the word had traveled a lot and changed some of modern definitions of the term are
· Amount willingly or unwillingly given for the admission of children in a particular educational institution
· Money that you offer for motivating the finish of your pending work at government and other offices.
· Even now a day’s politician will not talk about deal commission but will persist for a donation to party fund.
The real unchanged and constant meaning of the word donation to me is A help not necessarily in the terms of money only, to the needy, underprivileged and suffering is the donation, it may be even the kind and sympathic treatment given.

Who are entitled for the donation?
Societies and institution engaged in the up lift, betterment and welfare of underprivileged people irrespective of caste creed and nationality.
All the individuals or the organization working for the social awareness.
Similarly those who are working for the removal of the evils of the society and superstitions are also entitled for the donations.
Orphan houses, elderly homes and charitable trust are also belonging to the entitled class.
Individuals, Groups and Institutions working for the social health awareness and guidance about the deadly diseases like AIDS.
You can add a lot to this. Surely I will not agree with the addition of any religious institution because for me, what we are giving to any religious institution is not a donation but is our own way of saying thanks to God.

What best we can donate [Here Donation = Giving]
· To our Children / Younger generations: An example of good social living by our life style, the most importance is the development of the attitude for the respect social customs and traditions.
· To our Friends: Good sympathy rich treatment at every walk of life. I remember a short story – A young boy went to father and expresses his will of opening a shop at the central place of the city, father was with moderate economic status so he replied with words “It is good thing, but I can give only 50,000 bucks to you and that will be sufficient only for the rental and furniture of the shop ,what will be about the goods that you wish to sale in this shop?” but father was surprised to know that boy was already with shop and furniture as his fifty friends by donating 1,000 each have managed this for him.
· To Our Society A good and co operative treatment at every social function.
· To Our Nation Our willingness to live and die for. A behavior filled with obeying the laws of land. If we can develop the attitude shown by Japanese after Second World War India will surely leave mile and miles behind to all other countries.
· To Our Parents A moment of pleasure & pride by our own success or achievement.

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