Saturday, November 18, 2006


When you are going to visit your sick friend you might take with you as many gifts as you wish, but what satisfaction and relief your slight SMILE will provide to your friend, all your costly gifts and flowery bouquet are not be able to provide that. So dear friends smile and you will find that each and every particle of universe is well-coming you with a SMILE.
After spending a lot of time in the heaven Maharishi Durvasa who was famous for his anger , One day met with Brahma, After observing Maharishi's worried face Brahma asked "" Maharishi each and every comfort is available here then what is keeping you so uneasy that even your face is not reflecting the natural and normal charm of heaven ? ""
“O! Brahma! I was thinking about my grandsons and their grandsons, who are living on earth and in heredity have the same anger which I used to have." replied Durvasa.
"Don't bother about them” Brahma said " Most of them have learned to Smile and are no more slave of anger." This hypothetical dialogue of Brahma and Durvasa is able to clarify the importance of SMILE for our life."
A Smile with a roar is called laugh and according to opinion of most of psychoanalysts the best way of getting rid of agony, worry and unrest is a laugh. When you are spreading SMILE with a roar what else you might get or not but surely you will add a few healthy moments to your life.
Smile is an art also if you can use it properly not only you will be able to add numerous good friends to your friend circle but also will be able to bring closer to your heart to your existing friends.
Smile is the medicine, multipurpose in nature; it helps to destroy all the unrest, agony and frustration. Similar to two sides of coin smile is also capable of producing both [usual] divine and [rare] evil effects. It was mischievous smile of Queen Dropadi, which worked as fuel for the fire of jealousy of Duryodhan, At the Inderaprasth Palace after the Ashavmegh Yagya and forces him to cheat and defeat Yudhashtra in the gamble so that he can compensate his insult done by the smile of Dropadi.
How the smile is capable of bringing even the God in the life, to illustrate it I would like to quote a story heard by us from our mother. There was a widow living in a small village with her only six year old son. One day she told a story to her son about the mercy of the God. The son decided to leave the house and go for the meeting with God. Mother tried her level best but boy remain unmoved from his decision, So she told “O.K. Son tomorrow morning you can go but promise me that if you are unable to find God within two days, you will return home.” As boy was loving mother too much so he promise for that. Next day early in the morning when the boy was ready to leave mother handed over him some food to eat when he feel hungry. The boy went away and the mother started praying God for the safety of the kid. She was surprised to see the son back at home before the night start growing. The face of boy was the clear indication of his success. The boy narrated that it was about the mid day, in the deep forest when he decided to have meal and went to shadow of a tree on the river bank, he saw an old man sleeping there and was awaken by the moments of the boy there. “Is that old man told you, that he is God?” mother asked him.
“No mother! He seems to be deaf and dump.” Boy replied, “We have taken meal together. Together we feed some food to fishes in the river and enjoyed the swimming and dancing moments. At the time of sunset the old man went away without talking a single word with me, but his smile was assuring me that he was none else but the God.”
Now the question of million dollars “When to Smile?" surely this short question belongs to rare type of question whose perfect and universally accepted answer is almost impossible , but certainly there are few situations which we have to keep in our mind ,so our smile will not produce " devil's effect" instead of its usual " Devine effect."
According to tiny knowledge and experience of mine a few such situations are: -
* Don't smile\laugh at a friend who is in trouble, even you warn him repeatedly and he acted against your advice to fall pray of trouble.
* Avoid laughing \ smiling at humanitarian weakness and mistakes committed by others, because usually a common man is deprived of the strong courage needed to acknowledge owns weakness and faults.
* Don't make a joke on others personal life to bring smile on your & others lips. Always remember that, the part of life on which you are making joke, is a prohibited area for the trespassers & hence is called personal life.
This is such an endless list which can be continuously revised & expanded according to our own knowledge and experience. The only thing which we have to keep in our mind is, this God gifted Smile must be utilize only to heal the humanity and not for making a wound to one's vanity.
Expansion of the lips is not called the smile
One that gives relief to the patients
One which gives feeling of HOPE even in the distress
to that light of life we call smile.
Awake friends! Awake! Keep smiling and try to bring smile on the lips and in the heart of each and every which comes in your contact so that not only yours life but also of all of us may become richer with this lively fluid Smile.

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